I    have.   Been
living like a madman  sinking
deeper and deeper into myself
Is not...is not ..is not...
...where I want to be
No No ...nonono
But it's where ...its where
..its where I find myself
No body seems to care about ....
....the things I care about now.
No body seems to really even
wanna wanna wanna even check it out.
So ...I.... am ...on .. a...
.... On ...A ...train to the next station. Looking for my own correction
So i do hope I do hope I do hope
That when I get there
there will be
A big ...A big selection
cause, I'm tired ...oh so tired
Of the same ol same ol same ol things that I've been doing.
And I got to be somewhere
Somewhere where  there's...
... Something else brewing....before
Before I leave here, if I don't
If i don't make some kind of
Some kind of sense to myself
Well .. Then I might as
Might as well stay right here...
Inside myself ..inside myself
Because Im not going to find
Not gonna find the answers...
If I don't find ...
The questions in here !
Sally Ride Aladdin
Outside so long
Another loan and I grow up
Carl Definable i beam in ios
You got to ride up .
.if thats not you
cuz..i didnt want to run
Us and nobody.....
   ... beast in the bible
isn't it crazy about this talkin
so long as I can see that
Sally is on my mind
  is Jesus kind
Kind of Riley saying thank you all
Not just you baby...
That's your mother's latest local policy
So long till i see you at the Sonic
So I know that she's hooked on Tony Montana
Cuz I know I rode it once when I was 15
And then I broke down and cried at 7:15
SO faaaar
The distance
..seem to exist !
If I could look back to-morrow
And see all the places I've been
Not  wrapped up in pain  ...
....nor drowning in sorrow
buoyantly bouncing along ....
......behind me
on all the hope that I......
.. Had ever been able to borrow
If i examine each one
And find out that none
Gives me reason to run
I then would consider
That my life it did glitter
like  Stars will do ...
..whenever  you
Learn to accept
It's when
the sunlight grows thin
And the darkening night pushes in
then and only then
  That the sparkling lights can begin
To show just how big the universe is that were in
And like my life
the darker it gets the more lights  seem to be lit
Or so it's seems anyway...
... but thats wrong.
.. You see the darkness
does not make the light grow strong
Or the universe expand
just shows who we are where we live
And Where We All Belong
As  the light doesn't mean
everything can be seen
By proving it too is there
Right where it has been all along

So if I can look back tomorrow
And see all the places I've been
I'll know then .... exactly where I fit in
Do people just really have no ability to understand that those Flames that are being fanned are not just little lies to stir up those who they think they despise and yet somehow not realize - that one way or the other, if all you have to sell are lies then selling out is not success but I'll toast your bereavement as an achievement with whatever my pity as pittance will buy. Do they not fear that they'll soon disappear as the pieces fall away like paint chips from a home suffering the pain of neglect ... derelict and unloved lacking any respect from those who can no longer  occupy the inside. with any kind of pride.
   Sad how that happens once you're forced to rent what once you owned so now tell me after you spent all you can spend and then can still smell all the Burning Bridges you left behind twisting in the Wind do you have anything left worth trying to defend except all those lies you agreed to sell when you finally realize that you did sell out. -the whole lot - even though no one ever bought those lies you were selling ! No One but you... that is ... and whoever is now occupying that crumbling down, sadly decaying dwelling that was once yours and is now all those right lies have left of you.... For you... to you and with you.

I'll toast your bereavement as an achievement with whatever my pity as pittance will buy.
As if it mattered
When the reflection shattered
And the multitude of pieces scattered
Upon and all about my pristine vanity
Some will refrain and ultimately abstain
Aye from testing my future sanity
And so those who strain to reach the drain
Will not be among those hidden Vipers
That will patiently wait to draw my blood
So no matter the sweep or vigil I keep
I will not manage to ultimately succeed
As nothing's as hard as that loathsome shard
Whose only goal is to gouge my sole
And feed upon the blood I bleed
So without doubt will come that night I Scream & Shout
As that will surely be the future I have in store
When a tiny Silver sliver will deliver that punctuating wound ...and I believing little....
...dime size spots of blood all the way
Across that bathroom floor. .
With every shard a picture painted
Of.... a world that has been tainted
By the overtone
And as the colors fade or run
A picture... overworked or undone
Seen or shown...
...Emerges from the ashes of devastation
To become an interdictum
A visionary injuction of ....
... How to prosper or cease to function!
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