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Ezzah Saleem Feb 2019
For making people strong
We make them weak
To make them stand alone bravely
We make them wait hopelessly
For making them independent
We make them a kind of person
Who wouldn't ask for help
Even if they are so injured from the  storm
That they still believe they can run
Ezzah Saleem Feb 2019
So weirdly unknown to me
how my soul  becomes the strongest
part of me
while my heart grew the weakest of all
I asks why to myself billions of time
who's responsible when the heart and soul
are untouched, unrevealed
Ezzah Saleem Feb 2019
You were a lantern
As you flew at night
wanting freedom
I couldn't help but
let go
I stared at you standing on my ship
And to this day, I am waiting for you
My empire is dark
My kingdom is empty
because the strongest light
was taken away by the sky
And now the castle stands abandoned
while I unknown and unloved
still holding on to you
isolated in this ship
that travel in this tremendous sea
hoping closed eyes it would take
somewhere you are.....
Ezzah Saleem Feb 2019
Your pretty scars
That cover your body
That you never uncover
To me or somebody else
Your never ending love
That has warmed
my hopes of heart
Your sickness, my fears
Your love, my failures
My best imperfection
To trust your smile
You've become truly cancerous
From top to the bottom of my heart
 you are pure cancer
 with no cure
Ezzah Saleem Jan 2019
A women's trust is similar to a flower.
Her very soft heart is like petals,
If you break it, she will lose her trust in you,
and just as you can't put a flowers petal back,
you can never get her to trust you.
Ezzah Saleem Jan 2019
She did not know her own name.
All she did was,
A bruised soul from their hurt,
A dead heart from them,
Empty eyes for them,
A body swelled from their abuse,
Her lips bleeding,
But all she wants is them,
And all she says is that she will wait forever,
Her tired mind that wants to sleep,
But then she calls herself a strong women.
Ezzah Saleem Jul 2018
What is most saddening?
When they think they are joking,
That sarcasm goes pretty well,
The world laughs,
But to you it's a stab,

Or when they say you "thank you",
But you smile and say "it's okay",
But they leave in a blink of an eye,
You don't only feel replaced,
But they make you feel invisible,

Or when they walk beside you,
Like you never knew them,
Like you were no one,
Like things never happened,

Or when they approach you,
You feel they need you,
You feel you should be there,
So you stand with them,
Until the end,
But it wasn't because they needed you,
It was because of their own reason,
They needed only thing they were looking for,
Or when they call you useful ,
Or when they call you useless,
Because you were not enough for them,

Or when they call you a friend,
But behind is their other reason
Or another face,
That you are too scared to see,

Or when they call you worthless,
Or when they call you heartless,
Without knowing how you lost your heart,
When you did and why you did,
But you and only know the truth.
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