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Eudora Dec 2018
They linger in the mind
like clouds floating by
in the azure sky.

They bring tears
like gushing waterfalls
streaming from the eyes.

They leave a yearning heart
with gentle prayers
and pleading sighs.
Eudora Jul 2018
Take me down
into the deep blue silence.

Lift me up
above the azure serenity.

Pull me up
onto the peak of solitude.

Save me from
this mourning place of distraught.
  Jul 2018 Eudora
city of flips
the rude gesture when one seeks the inelegant simplicity of
no words;

no words
suffice to say,
magnitude of some offenses requires physicality;
a physicality that injures nothing but the
surrounding atmosphere of
its pride

for it’s pride
that goeth before the fall,
the pursuit of dishonor and dishonoring,
given that,
it shames the giver as much if not more so

for words are our truest masters

I'd rather you gave a round shout out of

for as the parents say these days

use your words

rather than show me your
nail chewed runty midfielder

ah, words...I do so love them beasties
#flipping #thebird
Eudora Feb 2018
Like a tornado, it spins in your body,
evoking restless emotions.
It seizes your mind,
wrecking your thoughts.
It sends fearful tears to your eyes,
ready to hurl your heart out.
It engulfs your days and nights,
leaving you distraught.
It promises you a dreadful tomorrow,
to conquer your being...

**all over again.
  Jan 2018 Eudora
Mike Hauser
I don't know whats in the steps that I take
The tears that I shed
The heavy breaths that I am taking

Nor do I know the direction
The pain in my heart
Is taking me

I don't know whats in the words that I hear
The scene that I see
The weight of the load that I feel

The sky's color
When it finds the place
It hopes to find

I don't know
What to feel, what to see,
What to hear and what to say

I don't know how to pronounce
Any of the words
In the language of love

And I don't know how much further
I can walk this path
Before I fall apart
I'm honored Eudora asked if I would write a poem with her...She's a wonderful poet and beautiful soul I've come to know through this site...Thank you my dear!
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