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Jeff Stier Nov 2016
She captures autumn
in a jar
reads the moon's straying
through leaf and branch

Always in love
with love
and always reeling
from the loss

What wave tossed this refugee
What alignment
of stars and planets
of uncountable galaxies
brought this woman
to this world and not another?

A simple truth will tell.
The moon at high tide
hides beneath her skirts.
A slight disturbance
in the silken fabric
of space and time
and all is lost
all is born.

I hold my hands out
palms up
in prayer and thanks
every day
to mark the blessing
to place a peg
in the whole.

Given to all
denied to none
and mysterious to most

Life pours out of
a hole in the sea
leaves nothing
and everything
to chance.

This blessed world.
Marília Galvão Mar 2015
Now I ask you to join me
Now you celebrate
Not being me. Not being you
Only Us for the great



Some steps I will take
Be my guest
Pull your anchor
Out of the lake

In the room
In the building
In the crowded city
In the country with thousands of cities
The country shares the continent with an enemy nation
The two rivals are carried round and round by the Earth's endless rotation
The Earth obeys the master’s magnetic line, burning since uncountable clock time
The sun is blind to his insignificance too, ignoring billions of other star mates, it can’t see through
Immeasurable it seems, magnifying! All of them such tiny little parts in one of Miss Milky’s arms
Some light years away there they are: Pinwheel, Cartwheel, Black Eye, Andromeda and Cigar
Unmeasurable it seems, humongous! All of them such a fading little part of the cosmos

There you are
Floating from a distance
Feel the empty ground
Drink from the fountain of existence

Still blind to insignificance?
Still convinced about the rightness of imposed beliefs?
Still judging others’ defects according to our pretentious and vain mind?
Still punching away the different, protecting the mold?
Still reinforcing illusory antagonism and insignia?
Still seeing only two sides?
Still holding to the pride?

In the ******* room

Am I? Are you?
Let's try it again
“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness." Mark Twain
Denise Uy Oct 2018
Just shallow, raspy breaths in this hollow paradise,

and nothing that inspires me to open my eyes.

The barren ground gives me no reason to rise,

and I touch nothing that satisfies.

The shoes that hurt and clamp on my feet,

painful, black leather's the only thing I meet.

Smiling every day is such a great feat,

sad words in thousands of ink-stained sheets.

Uncountable, the laughs.

Unforgettable, the scowls.

Undeniable, the acts.

Undetectable, the frowns.
Quite a very huge shadow,
with a venomous tail ,
unsmiling roaring face ,
shooting fear into the vortex
of the earth face.

We indeed crossed in multitude
of silence, courage on the verdant morning, with the sun smiling its
face to the earth, with its
uncountable snow-white teeth.
Ylang Ylang May 2018
May's nightair
Cold and dreamlike
Come to me
Come to me

I've not forgotten
how your thousand
kisses feel like
Oh, I've not forgotten
        I've not.
-Your soft name
  means to me
             a lot

Uncountable things happening
covered by you,
swarming in the
heart of yours,
in the jungle
          of yours
nivek Oct 2018
Mountain summits rise and fall
Sea's form and dry up
so many uncountable happenings
all while you were looking
the other way.
Fill in the blanks with those vocabularies never ever found in usual discussion, daily comes and goes, never existed even on imaginary world of movies or books.
Fill in the blanks with noise.
Tumult of hallucination whizzing the sound of ambiguity through the sound of the gait of a man galloping smoothly in the long yellow brick route surrounds with fences never expose the way of redemption.
Fill in the blanks with choice.  
The last track of nightingale, maybe, dwells on the far branches of novel blossom tree of best spring with no worrisome regards countable, uncountable, passives, actives, adjectives or nouns.  
Fill in the blanks with skylarks of no boast.  
It is causative by its own, Imagery flying over the untrodden lands inspires the eyes overview the long hair singers hadn’t been observed before. Access is denied!  
Fill in the blanks with liberty of boost.
Aurora …aurora…. Some body calls. Pretending to be wise whole life, how nonsense it was. Being lunatic is secret of joy.
Fill in the blanks with wandering ghosts!
Ghazal# Ebrahimzade# English grammar#
Neeloo Neelpari Sep 2018
Many a times, when I am alone
I just find myself thinking of the fun
Collecting pouring water, drenching in the rain
Sailing my paper boats in the small drain
Catching frogs from puddles of water,
in matchboxes
And throwing them on young and old with giggles and smiles

Smearing the silver, golden color on my friends
Of the butterflies that we picked in the sunny garden
Feasting on dollops of homemade icecreams and chuskies (ice lollies)
Listening to stories of kings n demons by granny

How could I forget that fight with parents
To stay awake all night during summer or winter break
To watch uncountable movies on the rented video player
Or to read Agatha Christie, Enid Blyton in just one sitting

There was a different story all the time
for each of my tantrums and fantasies alike
And a unique reason for enjoying every season

Oh! How I wish I could have a time machine
To take me back to my childhood innocence
I really miss being a little kid O my Lord!
With no stress, worries or care in the world...!!!

