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karin naude Oct 2017
Vrees my duidelikste chom
X kni my lewe indink sonder vrees
So deel van my vlees en been
My motivering vi als
Gooi vure dood
Kry ni kans om te beplan
My heiland
My rots
**** my asb
Die vrees verteer my
Soos acid
Die pyn verskeer
My geloof hou
X weet net u kan my help n ****
karin naude Oct 2017
Di storm, di woed
Di wind, di huil
Ruk di mure soos hy hardloop omi hys
Wat sal wees sal staan
Hu diep is ons wortels
Is di fondasi stewig
Saggies en versigtig sluip x nader
Da sit vrees omring deur sy makkers
Trots op homself
Hy kry my oorhand
Vandag behoort geveg aan ju
Ma more verklaar x my oorwinning
In god se naam n met god se krag
karin naude Oct 2017
Ini stilte vani nag
Terwyl di krieke sing
Fluister die slang
Dus ju laastes in ju eigene bed
Hy fluister direk na my vrees
Vrees onbeskryfbare vrees
X vul hu my kop di spanning neem
Hu verlang x vanaand vi ju
Soos woestyn na water
X ken my waarheid
X staan op my waarheid
Ma huveel struikelblokke voor da kom
Huveel spanning n gedagtes voor redding
My redder vertrou x op
Tot my laaste

karin naude Oct 2017
My mind is flying
Among clouds
Reaching stars
My haert is falling
How can one body
Crash and fly
All at once
Being pulled apart
Never to be again
Numbness follows
On the heals of a complete meltdown
Shame how i acted
Shame does not help
Powerless in my sitsuation
I numb out
Missing you is easy
Longing for you is torture
karin naude Oct 2017
Lead me not to unhinge
A passionate sensitive fierce mind
Not tamed by time
Just so you can feel complete
Not my duty
Your lack of confidence
At fault
No challenge
The light of mind shine bright
Darkness cannot live
The tides coming to end
karin naude Oct 2017
Distorted view of self
The mirror never says im beautiful
I cheer for others
Presenting a happy care-free woman
Unscaved by life and struggles
Confident and strong
Capable and wise
Independant and dependable
I choose my mask carefully
My public persona important
Dont want anybody to know
The depth of my hurt
A hurt so deep
Dark and cold
Light has never and never will reach
Disabling pain
I am ashamed
My cross no-one must see
The pain that tries to destroy
Only *******
Cheer will power i rise
Slowly building resilient
Soon i will no longer feel it
karin naude Oct 2017
Starting to justify
Grabbing at straws
Why you wont spent time with me
Why are you always busy
Me throughing tantrums
Want attention
Want what i want
I pace myself
Reason with myself
Bring thoughts to perspective
He loves me deeply
He is committed to me
He does care about me
Showing it is lacking
I just so lonely missing you
In my corner
Feeling forgotten
What lies a tell myself
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