Falling short
In all long term endeavors
Accepted long ago
How the sharp words severes
The tenative and the cautious
The passive and the pensive
The hopelessly lost in battle
No truce calms the overly defensive

I love rain tapping on a roof
Like music to the soul
Filling in the silent sanctions
Where those lost dreams swim
Like iridescent dreams as pure ....
....As jellyfish
unencumbered by progressive
Necessity....of us lesser beings
At peace in the purple ocean
Of their own divinity...I love rain
Beating like the rhythm I hear
And swim through ...even if it's just me ....
Keeping beat of my heart as I drum
Amazing rhythm of life on my own thighs
And never even realize!  I love rain.I love rain

There are those.... undeniable
Seemingly certifiable
Times ....
When disengaged gears ...secronize
And suddenly ....
Forward progress begins

Where static emulations
Stood frozen
Victims of their own
Disillusioned apprehension
Poised to leap into oblivion
Dictum setting the tone
Disavowing any or all ascension

Unsatisfied with acceptance
Of a painful intrusion
Though an invitation sent
Brought forth the conclusion
No ease forthwith the value
In hasty blind bluff dare
To not fail the saving echo
That's  emoting  absolution

Swirling like cotton candy
As it gathers around the core
Growing larger and grander
Born of sweetness in motion
Acceptance and adhesion
True poetry of love and more
Honest vision honored candor
Balanced faith and shared devotion

Fated to be elevated
At that very second
That very moment
When all hope fades
And if not missed
Always seen as a ghost
Dismissed as a mirage
When needed the most

So I'm glad I listen to the wind
Stepping aside , never in !

As I stand here .
Casting no shadow
It's either high noon
Or total darkness
Either way
I see it as if
It's all out of tune
In its starkness

I am not who I am
When I become aware of myself
For then I am that object on display
Taken in hand examined aware of that...
... Dustless spot now seen on that shelf

I am not who I was
When I first accepted the reflection
As not just a physical representation
But a cover to show and hide behind ...
.....for protection

I am not who I saw
The next time I chanced a glance
I was an ad mix -  a duality
Clenched in a fierce battle or maybe a dance

I am not who I found
Looking back at me in that mirror
Each and every time - through the years
In order to see I had to get ..nearer and nearer

I am not who I believed
When I first knew I had lied to myself
For at that moment I became
That dust-free spot seen on the shelf

I am not who I remember
As the years pile up behind
As  each must don glasses in order to view
The physical changes  each shares in kind

But I am who I always was in my mind
When I first became aware of myself
Then as now and forever more
I am me ...

That blank and dustless spot
That's left upon the shelf
When I lift up that object...
.... that memory
That trophy ...to be dusted off

So that then the details will show
As I really truly..
....look at me like no one else
Ever could...ever would.... ever can
.... and really see me

That's who I am

I am not ....who I was when I first...
..... became aware
Of my own reflection

I look ahead and what do I see
As it is ....approaching me
The future of all mankind..and it is...in a bind
.......coming unwound and ...
....is now sinking fast
into the distant waves
Of time.... as it rolls past
And I am bound ...by fear
To this place I stand ...surrounded

By all that I once knew ..
All that I was going...to do
.... before it was too late
But now I seem to hesitate
Chalk it all up to fate before
It has a chance to implicate
it is not any real surprise
How long I failed to recognize
The panic that I saw ...whenever
I looked into my own eyes
As they became as clouded as stormy skies

The light that fades I tried... to ignore
But now I can clearly see ...
That those waves of time have
To somehow catch up to me
And I think I always knew
I would never get to do
All those thing that I had planned to

So I must accept that ...
it was ...
.more than enough .

Maybe it's me and the way I see
Opposed to... instead of cut and dry
For non inspired I grow so tired
And wonder why so many do deny

That for every action there is idk
Nothing I guess and I must confess
Have they never played with a yo-yo
Maybe for them unwinding alone is success

How sad to live in directionless parody
And see naught beyond the simple vain
Where up is up and down is down
And no thought is applied to entertain
.......anything between

No way could I pollute my mind with
So narrow a flow through stagnant mass
That plows without question the absent quest
Where direction is a one way mirror or simply glass

Now you see it ..now you don't or maybe won't
So does peek-a-boo become a lifelong magic trick
Where not seen will always mean it no longer exists
Therefore the choice chosen was all there was to pick

No way such infertile soil could ever grow a garden
Beyond self serving and slowly diminishing seeds
That resist all changes in the status quo they know
Satisfied with letting the world become fields of weeds

Where I guess I dont see the glass as simply all that's seen
So I ask this simple value to be more colorfully embued
With all that can be seen and more than even imagined
Which will mean that all new thoughts or directions include

And not become all hung up by a one way you view alone
And see how easy it is to allow this little seed to sprout
Is standing up for what you believe harder than sitting down
For what I may believe and isn't that the very  point
Of what Colin'Kaepernick is doing and what its really all about ?

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