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Marília Galvão Sep 2018
What blew me was not expected
It was not immediate
What blew me was
invasive, and yet, smooth
Like the sunlight that caresses a cold wooden floor
in the heavy breath of winter

It was not explained
It did not need to be
I knew it
the moment that sunlight sat on your skin and reflected on me.
You stayed in
Hidden in a small ceramic ***
at the back of my heart
You would dance to my music every once in a while
Until winter's last smile

I felt a calling
Got you out
And watched my soul lean curious towards your gaze  
In that Saint's square,
You were the glass of white wine bringing the changing tone of spring

Every time our eyes met
I heard the growing beating of my instincts
Asking to stay
Every time I thought of you
I read your presence
Showing the same
Losing track of time
Finding ways to be near

I'm pleased we did
In what was more than a choice, an irresistible flame
In what was more than new, a place we felt safe

I don't know how you did it
You had my soul naked even before you touched me

Never knew a feeling so warm
To hold my fears and make them understand
The best things in life are not planned
Never knew a feeling so high
That just by looking at you I can feel your whole body next to mine

...and the more I write
the more aware I become
no words can reveal
the intensity of the rays
when your lips kiss my neck
and my hands bite your back
when my head finds your chest
and your feet find my toes
when you're the reason of my laugh
and I'm the ear to your hopes
when I see joy in your eyes
and I'm the one to blame
when you show me you care
and your pleasure is my gain

...The more I write,
The more I wonder

How can I explain Sunlight?
Marília Galvão Jun 2018
it comes in threes
ruins of nothing and chaos
There's only one choice in the dark
And that is to become light

The first sparkles are shy
But they can see glimpses of colors it might find
The second glow is stirring
it does what it takes to rebuild what had been missing
With the third it's complete light
Warmth for hearts and lightness for minds
Ready to blossom, unconfined
January 2018
Marília Galvão Jun 2018
No storm lasts forever
You can always look for shelter
Find a warm place to treasure

No storm lasts forever
You can always change your clothes
Ease your chills from the tempest's throes

But when the storm is in your heart,
it doesn't matter where you run to
You'll be staring at cloudy skies
Until the last piece of you fades inside
December 2017
Marília Galvão May 2018
Not for all
Be careful not to look into the devil’s eyes
boldness might get you trapped
Eternal search for light
She gets burnt everyday to feel alive

You believe her steps will be impaired
by ordinary masks
Don’t be deceived,
she’s been through the enemies’ lands
and made a trophy out of scars
She's been too far

Now she knows the road
and the kind of you who don't honour her code

She holds the truth
Locked in her chest
You can’t break through
Her fort is for guests
Her soul is dressed
armoured by cast
Marília Galvão Jan 2018
The orange, fullest and most beautiful moon is impossible to see.
For it almost touches the horizon and most of us have built a wall around ourselves.
But then...
If we put our walls down, we'll be vulnerable.
And when we're vulnerable,
we                   become the moon,

'Cause the most beautiful moon is impossible to see.
#moon #connections
Marília Galvão Jan 2018
He came as he was
And she, as he wouldn't have imagined
Cracks of her artistic nature
Overwhelming every cell of her palm
The fragility of an inviting craziness
Captivating his instinct for drowning
her impetuous gaze
Shouting a child's malice
The absurdity of her coherence
Killing him of laughs

He read her silently, she was the book that turns off the light
of the room
The reader's, drenched in the revealed chapters

Torn between the doctrine of his sense of justice
The torment of smiles caged in 'if'

Oppressed by an unfamiliar circumstance
unpronounceable desires

Ripped between her disarming perfume
His non-existent suicidal vocation
August 2017
Marília Galvão Jan 2018
I'm eager,
To rip you off my chest
With all the bleeding that would come with that
While I looked at the clock,
Slowly turning until it stopped.

Until it happens,
You'll be gripping the walls of my mind with your dark fingernails
New Year's
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