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Silent desperation
Walking home alone
Vegetarian pizza
Little black cell phone

She lives in Denver
I'm in Baltimore
Guiding Buddhist logic
The play of neither/nor

Boring boring boredom
Don't read that much
Mike, Steve, and Hutch

She breaks up with me
Ashes to the ocean

California sun
Lovely Ms. Kathryn Orr
Rain on the ocean
Inner Harbor, Baltimore

Tell Mark hello
Sorry for the misunderstanding
Take off from San Francisco
Asian monsoon landing

We die and disappear
There is no resurrection
I whisper in your ear
The object of my affection

California sun
San Francisco Zen
We die and disappear
Do you remember when?

Made the pilgrimage to Amherst
And to Oxford too
The tales of Nahman of Bratslav
My mystic Rabbi Jew

Tired. Exoplanets.
My middle son awake
Chicago in the winter
Lady of the Lake

So much time alone
My life tick tocks away
Silent desperation
Is the way I pray

              y xie xie
Dr. Frenkel was very caring
Without doubt the best
I wish I was more daring
Qualyxian the Quest

Northern Virginia is kinda boring
But also kinda stable
The old man is snoring
The young man is able

Sunlit Maryland day
A little basketball
No nay never nay
Dublin in the Fall

She eludes my grasp
Volleyball on the beach
I miss her as I clasp
Her body lotion peach

                  Each ...
Albert Camus at JMU
Life itself is Absurd
My honeymoon in Paris
Merci is the word

I went to New Orleans once
Preservation Hall
Took a train from London
River Eden, Wetheral

American politics is Abysmal
Chicago in the snow
A little mango lhassi
Let your garden grow

The poetry is play
Little Satellite Beach
You can call me crazy
Black man called me teach

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