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Feb 17 · 157
You said me you'll never leave me
Alone in this world
You said I'll never be
Lost again

After you gone
The world feels so cold
The darkness around
me , had put up a hold
On me

I can't bear this feeling
Your presence is all I needed
I can't live if you're missing
From my life

I know you're at heaven
Looking at me
I know you're around
Guiding me
I wanna see you one last time
One last endless moment
Cause I can't live if you're missing
Feb 13 · 81
I tried to run away
From all the pain I had
I tried to escape away from all screams
Cause they're making me mad

But they won't let me go
they keep on chasing me
They don't wanna **** me
They keep on torturing me

Sinking in fear
Choking in lies
No place to hide

But I can't bear this more
I've been off the shore
All those things I can't ignore

Wake me up
Pull me up
Tell me it's just a dream
Even it's not
I can't hear those screams more
No more
I was not active as usual due to heavy loads of exams going on
Jan 28 · 453
Am I an astronaut

Lost in my own thoughts

Am I'm one , whom world forgot

I know they   think I'm a crackpot.

All my life sitting in space alone

Tied with those tethers ropes

Talking to the speechless stars

When others enjoying life at the bar .

It's hard to be an astronaut

No day no night , all seems nothing to me

Just the same scenary, always I've to see

Nothing changes in this world

Even you try hard to do

You may think it's ease to be


But I know what is to be me .

No , it's not a jackpot.

Even if I scream so loud

No one is here to hear

Even if I fall down

No one is there to care

Those stars sitting

Millions miles away

May smile at me

But got nothing to say .

Just the sun that always shine

Is with me and a glass of wine.

It's hard to be an astronaut

Drowning in your own thoughts..
Jan 23 · 110
When I'm gone
My life ,
Is something that I never cared off
Living the boring , in this human hive .
After my every bed off

It is quite possible That
I may be gone
I won't be there in my home
Cause I'm now out of life .....

I may be in the memories
Of some
But I don't want to be remembered
By anyone

Throw me if  I'm in your frames
Throw my songs if I'd ever sung
But when I'm gone.
Keep up headphone and listen a song
But it's your life
Carry on  with a smile .
What is your favourite part ?
Jan 18 · 436
Not Alone
For me , my life meant nothing .
Until you came and become my everything..

Yes , I know I won't die in those lanes.
Unless you leave me in vain .

Sometimes stupid more than babies.. Sometimes cleaver more than archimides... Sometimes childish more Than his sisters.
Sometimes my everything becoz of affection

But it all changed..
Now you're gone..
You left me alone..
I'm not dead nor I'm alive.
I'm like a fire in the dark moonlit sky

From miles aparted We are  indeed..
... But hearts are actached toward a dream..
. I'm there everywhere when u feel lone
. I'm yours indeed for a long
For ever .
Even you left me alone.
It's a Collab
Jan 12 · 193
No Way
I lookedย ย around me
I see everyone lefting me
When I was drowning In here,
In this gloomy sea .
I shouted out for help
But I guess no one hear ,
But when I asked the reason
They say "we don't care "

Everyone left alone ,me.
By making million excuses...
No one left now..
Only Darkness engulfed me..

"No one's here for help "
But when I realised this.
It was to late for me..
Cause I'mย ย chocked by .
By this sea of gloom.

But what I know is someone with me
That's why I won't loose the hope

To be continued
Dec 2020 · 217
They never said a word ,
Or might we didn't want to listen
We took their everything
But say " we've done nothing "

When we fight for our freedom ,
It's right
But when they do it ,
it's violence.

The animal ,
They lost everything , even themselves
Some are lost while some are on the verge .

They are not voiceless
They tried to speak
But we'd became numb ,
Cause we don't want to listen .
When a human is killed lots of people came but when a animal killed , their skins taken of .... Their body parts are sold .........
Where is this anger ? Is god only for humans ? Is animals is isn't created by God ?
Dec 2020 · 116
Every time the rain falls down
Every time the sun gets buried beneath the ground
The memories of lost
Resuscitate the wounds.........

In this lone world they left us alone
Alone in the way to home
Their truancy gives the feeling of desolation
Their presence was not anecdote
But now their life obfuscation...

They're not here but still in mind
Not in the work
But hope, I can still find them
We can't see them doesn't mean that they are not here
Nov 2020 · 359
A dark cold night
Whete the moon don't shine
A perfevid dream crept into my mind
And made my belief confined .

"A long lost World
Where humanity is seized
And blood got hurled .
No rain ever fall down .
Only pain hits the ground
But we never made any sound .

Our lives were ripped off
And breath Were seized.      
Only thing which we can't found
Nov 2020 · 146
I haven't  been to the future

Nor I had seen it,

But had seen the destruction  

Not construction only destruction.

In my nightmares

I'd seen creatures roaming there

In desperation  with no good

No friends, no brotherhood.

Killing each  other and no one's  lover

Only destruction  no construction

What If It  comes here

Haunting in my nightmares.

