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Nitin Pandey Oct 12
I often lose myself, in coitus deals,
I always fall in love, with people's.
Then suddenly a thought,
Comes, in my mind...
My search is still incomplete,
Why? I'm so blind…
That person is initially not mine,
Someone else is there, would be fine.
Nitin Pandey Oct 12
I want to be a skilled potter,
But, upset at some Social-Sculpture.

I want to change them,
Want to fill with the colour, as I selected.

"then how can I forget the law of potency"

Without destroying the existence of it,
I can not give the shape I want, and can't fill colour as I expected.
Nitin Pandey Oct 6
If the moon disappears,
I'll break my every stars.
For the unpeaceful appearance,
Will ensure her smooth attendance.
Nitin Pandey Oct 6
The night still waits for,
****** moon, A drunk car
Coming soon, Uncertain star
Take a way, So far, So far...
Nitin Pandey Oct 6
Hiding in the clouds,
A moon and her smiles.

She always stares at me,
Like watching my all actions.

Of course, my friend:)
She may not know about my floors.

But, I get the sight,
Of her soft and calm imaginary drivels.
Nitin Pandey Sep 30
As long as I am alive,
I’m able to cover myself.

Please, just be able,
To cover my corpse bluntly.

You covered my head,
But, my legs are left open.
To the…,
Nitin Pandey Sep 30
Changes are the primary rule, or just a complement? of this society,
No one not sure about that, but sure about it:)
If, you are part of the change, you are ****** accused of this activity.
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