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You said me you'll never leave me
Alone in this world
You said I'll never be
Lost again

After you gone
The world feels so cold
The darkness around
me , had put up a hold
On me

I can't bear this feeling
Your presence is all I needed
I can't live if you're missing
From my life

I know you're at heaven
Looking at me
I know you're around
Guiding me
I wanna see you one last time
One last endless moment
Cause I can't live if you're missing
I tried to run away
From all the pain I had
I tried to escape away from all screams
Cause they're making me mad

But they won't let me go
they keep on chasing me
They don't wanna **** me
They keep on torturing me

Sinking in fear
Choking in lies
No place to hide

But I can't bear this more
I've been off the shore
All those things I can't ignore

Wake me up
Pull me up
Tell me it's just a dream
Even it's not
I can't hear those screams more
No more
I was not active as usual due to heavy loads of exams going on
Am I an astronaut

Lost in my own thoughts

Am I'm one , whom world forgot

I know they   think I'm a crackpot.

All my life sitting in space alone

Tied with those tethers ropes

Talking to the speechless stars

When others enjoying life at the bar .

It's hard to be an astronaut

No day no night , all seems nothing to me

Just the same scenary, always I've to see

Nothing changes in this world

Even you try hard to do

You may think it's ease to be


But I know what is to be me .

No , it's not a jackpot.

Even if I scream so loud

No one is here to hear

Even if I fall down

No one is there to care

Those stars sitting

Millions miles away

May smile at me

But got nothing to say .

Just the sun that always shine

Is with me and a glass of wine.

It's hard to be an astronaut

Drowning in your own thoughts..
My life ,
Is something that I never cared off
Living the boring , in this human hive .
After my every bed off

It is quite possible That
I may be gone
I won't be there in my home
Cause I'm now out of life .....

I may be in the memories
Of some
But I don't want to be remembered
By anyone

Throw me if  I'm in your frames
Throw my songs if I'd ever sung
But when I'm gone.
Keep up headphone and listen a song
But it's your life
Carry on  with a smile .
What is your favourite part ?
For me , my life meant nothing .
Until you came and become my everything..

Yes , I know I won't die in those lanes.
Unless you leave me in vain .

Sometimes stupid more than babies.. Sometimes cleaver more than archimides... Sometimes childish more Than his sisters.
Sometimes my everything becoz of affection

But it all changed..
Now you're gone..
You left me alone..
I'm not dead nor I'm alive.
I'm like a fire in the dark moonlit sky

From miles aparted We are  indeed..
... But hearts are actached toward a dream..
. I'm there everywhere when u feel lone
. I'm yours indeed for a long
For ever .
Even you left me alone.
It's a Collab
I looked  around me
I see everyone lefting me
When I was drowning In here,
In this gloomy sea .
I shouted out for help
But I guess no one hear ,
But when I asked the reason
They say "we don't care "

Everyone left alone ,me.
By making million excuses...
No one left now..
Only Darkness engulfed me..

"No one's here for help "
But when I realised this.
It was to late for me..
Cause I'm  chocked by .
By this sea of gloom.

But what I know is someone with me
That's why I won't loose the hope

To be continued
They never said a word ,
Or might we didn't want to listen
We took their everything
But say " we've done nothing "

When we fight for our freedom ,
It's right
But when they do it ,
it's violence.

The animal ,
They lost everything , even themselves
Some are lost while some are on the verge .

They are not voiceless
They tried to speak
But we'd became numb ,
Cause we don't want to listen .
When a human is killed lots of people came but when a animal killed , their skins taken of .... Their body parts are sold .........
Where is this anger ? Is god only for humans ? Is animals is isn't created by God ?
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