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Seanathon May 12
Ill will held on
Dries out my hands
And cracks in the sky are never welcome
Hence why the attempt is never planned
Though apart from my old self
I find, I am
And yet
With contented say grown out of sigh
Though I may be quiet
Having pushing myself far away
In the silence, know this
You are always welcome
Le nathlam hí
ok okay Apr 20
Let me die and take me to nowhere
nowhere is better than heaven !
Louder than my voice, You have spoken in me
Deeper than my longing, You have sprung eternal
Beyond my foresight, You are prophesying to me
After all my reason, You are unimaginable (unfolding unimaginable things)

Before my expectation, You've exceeded what is conceivable
In the most secret place, You consume completely
And deep calls out to deep

Above a kingdom's reach, Your reign overcomes
Beneath the meaning of existence, Your laws dictate reality
At the moment of seeking, You have sought and found
Greater than my strength, You uphold the infinite (and I within it more carefully)

In the fulfillment of time, You are waiting
With the wisdom of ages, Your ways are everlasting
And deep calls out to deep, whispering your fullness:

"If there is faith, You are believed."
"If there is hope, You are looked upon."
"If there is love, You are reflected."
Wolf Feb 15
But I can't do anything about it now.
Jeff Stier Nov 2016
She captures autumn
in a jar
reads the moon's straying
through leaf and branch

Always in love
with love
and always reeling
from the loss

What wave tossed this refugee
What alignment
of stars and planets
of uncountable galaxies
brought this woman
to this world and not another?

A simple truth will tell.
The moon at high tide
hides beneath her skirts.
A slight disturbance
in the silken fabric
of space and time
and all is lost
all is born.

I hold my hands out
palms up
in prayer and thanks
every day
to mark the blessing
to place a peg
in the whole.

Given to all
denied to none
and mysterious to most

Life pours out of
a hole in the sea
leaves nothing
and everything
to chance.

This blessed world.
sankavi Nov 2018
old receipts turning yellow with such beautiful stories
keeping the last bit of memories through flower petals
and old letters with no meaning left to it any more
colourful lights lit red green yellow and blue hanging on my wall since when you gave it to me
old pictures taped to the wall with friends you haven't spoken to in months

but all this doesn't matter to me
the memories are kept safe
and the nostalgia in my bedroom lives on
L Thor Pedersen Sep 2018
Its odd, the facade.. that the'world in all it's awe
performs so worn from the applause relentlessly,
Nothing MUST be, we're born and formed to be flawed, created cracked and clawed from earthly debris
Just the beginning..
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