Only black clouds with the

Thunder aloud.

No river flows no farmer's  ***

But everyone shivers in hope of a good morrow.

Yes it is destruction

Today everything  is a distraction

But the future  is destruction

No bird flying only people dying

No songs are heard only people were murdered.

So, I asked them who had done this and how to stop this?

They said

'we and you can't stop this cause it is destruction '
A very old poem of mine .
Currently suffering from writers block
Nov 2020 · 268
Message from heaven
I've got a message from heaven

Is it true or false I don't know even

But it seems a warning by hell

It's so dangerous that made me scared.

I know the truth that's why I'm afraid.

It said ' end is near, so my dear

Don't try to overcome your fear.

Don't run cause there's no one to care .'

I asked you're from heaven can't you save us?

They said, no we can't because...

You made it so we can't do anything.

And they went

But also warned

' don't tell others, they will make a mess of each other. Tell only to the trusted '


It's the message that makes me engulf in fear.

But I can't do anything. Can't tell to anyone even

This message from HEAVEN
Oct 2020 · 188
When I was all lonely
  When everything was dark
You pull me away
And erase all my marks
When I fall from the sky
Trapped in the lies
You pull me out of that hell
And made me feel so well
You're my angel
Keeping me out of all the danger
You're my life's changer
You're my angel
When no one listens to my cries
When I can't get up even after a hundred tries
I had the wings but I can't fly
You came up and Give your hands Pulled me out of the life
.You're with every second
When I thought love is an illusion You flew away from my confusion
when my life is locked in a cell
It's only you who made me well
You're my angel Keeping me out of all the danger You're my life's changer You're my angel
The clock might end No more hour no more second But we'll always be together Away from this world of haters Bonds are not to be broken Life isn't for chocking You made my so well You're my angel Keeping me out of all the danger You're my life's changer You're my angel ๐Ÿ‘ผ
Time pass yah
Oct 2020 · 313
Don't stop don't quit
You wake up every day, and the world will say you hey.
They wanted you to quit, they wanted you to stop.
But don't give up.
Go and rise e the sun
Let you heartburn
Take new oaths, take w birth.
Go and fight to make your place on earth.
You'll see faces all around you.
But who will stand with you are very very few?
Go and fight, to take up your right.
Don't wait for your luck go ride in your huck.
No more violence.
Work in the silence, let success be your voice
Don't give them choice,
Hard work, a little more bit
But don't stop, Don't quit
I'm going away from home

Flying in a mystic loon.
Passing through endless loops.
Gathering what the world had taken from me. I
May it feels an end And nothing left in the clock of the sand High above the endless sky With huge grief n cries No one left with me I'm lonely and alone Fighting with the blazing sun and freezing moon.

No matter its dessert or hill

No matter how death feels

I'm here to make that evil Neil

But no one's here to make me heal.


I'm not a small river

I'm who which make the devil shiver

Everything I lost

, I will take it back at any cost

I know I'll get my vengeance soon

But for now

I'm fighting with the blazing sun and freezing moon
Oct 2020 · 245
There was a boy who lives alone
He likes his only toy and gazing the moon.
He had no friends.
But a toy and time to spend
He always used to say "I won't fear till my friend (toy) is near "
He was very happy
No one to care, to burden to beat.

One night he went out to riven
In cold night and everyone else would have shivered.
He went there to play with his toy and to had a little joy.

But suddenly a storm blew and taken his toy along.
Boy shed into tears and all his glow is gone.

He was crying, the moon stopped shining โœจ.
Then a man comes and said "Don't cry, boy .storms will come and take will take joy.
It is the first loss but
life will take more than you think it cost "
"Everyone you love will go and in this world, you will left alone as I'm now.
Life will take everything you had and leave you in a state of sad ".
Oct 2020 · 143
I'm holding my heart , I'm holding my breathe .
Just need a tool to end up this hate .
All that screams creeps into my head .
All that feeling makes me mad .
Seeing all that things how can I turn around.
Closed my ears but can't avoid that sound .
Break all who comes in your way
This is the thing the world says .
Can't you think of another way .
And this is what I say .
You'll always find them standing on your way .
You won't get a chance to put your say .
The road to smile.
Seems more than the miles .
Don't wanna see more hatred .
No more brother betrayed .
I can't see more dies .
Just wanna go above skies.
Cause I just want a LIFE TO LIVE .
I don't have any lies to keep .
Finally I reach the end
A place which is free from hate .
No more divisions in the world .
No more truths are twisted and curl .
Then I saw the god .
Saying life can't be mod .
My eyes no longer dim
Then I asked the same question from him .
How to stop the hate 's blaze
How to end this dark days .
' it's not me who divides
It's not me who'll suffice .
After so many chance I given to you.
You all don't even taken the clue .
You let the hatred win . You give your powers to sin..
I don't think anything left. No more misery no more theft .
Go and live up your life .
Cause you won't get it twice .
I'm not sorry and I can't give the way .
To end up this dark days .'
No , I can't hear this words .
No , I can't see the bloods .
What I need is the way .
To end this dark days
At night I sleep but .
When I sleep at night , it doesn't mean that I give up my fight .
I dreamed up of the day , when child's were in the play .
When everything was good , everything thing was fine .
The faces with smiles , no head with the lines.
Everyone's enjoying , nothing was annoying .
The sky was blue as much as it could .
No lies between us only brotherhood
.But , one day .A storm came and washed all away .

