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Qualyxian Quest Dec 2021
I've moved too much, moved too much
Moved too much, I know

Kamakura Buddha
Freshly falling snow

My son is gentle joy
We wander to and fro

A little Christmas gift
New for you yo yo

      little. flow. slow.
Qualyxian Quest Dec 2021
I set my sights salvation
Stupid thing to do
Now I'm only lonely
Souped up 72

Got a little money
It won't last too long
La Florida is sunny
George W. was wrong

America is ugly
But Charleston is nice
Dante and Beatrice
He only saw her twice

I was born too late
We face annihilation
If I could I surely would
Educate my nation

       Probably cremation
Qualyxian Quest Dec 2021
Spoke with Mike today
While he cut my hair
He has been to Athos
Says I look like I'm from there

Webb telescope
Launched on Christmas Day
Infinite Universe?
Star Child may

Earth child might
My children can
Stay with me at night
Lonely aging man

      Cam Cam I Am!
Qualyxian Quest Dec 2021
The Catholic Church is sickness
But Father Greeley was health
Can I get a witness?
I want wisdom more than wealth

Exoplanets spin
Sci-fi is where it's at
Food was flyin' everywhere
I left without my hat

Stars aglow tonight
My sons keep growing up
Taipei 101
I miss that Quayzar pup

Philosophy 101
Speaking with Socrates
Crawling through the portal
On my hands and knees

           Please, baby, please!
Qualyxian Quest Dec 2021
Waking early. He is still asleep.
     Lonely cool before dawn.
                  He is safe.
Qualyxian Quest Dec 2021
Tonight I pray for all the suicides
I've been right there too
Compassion in the silences
Memories for you

             Robin. Steve.
                Retrieve ...
Qualyxian Quest Dec 2021
My angels know their demons
My demons know their twins
Which ones will is stronger?
Which ones will will wins?
Took a boat from Stockholm
Sang for Swedes and Finns
The Dark Knight always rises
After Batman he Begins

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