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Satsih Verma May 5
Barefoot you come to
collect the roses, to divide the pain.
An altered ego had brought pink wounds.

One road goes to a funeral
ground, other to a temple without
any deity. What path will you take?

There was no ceremony
to remember the panlove or a holocaust.
I want a shoulder to carry my broken bones.
Satsih Verma May 1
Shall we meet in the
last chapter of the book, where after the
struggle two bodies had become one?

The scenario changes.
We tear and stitch on the walls of our hearts
when you have forgotten to make your eyes wet.

In delirium, I had discovered
you in the waters. Oh my esteem, how long you
are going to break me in horrors?
Satsih Verma Apr 21
I see you in my arms
when you bloom like the hawthorn,
mayflower after making it to the peak.

You exist because the moon
exists. The tyrant of time will not die
easily. Solitude prints a saga.

A mystic romance flourishes.
The moonlight comes on tiptoes
to kiss the sleeping deity out of the temple.
Satsih Verma Apr 19
You forget to remember,
you were spinning very fast. The
sun was becoming black.

In moon-rise ritual the-
attitude slumps. It was difficult
to catch the fireflies.

You have a terrible mind.
Your mirror does not reflect. It
bribes the light not to come near.
Satsih Verma Apr 18
I need you to fight my
war with celestial bodies after the broken
galaxy. Want to formulate a jump on pyre.

Of romance and violence.
I have started understanding the unknown-
to heal the humanist injuries.

It was a queer feeling.
Why are we alike? A miscellania of the
same wounds appear on our hands.
Satsih Verma Apr 17
Stepping out from half-
Love. You take and give a kiss. The
pain was in bones. You were happy.

What we have given to
history, when the moon was loud and was
moving towards the black hole of life?

How to convert everybody
to defeat the hate, embracing
ride of legless journey to love.
Satsih Verma Apr 14
I asked you to be gentle,
not negating the love. The mythological
legend will start wiping the tears.

You stand without a sword.
The white goddess made for me, though
with pink bones, silvery eyes.

A long tweezer was
interbred with gods. Invaders come
for a savage rivalry on the planet.
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