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Zoe Grace Nov 9
I write to feel
I read to breathe
I look at you for inspiration
The stars in your eyes
The gleam in your smile
The love in your heart

I write to feel
I read to breathe
You are my inspiration
Zoe Grace Oct 25
His body is a temple
Sturdy and strong

His voice is beautiful
Deep and meaningful melody

His behaviour so heavenly
But his whispers and his touch sinful
Zoe Grace Oct 24
A wheel inside my heart spinning so fast it makes me dizzy
And the farther away he gets
The faster it spins
As if there is an invisible chord un-reeling from it
Stretching the distance between us
A real connection
I dont know what i would do
If the chord ever snaps
H you know how much I love you. We're a year and almost a month strong now. ❤
Apna wahi h jo humari khamoshi padh sake,
Verna andaje tho begane bhe lga lete hai...
Aajtak kisi ke saamne nhi fatti ik ko chor ke aye khuda kya hua h mujhe (madad-E-khuda)
I am loyal to my life because it is all
I have Who I am.  So therefore despite
Its' many short comings which I have
Railed against and still will rage against  
Yet I would not sever the vital cord ever.

It is the same with my church and my country
They are my world and my universe-despite
All Vesuviuses; despite all black holes- all that
Is imagined or real that threatens the good life.
I can never say I do not wish thee anymore and
Mean it.  Such I believe is not my idea alone but
All are loyal to the same and it is rooted in the
Common love that is most plain and unadorned
By pretense and humbug sham theatrics of flag
Natives are we of that land which  is of our God
This Love it is which commands my allegiance
To this is my loyalty which I l never voluntarily
Surrender.  But not my will but thy will be done
Zoe Grace Nov 2019
I'm doing much better now
Than what I was before
Every little thing used to set me off
But now I don't mind them anymore

Haven't had a mental breakdown
In a month and two weeks
I know exactly who to thank
And he knows who he is

He's made my life so much better
By just being there for me
Holding me, kissing me, telling me I'm beautiful
Oh, and the oversized hoodies.
I'm back, minus some of the emotional baggage i had when i was here last!  My life is so much better now after i finally opened up to some friends, confessed a few things, and i dom't think i could be happier.
Colm May 2019
Ill will held on
Dries out my hands
And cracks in the sky are never welcome
Hence why the attempt is never planned
Though apart from my old self
I find, I am
And yet
With contented say grown out of sigh
Though I may be quiet
Having pushing myself far away
In the silence, know this
You are always welcome
Le nathlam hí
ok okay Apr 2019
Let me die and take me to nowhere
nowhere is better than heaven !
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