Hone the  skill
Of Ironclad Justice
Galvanize the spirit
That reeks of possibilities
So marred with catastrophe
That many choose to fear it
Be thankful
For those who are the serious
The Watchers in the night
Who continue to preach their own Gospel
Of let us be... Or we will fight

For the radiant light
That still shines
No matter the darkness
Rolling in
That never seems to end
But it will...
... Because we are the spirit
Of what America is
Supposed to be
The land of the free,

Hone the  skill
Of Ironclad Justice
Galvanized the spirit
That reeks of possibilities
So marred with catastrophe
That many choose to.......
Wander along
The adoration passageways
Too long
Glowing in the light
Of ones own measure of success
You may feel....as if
You can soar like the eagle

But that may lead
To an ego deflation
A deficiency in value
From black to red
So no matter what
validations of admiration
You may receive
no evaluation
Will ever make dirt
Taste like a custard pie

So... Go easy
And believe in
your value to evaluate yourself
And then you... Will...
... Never get hurt
when dirt... Always
tastes like dirt!
I find myself
In the echo chamber
Of diminishing returns
Where faded remnants
Cease to be
With ever increasing
And all reasons
To even listen
Are getting lost in the silence
Where every word ...never heard
Becomes .........
I listen to the coiled out words
Of the viper-tongued miscreants
Placating the willing to walk along
In Involuntary servitude as in a trance
Zombies of the evil spells that liars spin
Where sparks of dissent are overwhelmed
       deep deep down
in those murky depths of the swampland
By those willing ...robed in anonymity ...
      ...  tasked with the responsibility.
..of burning down ....the entire world
    if we all ....don't accede
     To their will....
....obeying all things they do demand.
The news of late
Seems to amply relate
The quandary...
... so many wrestle with
In fixated perspicacious denial
Of just what happiness means
Serenity.... Viability ?
Financial security...solvency?

While what matters goes unsolved
Because we are ...so involved
In seeing only the success
They express....not the stress
They repress for us..
..the adoring public...

Caught up in our thinking
That we wish we were them.
Perfection in the reflection
Of the lucky ones who have it made.

So why do so many...
...take themselves out
When they could have stayed?

I do wonder...where we all would fall
Were we to seem to have it all
The life that they attain ..that persona
they maintain
That no one...it seems  
can really see beyond
It too often doesn't dawn

To notice the human strain ...
....the common pain, that we see
so easily in each other.
I never saw it and I am so sorry...
And will miss you, Anthony Bourdain.
May you rest in peace .
don't ...
I said DON'T...
..you..look at me...like that.
I'm tired of it.
Yes.. I know
But..it takes time
And I always feel
Like...I don't have any left.

Stupid as that is...
That's the way of it
The black and white
Stark view..no grey of it

Who gives a...
...second thought
To what..
First you were taught!

I do..
I do...it's true
Much as I like ...like..
The ability to lie...
..to myself... l'll be okay
And if I'm not....well..
I'll just lie about that too!

It's not that I don't know I'm lying
I know....and then I think...
..that    i   know!
And then it happens ...always
A distaction
By the real world....
... around me!
Ihaveto rememberto getback...ba...
Back to work...daydreamer!!!

Come on says the fat man..wearing a necktie
Managers haphazard shirts..and
Belt soooo tight  " god that must hurt!"

"WE NEEDED ...those fries " he squawks in authoritarian strain"two minutes ago!"
I know...i know .....
Backward steps
are sometimes...
..the bracing
to ready ourselves
... .that next forward step  
Into the stiff wind
Of opposition!
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