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The glowing thing is formalized,
Without the night, you never realized,
You look like this, at night,
By the way you are capable of self-flight,
You were surprised to hear like this,
You wanna be like this,
She talks to you, she lives with you,
#thought #formalized #night #you
Affection impulse by heart,
Never know, even you hurt.
Just I'm think about comfort,
Same think, you escape afford...
#thought #affection #heart #hurt #you
I don’t think
I’m confused. Not with myself,
anyway. I’m con                   fused as to why
you think I am. I                      t doesn’t make
sense that yo                           u’re allowed
to be okay, b                           ut the mom
ent I tell                           you I’ve
                                 d, I’m just
                       “denying it”.
        I have a lot o
f questions for
you, but I’m no
t confused. I’m
curious, but I’m

not confused. I kn
ow what the situa
tion is. Do you und
erstand? No? Wha
t’s so confusing a
bout it all?
© Nought, 2021
When we climb a pair of stairs to the Earth's surface,
Remember, the object increases your memory, the psyche of the destination dies…!
#thought #destination #commemoration
In life, i well played,
Self make a death bed...
#thought #self #life
Severed shackles, flaring hazel eyes,
Cherry-red lips to color hearts with,
Black leather biker jackets to twirl in,
Hastily combed brunette locks to envy,
Chain necklaces dangling into tomorrow,
Driving at 180 mph, can you keep up?
Archenemies strangled to the netherworld.
Mascara stains to unveil on untouched papers,
Sipping from the bloodstained fountains of youth,
We're the rebels; we're rebels of this deathless sickness.
"Sweet but ******", "The Spectre", and "Down with the Sickness"... they're pure bliss. *dancing my heart out* Idk, this is the product of listening to corrosive heavy metal. Agh, I feel so alive. Not so sweet right now, amirite? *winks and falls while laughing hard*
When the chandeliers collapse into the shades of evermore,
And the sun bleeds pastel light blue waves that blind,
You will know that I've risen from my evanescent ashes.

Stranded in an evergreen island of broken mirrors,
Engraving anonymous lyrics on my untouched wrists,
Paint my pain, my misery, my pale reflection in the lakes.

Tearing metallic blades of grass in this lush rain forest,
Your apparitions mercilessly surround me in icy shawls.
Ravenous, oh my solitary river and withering crossroads.

Darling, this is not heartbreak; this is absolute self-annihilation.
I commit suicide in my mind every day to forget you, to burn you.
The clock strikes midnight; I'm suppressed into my last slumber.
Okay, here's a remake of “C’est La Vie” because that poem was poorly executed and coordinated. I hope this one doesn’t raise eyebrows. It still *****, but I tried. The title is borrowed from Fleurie's "Hurts Like Hell". It's a lovely song. Good morning to those in the EST time zone.
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