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I tried to run away
From all the pain I had
I tried to escape away from all screams
Cause they're making me mad

But they won't let me go
they keep on chasing me
They don't wanna **** me
They keep on torturing me

Sinking in fear
Choking in lies
No place to hide

But I can't bear this more
I've been off the shore
All those things I can't ignore

Wake me up
Pull me up
Tell me it's just a dream
Even it's not
I can't hear those screams more
No more
I was not active as usual due to heavy loads of exams going on
Larissa Frost Jan 2021
I didn’t want
To say goodbye
I thought we’d travel
The earth
You and I
But you no longer
Visit me
In my dreams
The silence in my
Head is

                   -L. Frost
Justine Louisy Jul 2020
Mummy used to buy me hair grease,
for my hair was a seismic wave of crease.
The scalp crying sweat,
the tantrums were the onset.

Wide tooth comb have mercy on the nots,
nests of lies and cheeky clots.
The flurries of dandruff deposit,
the skeletons in the closet.

Mummy brought out the blue magic,
the long strands thirsty to become ethic.
Such a wave of moisture,
like the silkiness of an oyster.

A perfect layer of braided Cornrows,
blended amongst the tropical mangoes.

Mummy says to me you’re a woman now,
be prepared and ready to plough,
the knotty hairs of your little ones.

Go and buy the same hair grease,
to ensure their naughty traits mature into peace.

Justine Louisy

Copyright ©Justine Louisy 2016
All Rights Reserved
So... I’ve mentioned about braids but now let’s talk about the preparation of Afro hair and the goodness of hair grease (metaphorically speaking 😁😅) enjoy!!
Do not stand at my grave and weep,
I am not there, I do not sleep.
I'm in a thousand winds that blow,
I'm in the softly falling snow.
I'm the gentle showers of rain,
I'm the fields of ripening grain.
I'm in the morning hush,
I'm in the graceful rush
Of beautiful birds in circling flight,
I'm the starshine of the night.
I'm in the flowers that bloom,
I'm in a quiet room.
I'm in the birds that sing,
I'm in each and every lovely thing.
Do not stand at my grave and cry,
I am not there. I do not die.
Poetry In Motion
IG: rapnapoleon_za
Toni D'Leangelo Jul 2019
Once the sky darkens and
when the world sleeps...
let's fly.

You're not awake to see it but I'm truly a spectacle. When the darkness covers the sky and moonlight cascades what's below, you're missing an anomaly. You're gonna miss my flight. Dodging the trees and hunting the prizes that hide in incognito, meanwhile I'm just coasting. No pressure. No pressure. I'm still surviving. I'm still flying.

Earth awakens with the sun
and I bloom from beneath the shadows
gallantly roaming the blue
looking down at where I once was
eager to stay up.

Regardless of will or reluctance, you pay your respects to what soars above. You know I'll thrive from your revere, or lack thereof. The dominance remains. Along side the clouds I'll reign. No pressure. No pressure. I'm still thriving, I'm still flying.


Beauty is one thing but this one is stunning. It's majesty and it's charm are really something. Simply poetry in flight. Sailing the skies, scaling these heights. As fresh as the air, it's refreshing to stare. He's his best when he's up there. No pressure. No pressure. I'm now gliding. This is flying.

This is a tribute to
The Owl, The Eagle, The Crane.
The Thinker, The Strong, The Triumph.
This is a tribute to
The little Bahamian boy.

This is a tribute to me.
eric calabrese Jun 2019
I just want to make this clear and change their perspective,
I'm not perfect
I make mistakes
but I always try to correct them
Push forward
Never forget them
my mother told me
I was an accident so a
mistake turned into a blessing
i used to wish I could be less human
For years I ran away from my reflection but lifes a full circle
so it's you I ended up pursuing sometimes my rhymes maybe confusing so translation
I ended up being the same man i went to school with
I'm not perfect
but at first I wanted to be
Now i strive to just be a better me
Sometimes it's important to remember being human and making mistakes is all about the process of growth.
eric calabrese Aug 2018
Sometimes I look up at the sky
I wonder if  simultaneously you are too lucid dreams of levitating through these walls and coming back to you
Our souls dance in circles around the sun beating with the sound of our hearts in perfect unison
The moon envys our energy
Mars red from how we move in rings around Saturn
The way we melt into one you’d think we were made from mercury
But the God of Neptune exclaimed we’re fresh like the bay or sea my waves to your sand pulled you close to me
A Venus fly trap opening up for the fly Uranus stopped and stared and even dropped a tear before I returned to my bed a lightning bolt appeared must of been Jupiter the God of the sky ripping us away
It’s punishment for noise we made above where he stays.
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