And throw up us in the dark days .
The faith dies inside and hope seeked the hide .
The hate eat it all , the day turns night .
My dream just broke , everything was white.
An another quite day , and I'm back on the way .
Now I can see the heaven , no more oath with grave'n.
I know I will get my answers . I don't have more chances .
I will ask the god , but don't think I'm so bold
Can I free the world
, from this hate

So that I can end up these dark days
A day when everything was quite.
Everything was dark . And there's no one fight .

A day where everything was black and I can't see .
All was n fogged and walking alone with me .With my back pack on my back with confusions in my head .

I'm running to heaven nort digging my grave
, I can't just can runย ย away from the world of sin

.Walking , running , thinking , chasing , hiding .I lost my way .I can't listen to them cause I know what will they say

.The breath in the lies , poison that they drink

.No I can't see the sky , even the world is getting shrink .Everything was black , everything was dark

.And this is what they think ' I can't cross the way '

But I will fight , I'm not afraid of death.Just light up the light and give upย ย the hate .
God will show you way to end up this dark days.....
What After the rain falls down ?

When everyone leaves your town ?

What After all lights burned out?

When you can't stand loud

What After you dreams come true ?

When no one is in your crew .

What after ........

When no one's there to call

Waiting loan at hall .

What After you reach the edge ?

Now no one is in your maze .

Its end to your fame,

Now there's no one who knows your name

No one is with you

Cause you leave everyone who's true.

You spend your life in lies

For sake of your coat and ties

You can't return to the them

Nor to your memory's frame

So , what After..........?
Sep 2020 · 272
Dust Off The Past
It's like sweet song playing
And we're kids with that ball .
It's like chocolates raining
When I say that photo on the wall.
Some are faded
And few are scintillating.

The sky stops hailing
When to thought of those part of my life

The time had moved on
Dragging me too far
People say it stops for none
But never say it will make us forget who we are
Take a walk in your mind
Remember things you got , meet ones you lost
And Dust off your past .
Sep 2020 · 427
I'm still alive

Just to fly , above the skies.

Don't wanna trapped in this truth and lies .

This world is chained by chains of hate .

Which can e broken by only hope and faith .

I want to wander under this thunder.

In this world of outlandish.

Cause I'm a solivagant

Trap me in this second.

I wanna live this moment


This beautiful butterfly

Flying under the sky

Give a hope that i can fly .

This magical angelic rain.

Pures the blood in my veins

I can't live in this world smithereened.

Where memories are congeries.

A bus or a train

Take a tour if this world once again.

Cause I'm a solivagant.

Trap me in this second.

I wanna live this moment .

Trying to be free
Sep 2020 · 433
Ghost house
A house made of screams and fear .
Hedge in by the high brick walls.
A place whose all loved one disappeared
And darkness masked fear crawl.

Here every room has a story
In which each is a character.
But time and world has taken his glory
And called it a sinister.

This ghost house is similar to many of us
Engulfed by our own darkness.
Stiff but eaten by the rust .
All these make feel starkness

As of this house , THE GHOST HOUSE
To the lost ones who are not yet lost
Sep 2020 · 404
Memories and pain
The sun will go down .
The days will run out .
Nothing remains for ages
But till then memories and pain can't be forgotten.

We might say we're not afraid to die
But it's truth , it's very difficult to say goodbye.
The silhouette of the lost one
Is like eye infront of gun

Memories and pain are really same
It hurts you taking each other's name .
The life is getting toxicating
But I'm still living
Sep 2020 · 158
Lost In Dreams
I Slept in the world of Malign
Wake up in a dream with suspiration.
Living in a dream is like apricity
But believing it's truth is really tricky.
But for even once , i wanna lost in Dreams
Staying away from those fear and screams.

My life in real is fabrifacientย ย 
But in dream it's magnificent.
No fear no cries
No game of truth and lies .
Just for once i wanna lost in Dreams
Trapped in that second
and stay in that gleam
Tired of this world .
Want to live in dreams .
Find peace
Sep 2020 · 174
The clocks runs out .
And it should aloud .
That the time is gone
Buy I'm not yet home

It's truth that .

The shadows of past
Forever last .
It's creepy foot prints
Bring me to my knees .

It's giant shadows
Hiding in the meadows
Of my mind
Keeps onย ย hurting me
From behind .

Those thinks no more sound sweed .
In my garden they are like weeds
Yet the shadows of past
Forever last

ยฉAditya Hr.

— The End —