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The Nada Nov 2018
When we know what we want and where we belong, it will be much easier.
The Nada
The Nada Nov 2018
Somewhere in the past
Where I know what my wants
Even things were little too fast
At least I know it will last.

Somewhere in the present
Got confused and changing the mindset
Things becoming not meant
And a lot of expectations did not meet.

Somewhere in the future
A blurred image of myself
Wended on the road of life
Perpend to all of "that's why".
The Nada
Sandoval Feb 2018
When you finally
realize how heavy
a goodbye can feel;

only then, only just then,
will you understand
how no amount of hellos,

will ever once again
be real..

Sandoval Feb 2018
You lit
a fire with the
of burning the
but ran away
when its
flames turned

Sandoval Sep 2017
You begged me,

to fall in love with the

So I could get

accustomed to having all of

but then, none
at all too..

Sandoval Sep 2017
I just write.

Make of my words,

whatever you


Whenever they ask me, who or what I write about..
Sandoval Sep 2017
I would have

died a million

Before I saw

our love take
its last two


Sandoval Sep 2017
I left beauty marks
on his soul.

I shattered him,
to light.

And in return, he gave me
memories and darkness
to fight..

Sandoval Aug 2017
I've seen you

dancing, to rhythm

of the moon.

I wonder, if I were up there,

would you have loved me too..

Sandoval Aug 2017
A rose only grows

by getting watered,

and being


by light. Same goes

with love.

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