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I tried to run away
From all the pain I had
I tried to escape away from all screams
Cause they're making me mad

But they won't let me go
they keep on chasing me
They don't wanna **** me
They keep on torturing me

Sinking in fear
Choking in lies
No place to hide

But I can't bear this more
I've been off the shore
All those things I can't ignore

Wake me up
Pull me up
Tell me it's just a dream
Even it's not
I can't hear those screams more
No more
I was not active as usual due to heavy loads of exams going on
Larissa Frost Jan 2021
I didn’t want
To say goodbye
I thought we’d travel
The earth
You and I
But you no longer
Visit me
In my dreams
The silence in my
Head is

                   -L. Frost
The Nada Nov 2018
When we know what we want and where we belong, it will be much easier.
The Nada
The Nada Nov 2018
Somewhere in the past
Where I know what my wants
Even things were little too fast
At least I know it will last.

Somewhere in the present
Got confused and changing the mindset
Things becoming not meant
And a lot of expectations did not meet.

Somewhere in the future
A blurred image of myself
Wended on the road of life
Perpend to all of "that's why".
The Nada
Sandoval Feb 2018
When you finally
realize how heavy
a goodbye can feel;

only then, only just then,
will you understand
how no amount of hellos,

will ever once again
be real..

Sandoval Feb 2018
You lit
a fire with the
of burning the
but ran away
when its
flames turned

Sandoval Sep 2017
You begged me,

to fall in love with the

So I could get

accustomed to having all of

but then, none
at all too..

Sandoval Sep 2017
I just write.

Make of my words,

whatever you


Whenever they ask me, who or what I write about..
Sandoval Sep 2017
I would have

died a million

Before I saw

our love take
its last two


Sandoval Sep 2017
I left beauty marks
on his soul.

I shattered him,
to light.

And in return, he gave me
memories and darkness
to fight..

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