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You come down slow
To burn me as if I'm not burning
Tongue-tied not dumb
Honest, not foxy.

The night has come again
Where I reckon to be in vain
She runs away fast
As if returning is impossible

Where are your promises?
And that blink of an eye
Inside the house of love
I presumed you my dove.
Karan Sherwal Feb 28
Call me mad
inside dead
hardly guessed
treasurers vest
upon the chest
at it's best
in the calculus of peace
I & God
will come to thee,
break you free
you now retire
from the Conservative wire
upon the glance
should be admire
flashes of your skin
will last longer than your kin
it comes from within
Enlighten the soul
break down the wall
drenched greed fall
There's plenty of room
Inside almighty hall
perform as you do
Out here one doesn't prove
To be or not to be,
Aroused emotions
makes you feel
like an old wooden wheel
you are tired, must not kneel
uncover your peel
destined with flame
All are ashamed
Must respect the disdain
For God by your side
All are blind, with
eyes open wide.
I dedicate this piece to my Grandmother who has been passed away recently.
#almighty #tobecontinued
Karan Sherwal Feb 10
something about you
into this sunshine
I feel so blue.
You kept shining on
from the very first yawn
dusk till dawn
early like a lovely fawn
my woman dances under the sun
up above the sea
she flutters to the shore
A beautiful swan, what else
She can wear,
I put my mighty swear
And I think it's fair
only I can dare.
Happy Birthday to me, I found this world on this date back in 1995, around 2.30 pm noontime.
! Hope you guys admire the letters !
There are many scars,
Oh! Please raise the bars
Considered me a greenhorn
Couldn't remember being born
It isn't the way you respond
Came here for a real bond
Now my intuition tangles
Obsession strangles
Would have offered you bangles
is this love or triangle
don't have a stake to gamble
although love is ample
so pure & glare,
I got to share.
Is there anyone who understand love the way I do....
"Your face gambles with me,
All cards down in front of thee."
Karan Sherwal Dec 2019
I think I'm differently able
to all this life becoming a fable
although put my desires on the table
walking a mile for a sweet gable
you might think it's relatable
but it's not
I dare you to give it a thought.

Pain finds me every time
trade-in your joy
for a handful of dime
I think I'm doing the rhyme
exactly when I get this climb
raining here, it's cold in the wintertime.
It was raining, and I was stuck somewhere when I discovered this. Praise the language and the emotions to it.
Karan Sherwal Nov 2019
Every dawn, Every dusk
After pouring smells like musk
Wandering around whispering bound
The inside ancient houndly sound
I couldn't bear
I hardly count
I must obey what's all it about.

The more I explore
More I go,
Digging through an empty hole.

We should seek
Now is the time to be a geek
Hopeless tide
Came to slide
I see her glide
Her arms were open wide
For an unknown sly
With hidden wings,
Still doesn't know about the initial fly.
I'm on the path now, so thy will see me rise.

"I love my love for I'm dying to share mentally"
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