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Nitin Pandey Sep 12
I can go to bed  
hearing her soul
Nitin Pandey Sep 12
Learned with great difficulty,
Skill to fly carelessly,
So just like that, I'll be flying...
Whenever, there will be talk of rites,
Have the ability to change,
Will fall in love with the agreements...
#thought #change #agreements
Nitin Pandey Sep 9
I don't know,
which girl let me go back to heaven trip again.
But I'm certain,
that half moon light, travel in hell, with fall a part of dark rain.
#thought #dream #girl #trip
Constraints subject put it on my dream, like as a girl who got away from me and I want to see the people how to use the words come into play, like as emotions, experiences & thoughts create strong connections.
Nitin Pandey Sep 9
Feeling to be isolation,
Sadness & happiness be suffocation.
I just looking for similar observation,
Tell me, what kind of things would you have for this operation.
#thought #suffocation #observation
Nitin Pandey Sep 9
To save me, is me, as me
And I was the reason,
I'm lost in the first place?
Which happens, to be like this,
And the bottle filled with pills...
pills (freands)
Nitin Pandey Sep 9
Maybe, those delicate shoulders must have been sore,
In carrying their weight, to whom he was once a burden...
Or, are they constantly looking at this?
Only one, the father should be responsible for carrying the burden...
#thought #father #responsible
Nitin Pandey Sep 9
Come out and play together,
With the cup of clay forever...
#thought #together #players
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