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I'm tired and I'm scared
Walk the little way
Do my best, a little rest
Thank you and xie xie

Life is suffering
But blue sky up above
Amidst the panic fears
Please a little love

        a little love.
Humility is hard to reach
I ain't got there yet
I do miss Satellite Beach
So many do forget

I've got some darkness in me
I can see the faults of others
Please let me judge not
Prayers for my brothers

         Prayers for discovers.
Basketball with Edward
He speaks of southern Spain
I tell him I'd like to go
Ah! Al-Andalus
I tell him of Taipei
Remember Purple Rain
Also Dublin snow
One day el autobus

Darkness once again
Quiet in the night
Kyoto has the Zen
Taipei lanterns have the light
I'm tired and I'm lonesome
No desire to fight
UFO report
Who has seen the sight?

Basketball with Edward
Sky all twilight blue
He speaks of sweet Sevilla
And also Al-Andalus
I tell him of Taipei
We escape the noose
I wish for Southern Spain
Breaking free, breaking loose
One day when it rains
We ride el autobus

For my boys
Nitnoy joys

Calm, not storm
Safe and warm
The anxiety comes on so strong
Tears and panic again

I reach out to my family
I reach out for a friend

I hate the bipolar madness
Just wish for dailiness do

Struggles one day over
Peace for me and you

          Kindliness too
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