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My frame of reflection
is not
dependent on
The View
I allow myself to see
nor does a  Candle
for my eyes alone
to see
A frame of reflection out the window
a view as vast as the universe
or shallow as a shoe
for shallow is all we may need
to save a splintering floor
from embuing pain
as white walls do not
reflect the things
we do neglect
simply white
is to see you didn't write
when your cup runneth over
for whiskey dreams
and Mountain Streams
go down easy
it's the trip back up
that will really
fill thy cup
with joy that comes
with  succeeding
that you are surely needing
So much hope held hostage
by halidom forces
chills the blood
That pulsates and courses
the currents of life
as we subject ourselves
to astralis forces
To create excuses or hope
In lives so fleeting
Among those nocturnal dreams
That always seems
to conjure selcouth reasons
Mysteries we fear
Like gargoyles about to pounce
Any time you are near
And yet you know they are static fixtures of their domicile
Not some archangel in their power
for they
like all Earthly things
Are subjected to an aeolean fate
that eventually will subdue
While far down below
we seek to serry ourselves
Against the fears inside
by non-symmetrical alliances
non - starters for so many "enlightening" humans
I think not
For those fears that we trust
are often all that we remember
Not all that we forgot
no power assumes
To consume... except the ones we've misjudged
Always trust oneself !
I wouldn't take it so hard

If the Atm kept my card

I've never stood in suspense

Wondering if it would dispense

Some cash needed at 3 am

In fear that makes you shiver

That's so stupid to not know

Someone who will front and deliver

No i never have had an atm problem

And to you that may sound funny

But i would never do that on account

Of my account ain't never got no money.

Not since i quit being a nice guy , a giver

Who came by at 3 am to front and deliver!
Maybe ... D democracies
should be seen
like starting the work day
outside in the cold
and finding
only two left hand gloves
they will work
a little bit discomforting
not at all
the enjoyment
one of each would bring
but that's the thing
it's not what you get used to
that the power should come
it's that should be ...
Far and Away
down the list
of the things
in memory
that you might honor
not as one of the things ...
of those things ....
you simply dismissed!.
They have
such heavy reliance
on compliance
that they have come..
to believe
it is a science
a simple formula
little of this little of that
and it's all done
in seconds flat
but when...
.... someone reacts
a non assuming way
definitely the lab explodes
and everything is gone
their oath their civil codes
they will drop the pretense
of them believing in
American values
their eyes turned cold
and their shoulders tense
they then will resort
to lies and abuse
with all those watching
without seeing a thing
until Hands-On
comes into play
they will then have one big
then they will all have one
they will have one
and do they know
that there was no excuse
for the escalation
then together
they will
bang holes in the Constitution trampling on the Bill of Rights
Anytime a citizen still  has faith
in the  institution
doesn't realize it's the truth ..
. they seek to indict.
What values
be exquisite
when really is it
merely something
of a misdirection
a tentative connection
along lifes Trail
when no introspection
beyond the surface is seen
is not
any kind of true reflection
if life is only seen
like some valued brand
of clothing worn
pristine or torn
deem no referral
in seeking resolution
some guaranteed solution
with every confidence
paying for some
applied extention
as a warranty against
wear and tear
if this be your evaluation
uplifting spirits
downward  directions
all due
to those surface reflections  
then that may
just be
that in the end
there be nothing to repair
nothing to mend
nothing to see
for eternity
if you have no value
in your own reflections
... the shortest way back
is the longest way round
sometimes ...
the price of success is that
to which we find ourselves bound
sometimes ...
the things that we've lost
were those things we never found sometimes ...the way....
..... to Rise Above It All
is to ALWAYS
keep.our feet on the ground
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