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You walk beside the street wonderin' where to go.
This fiercely knotted rope, holdin' onto lettin' go.
What was once truth is now a brainwashed someone else.
Destination nowhere with a stranger inside, a stranger beside.
You don't want it; you Need it,
you don't want it; you've got to Have it.  
The fear that takes you is the fear that breaks you and the fear that breaks you is the fear that makes you and takes you and breaks you
Matthew Feb 21
If I made a poem that sang to the seas
and whispered to the winds,

Would the winds remember what was whispered?
And when I sang to the seas, should they see the secrets sunk into my subconscious?

The winds won't ever wander where I once have.
The seas never will stare solemnly at the stormy sky.

Seems that it is worthless.
Johnny walker Feb 16
Close my eyes shut out what don't want to see
very easy for me to do these days so much In
this life, I don't want to
see any more

Watching this Idiot government destroying our country cruelty beyond believe against
the vulnerable of our society they are
gutless absolutely no feelings toward the poor
of this country

Just hope and pray I live long enough to see them fall as surely they will but
best of all this the town I live the council Is going to ***** a statue of Margret Thatcher

I'm sure the poor of this town to which are many will be so grateful when they have been to the food bank to try and get food to feed starving there, kids

They will be able to view this wonderful bronze statue of
Margaret Thatcher the milk snatcher who created poll tax who single handed destroyed the working class

Of this once great country for It's they who In nine years have devastated and bought to Its knees the poor of this country God bless all those that deserve so much better

In life than this so-called government of complete Idiots will ever give them Heaven help us all
God help us all save from this Idiot government would be better of running a circus
Elizabeth Zenk Nov 2018
the cream-colored sky
mixing with tangerine essence
a circular fire flickers at the bottom of a darkening horizon
mellow gusts twirl the earth’s luscious fibers
the tang of serenity fills the heavens
whilst the shadowy darkness emerges, ready to swallow the land whole.
I marvel at the wonder of these tangerine sunsets
Purcy Flaherty Mar 2018
When we parted,
it split my soul in two,
half of me was so in love,
the other half was through!
Please. don’t talk about me when I’m gone,
Even if the things I said were wrong.
You know my heart was true and this love belonged to you,
So ~ please don’t talk about me when I’m gone.
When you’re feeling lonely, sad and blue,
You know this lonely heart belonged to you.
You know my heart was true and this love belonged to you,
So ~ Please don’t talk about me when I'm gone.
Dividing friends and acquaintances like property.
I close my eyes and try to hide the way I feel.
The pain
The loss
You are traveling back to Australia.
To far to think about it .

I  *couldn't
even if I wanted to .
I wish I could.
But I can't
I will just have to say goodbye.
The time .
Get togethers
Just one thing my brother was excluded
To me that was painful
That makes me feel so sad.
Mental health there is a stigma
Everyone is afraid .
Not  brave enough to confront it .
Sweep it under a nice carpet.
Brianna Yang Oct 2018
Pained hearts,
And the crying starts.
We've all grown apart.
The silk pillows are stained
while pain crowds our brain.
Everyone is hurt
with tears wetting our shirt.
No one is talking.
All is heard is the sound of sobbing.
There's no more happy times,
because of all our little hurtful crimes.
All hearts are broken.
We never knew happiness was just a token.
There isn't any hope.
We all want to tie it, and hang the rope.
We all just want the pain to end,
because we know there isn't anymore happiness to lend.
Sad family
Purcy Flaherty Mar 2018
You"re on my mind
every second,
every minute,
every hour, of every day.

The way you look,
The way you smile,
The way you touch,
The words you say;

Simply takes my breath away
Smittenn,yearning, love, desire your always on my mind.
I'll always be waiting..
I hope you know
That I'll never forget
When you said you didn't want me around
So, I distanced myself
Like you wanted,

You said it was 'odd' knowing me
You said I was a lot of things
But I'll give you your space
Because I don't think I deserve to occupy it,

And I know someone would tell you,
That you were in the wrong
But it's just my job
To grin and bear it,

And be the little girl
you want so badly to see
So I'll take a little ****
I'll live with it

Because you don't want me around,
And I just want to make you proud.
I know this is a little sloppy but I just wanted to get some sad out. God I haven't cried in so long. I think I needed it.
perfer it
If you turned
on your heel and
just walked away
And I'm not 'tired'
I don't 'hate you'
I just can't let
you see
        I can't             let you see
            when I                   feel like dying
    I need                         the quiet
     To fix up                             my feelings
     To stitch                              up my cuts
       To fix                            my heart
   With clear                       plastic tape
the only
way I can
ever apear
'happy' So
give me
some space
So maybe, I
won't have
to worry,
about the
“There are two types of people in the world: those who prefer to be sad among others, and those who prefer to be sad alone.”

- Nicole Krauss
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