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Now all the strings are in control,
gonna see the changes from my eyes
gambling just like roll of dice.
will do this now and will do it again
my parents faith shall not go in vain.

Step up take the chance,
Watch devil as he dances
On all the beats of your heart
suppressed me with a pointless dart.
I see the change and i see faces change,
Annihilated me every time,
when the soul wants exchange,
Of joy, emotions & love.

Midst of it all,
I see an empty wall,
Gonna paint it my way.
i think i should do it oftenly, because it gives such relief to my mental health and wise thoughts obviously...

tell me about it i really need the criticism.
Karan Sherwal Apr 28
All the way from concrete
I came up above the cloud,
Where mountains speaks for itself
winds climbs through leaves o leaf,
might gave one relief.

Stairs like pattern all over the valley
I seek distance from unhealthy voices,
quiet as you feel numb
even the fire's cold up here
Nowhere ,  Nowhere

It was night when i reached here,
Stick in my hand, the warrior
couldn't last fear.
The coldness increases with every step you make,
Hills are calling you for life's sake.
As live as you'd be last
to discover the essence of life,
found my existence, the one I
Strived & survived.

So far I'm shivering that's all
Dimensions as a whole,
I'm talking mountain out of a mole
Green grass, Blue skies
Transformed into a human ,wise
Hot water pond to get sins washed away,
came out like infant baby
Glacier over the top, anyway.

Sunlight is pure & gets you enlighten,
Although breezes grabs you tighten
My skin is cold and a bit whiten.
Sun makes you day brighten
The whole environment is pointing upside,
As if they witnessing planetary movements,
Without being known to down sight
I've discovered my being over a fortnight.
strange name yes it is, i guess life is strange.
it was the first animal i came into contact, as i remember writing that piece.

living the life , i spare,
to get my own pair.
Trauma leads to change,
Recent filthy range.
That gentle gaze less gazing,
Evolved into gaming.
I’m not as you are,
No matter how close,
Will find me far.
The only way to me,
Is the child inside of thee,
To come of a age and set me free,
To restrain myself from evil spree
My roots smells like sandal tree.

The aroma itself is the evidence
Of my lonely & sour existence
What should I do ?
To my beliefs and visionary extent.
This is an instant one, please acknowledge if you see  a worth.
Rise.   Rise.   Rise.
That’s all I want to say to this human race.  
We are crucified as we are unable to see the truth, our only existence.
Recent times
confused like rhymes
one or the other
I'm a bit bother
about the mother
and all the brother's
these robots have the power,
to control and over.
shedding all  the tears,
what else can you  wear.
There are Ample resources
from various sources
people forget to preserve
our mother just don't deserve
annihilating  & dragging
These mutants wagging
equally shredding
until the ending.
All those times in the past,
earth-graphy is way more Vast.
To the planet,
                                                    - from all the human beings

doing my bit hope you all will understand the pain of our mother earth.
Karan Sherwal Dec 2018
To the inner wisdom
To that outgrowing system
To the pillars of belief
And to the childish relief.

To the chastity, modesty & respectability,
To not loose virginity over someone’s purity

To **** the innocence of mine,
And to retain from thine.  
Lately I’m seeing a glass of wine,
Pouring emptiness in the mid sunshine.

To forgive you from the first meeting,
To forgave me from reciting pure words melting.
To known from strangers again
If this is that, then I don’t want to wait in vain.

To the dimensions I think insane,
To the remembrance of high schools mane.

          Through highs & lows
                 I’ll be at bow !
           My submission to the
                  Actual vow.
New Year’s Eve.
After a little while, under a noon tree  
I discovered this.
Pain is there~
Karan Sherwal Dec 2018
Tiny and windy
Comes Along,
Like a known
Might talk to whom,
She wished for.
Being sad is her favorite bad,
While she moves, sweet talks of her groves.
Like a weather, she flew with her feather,
Day & night
Hold her tight !
What she feel,
Might be a great deal.

Trouble, trouble
Hollow air bubble
Seems single
Might come double
To jingle & mingle
Just across ease
Hover like bees
Vibration and buzzing
Haunting and dazzling
Not to touch the Earth, not see the sun.
Run run run....

I’m trapped !
Karan Sherwal Dec 2018
There you are once again smothering,
As usual I am wondering
To the extent of woman’s boundaries,
Filthy rich games rivalry
Desires of one honest soul,
Think of it as whole.
To keep once truthness so small,
Against this contemporary world and more.
These rivers are trying to tell me something profound,
Roaming through the valley sort of bloodhound.
Intoxication of this haze,
Reaching over the top
Crawling through the maze.
These heights taught to me to stand still firm,
Crowd is harsh, you’ll be warm.
To keep the light burn,
That’s something you live to earn.
A lesson meant to be learn.

Flowers so yellow,
A grounded mellow
The tulips are red,
Night awakens the dead.
Stem so brown
Placed on the upper belts,
Just like crown.
These dead trees witnessed something wild,
Horror ****** night,
Sustained by the inner child.
Although, the way
Lanes above & down
Rocky Mountains,
You might frown.
To all the vibrant colours
From all the misty bubbles
Hot water ponds,
Heights like tough wands.
First trip, ever to go again.
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