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Nitin Pandey Apr 5
Amidst the moon's tranquil glow,
echoes of a cacophony reverberate flow.
intertwining chaos with serenity,
In this delving juxtaposition of security.
I find solace in the harmony of contradictions only,
embracing the tumultuous symphony of my life's journey.
The approach integrates by emphasizing the contrast between the moon's peaceful presence and the soundscape that accompanies it, so I'm just exploring the deeper meaning behind this juxtaposition.
Nitin Pandey Apr 1
वो थी सुबह, सुर्ख-ऐ-लाल,
उनका यूँ मिलना भी, था कमाल.
बातें तो चल रही अब भी, आसमानी रंगों सी फिलहाल,
मुकम्मल हुआ भी तो क्या? सिर्फ इश्क़ के 'बाल की खाल.
Nitin Pandey Apr 1
that fair to me?
Burn me,
to your heart's-content.
only this much praise has to be set.
don't strip me down to my Shroud sheet.
Nitin Pandey Apr 1
If I have any relationship with my God,
Maybe, Is it my fear?
In the shadows of suffering,
My beliefs and hopes stand as an unwavering pillar.
after every storm, a little more happiness returns to the day, like golden rays breaking through clouds. May I wish only my journey to be adorned with endless blessings, and may the tapestry of my life be woven with threads of joy, that would be never seen as fade and guilt.
Nitin Pandey Apr 1
A God who does not see darkness,
But, it has given light to our souls?
In the coloured threads' existence, where shadows dance,
A God, blind to darkness, brightest upon us a radiant chance.
Through the corridors of life, where sorrows may take a toll,
It gifts our souls with light, a beacon for every troubled soul."
Nitin Pandey Apr 1
The moon's soft, silken glows,
A canvas painted, that gently flows.
A whispering wind, his weaves untold,
In the nature's embrace, a story unfolds.
Nitin Pandey Apr 1
silky on that day,
the moon fades away,
only, for the HAPPENS,
will return alone, on his way.
Reflecting on the transient nature of beauty and the cyclical rhythm of life, this verse captures the fleeting brilliance of the moon and hints at the inevitable return of events, despite their temporary absence. despite the moon's departure, there's an anticipation of its inevitable return, echoing themes of resilience and the enduring cycle of life.
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