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I look at my hands to
read your destiny.

I fall to kiss the
moon dust. You were
my desire in sleep.

The spirit hovers
like the golden eagle
to rest the talons.

I stop the game.
Some cards had remained
undealt. I win, I lose.

You were not the
angel. You were not the mortal.
Where do I put my relief?
Unravished the
black moon was down
but not out.

I am being watched.
How the poem
prints itself on heart.

Curled up with
flower thoughts, staring
aimlessly in black void.

Wanted a brutally
honest truth, moon struck
but ready to give blond.

Who was desireless
being a saint. Paradox
always wins.
Somedays with
human touch, I will talk
to white roses with
blood spots.

This was inner beauty.
The ferns start walking to
cover the wounds of earth.

A sea horse stands
***** in sea to salute
the warship.

Where we are going?

When you don't leave
your thumb print, the song
of nightingale is lost.

How do you want
to die in the hands of
deaf and dumb god?
Let me be myself
in cloud of tears.

A streak of light
breaks the myth
of superlunary, when you
were at war with
leviathans of deep.

When hungry,
you were flawless in art
of love. It wakes you
from old thinking.

Hiding behind fears,
I freeze to wear the death
gown. The words crumble
under the weight of truth.

Life remains beautiful.
I don't want to leave you.
I have not arrived
as yet, to meet myself.
Existence betrays.

After the shock, I
want to ask a question
in trembling voice "Why".

Where the flesh ends
at the edge of bones,
eyes will speak.

Unthinking, I
pick a rose, to *****
my fingers. That was
the truth.

Dying was easier,
than to live. Still I want
to stay back to see
the miracle.
Another weeping star
comes to me. The twin
presence interacts.

A pain sits with me.
I split into shards.

A spooky boom.
Water bends. I kiss
your scream.

White night.
Acacia breaks,
roots won't move.
You disown all your
sins. Fat burns.
An aura prowls around
the temples.

The honor ****
will make you a living god.
Rusted heart wants
to achieve eternity.

The otherness, goes
for incarnation. Abstract
quality will explore
the song of the sea.

Life starts anew. You
were a fake genius. There
was a secret pact
to wear the veil.
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