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Karan Sherwal Aug 19
For often, when on my couch I lie
In vacant or in pensive mood,
They flash upon that inward eye
Which is the bliss of solitude;
And then my heart with pleasure fills,
And dances with the daffodils.
Karan Sherwal Aug 13
The shadows of that banyan tree leaves
remembrance of my moment of freedom
the maternal home fine place to unwind
those were the days that made me kind
To feel the sorrow and grief behind
My body swims in a delusional wine
And the soul longs for solace
my god oh please grant me grace....
Hello ladies and gentlemen, sorry for not being active here for a while so here I am with the same spirit which is carrying these words magically. Hope to see your support peace, Save mother Earth
Karan Sherwal Jan 17
Saw her the other night
A dream came when it was bright outside
She was held by the person she loves
They were in the house like doves
As I was watching it as the scenery
I went back to the past cemetery
Now why does she appear
I couldn't sleep and she disappeared
I don't desire her anymore
But once she was my Barrymore
Wanted to kiss her was the thrill
Never told her, I didn't know the drill
Loving her was my only skill
The time came when I run away
With remembrances of her smile,
couldn't forget her It took me a while.
Cold nights
Wakeful rights
Then the sun came bright
To hold me tight
I'm his son
Born to be won
Save me, I'm drifting away
Has anyone of you seen me struggling

It's like one's emotions juggling

Shattered overwhelmed screaming yelling

Once I couldn't write these spellings

Now I wonder how it's dwelling

One after the other it kept on dancing

I was watching every letter, and carrying them around

Blame it on my fate, somehow

I didn't know it sounds

Will, you tell me what I do,

Perhaps it's just the way it is so blue

And I roam through my wheels

Singing songs and swings

I promise to be as free-spirited as the wind blows in times

Here is my bid for my readers & the spirits who get by

Don't misunderstand my gestures it's me with the sky

Now give me some air and let me slip by

I Will be at your doorstep will word in disguise

Sayonara my believers conclude me as wise.
Karan Sherwal Dec 2020
once again I feel so empty
yet walking past,
I did my last farewell
that never lasting past
crawls through my present
and haunts my future vast
I dare to give my assent
for I am a soldier, quite outspoken
although my heart was always broken
Karan Sherwal Nov 2020
In the midst of all
I wonder, yeah,
I wonder !
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