© Neeloo 'NeelPari'
Karan Sherwal Aug 2018
I used to believe in good old days,
Still concerned about the little ways.
To get back in my childhood era.
Those uncountable acquaintances,
Now they are just faded faces.
Buzzing around oftentimes,
I do look at them with all my gracious Rhymes.
Those long sandwalks, I heard many voices & those preacher talks.
Standing on the top of a pile,
I saw the world with my pure human eyes.
My incapability of not performing as others,
Don’t forget we came from different mothers.
Though the course may be disturbingly fascinating,
Spot you there at the end of the lives you kept devastating.
I walked clean and I did no mean.
There was nothing to fear, but one day someone molested me who was so near.
Crippled inside myself that night,
Was so devastated couldn’t spoke a word inspite.
Moments still glare, dig in your knife so that you can pare.
Shadows no more controls me,
I fiercely play with them, and still move freely.
Enjoyed every bit just like my first bicycle wheelie.
I did both,from playing with slum folks to slept like a sloth.
Now I miss my never ending era.
Entered my puberty,
with little bit of curiosity
To not to have those thoughts control authority.
I was wild, a state called child.
Facts of my past life...
Äŧül Mar 16
This is my first one for you,
Yes, the first among uncountable to come.
You should be ready, yes you,
Your life will change with my romance.
I am ready for you, yes, me too,
My life is scented by your unparalleled youth.
Let us make life happen - me and you!

I don't just want to live with you,
Yes, only when I'm with you, I want death to come.
You might get scared, but you shouldn't be,
Your apprehensions are resolvable with patience.
I know you are ready for me, yes, you are too,
My life is scented for you by my own set of experiences.
Let yourself fall in love with me - I'll catch you!

I shall come to your land and take your hand,
Yes, I shall propose you and your family, just let me come.
You be patient too, just like me, yes, you should be,
Your three spatial dimensions will expand and evolve.
I am a magician of the written word, yes, you know,
My life is scented by my own words that I now write to you.
Let me and my words seep deep into your sweetest heart!
My HP Poem #1737
©Atul Kaushal
Mind Banging

He rides her mentally.
Almost daily
Uncountable minutes he is up in it.
Making mental ****** touchdowns..
His foundation seemed sound.

Yet he faltered where.
Where he didn't reach her.
Another's lying lips found uncharted territory.

Claiming more void space left uncatered to.

Compliments guards like a safe untouchable fence.
He failed to simply compliment..
He couldn't see her.. Couldn't see her beauty.
Yet he could feel her.. he watered her gardens.
He listened to her soul...But fail to see what good it doth behold.
Yes he left empty what she gave freely.

He rides her physically.
Someone else can steal her mentally.
He wasn't the one to yield complimentary.

Our words simmers on the hearts and souls.
Of our special Ones.
Simmering slowly.. seasoning roasting the valued things.
Until the moments your ready to go feasting..
Marinating soaking the best of prized things.
So much like cooking.

Emotional penetrations.
Seductive weapons.
Pure wisdoms.
Till the grounds before emptiness is found.
Some just bring the physical guns..
Some bring much more than weapons.
They bring..
Mindful..Mental..Magical Momental, momentum..
givin ya sum...
and oh so majestic..and magnificent..
Mesmerizing.. marvelous.. misty musical melting masculine moods and hearts suspense.
Merry Moments making-love; mental stimulations..
complimentary manipulations.
Of Mind Bangings.
And Physical Tamings.

by sharday rose..2019
Kevin Jul 2018
A newborn
In its mother's arms
Death defying
In aspects uncountable
Ceyhun Mahi Nov 2018
No one has or will have a Light like his,
He, who was sent as a Mercy and bliss.

One man, yet much uncountable blessings,
Clueless how to repay for all of this.

I do envy those who have seen his face,
To times I have not seen I do reminisce.

We still have yet not seen his bright being.
Until that Day, it is the rose we miss.

Mâhî lacks rhymes to continue this praise,
That Day will show how luminous he is.

— The End —