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Karan Sherwal Feb 2023
Kept our secret within
Seldom I grin
Knowing it's a win,
Moments matter fading remembrance
time consumes image,
Delicacy upheld
Greatly dealt
Whispering prayers
You have now embedded
Layer after layers
Left me here,
Do you even care?
My tired eyes need your glance
After all, I'm just a soul
To be with or not to be with
What is your stance?
Is there any chance,
To make your presence
Into my life, forever
Alas, the man in me tried
You know our loyalty cried
I left the door open, wide
And I have a few things to offer
My presence and honesty, not the chauffeur...
To be continued ⬆️
Karan Sherwal Feb 2023
Lately, I recognized my deprivations
The situation uncovers my task
Even think much before I ask
So boundaries and limitations are there
Stuck inside for now an untameable sphere,
With a simple twist of fate
I will be able to unlock the envision gate..
Karan Sherwal Sep 2022
Twenty twenty-two
That little girl got me woe
I became inferior as I was in a hurry
I wish she'd cooked our curry
So I said sorry and went with the flow
If at all she thinks I would have bowed
Now I'm free and I'm flying
That little girl, I tell you
Would have me dying
No matter what!
Was my call,
I was the only one
Who every time falls
I made up my mind
And breakthrough the walls
Everyone judges me and I know what crawls..
I found that tiny feet lovable
Karan Sherwal Jun 2022
Her hands were tied,
And the way she hugged
Was quite wide.
Into my thoughts
She gently glides,
Her essence choked me
From all the sides.
I will wait until she decides
To die with me,
Will this suffice?
Karan Sherwal Jun 2022
Suppression all the way
From family to my head
From acquaintance and the thread
Goes on plotted humiliation,
One day I'll be dead.

One thing I must do
To place woe, rather sue
Upon each, a great virtue
Their rotten habits *****.

All will be left, with
index upon each other,
Revealing grief & thought
Point blank dot
My only death note.
Be careful the people around you can be your worst enemies, they might be anyone, in fact family.
Period 📍
Karan Sherwal Feb 2022
Moon and stars
Describes ancient wars
Of me and you
In sublime arts.
Karan Sherwal Dec 2021
From embarrassment to compliment,
Paving my corridor with excitement
Always acknowledged as an amateur
Be that way that's what I make sure
So I roam like a ghost around,
Autonomous spirited inside the bound
Lately, narratives floating on surfaces
I see me then altering faces
Fortunate times with fortunate places
Am I a fool or are these phases.
#oneaftertheother #somethingshappening
#changesaroundthecorner #changenarratives
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