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the eldest of three sons
and the father of three sons

while reading The Brothers Karamazov.
Gracias, Mr. Markson
in the early morning light
four dear deer

in the lengthening afternoon
my darling son draws near

in the twilight basketball court
Max from Heidelberg appears

inside again today
avoid the summer heat

nothing much to do
no one to defeat

if she called me I would run
to wherever we could meet

but I am not the one
so I walk the solo twilight street

so little love in this country of hate
  money and insults is how they relate
      this they believe is the path of the Great

I remember you, Samantha James
I am one who remembers names

I know my poem was a little strange
But the dream and song somehow came

                  And I was led to you
                     by London’s train.
the critics are quite vicious
because they cannot really write

they sit in judgement upon others
yet fear to bring their work to light

how many poems did you create,     Professor?
none have Bloomed within our sight

Shakespeare was a teacher
He wrote for sheer delight

I saw him once in Staunton
ReneThornton in mystic Night!
both Moby and Phillip K. ****
      the book I love and the flicks
              try the best I Kan, indeed Als Ick ...

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