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Light thrives in the dark
by finding its way through the brenches
of a dense forest

Light thrives in the dark
by passing through the windows
of a wintered house

Light only strikes you
when you finally get to know
projected on the path you've always walked
your long buried shadow
A river that stops running becomes mud,
and so do we,
a soul that stops changing
does not become what it was born to be.

There comes that time of the year again,
when trees know better
to see what has been hidden by 
the breeze and the blaze,
one must undress the unnecessary weight,
to face the days that get shorter 
there is no other path to ride
may death and rebirth be blessed 
by a light on the inside
In the veins of the giant lies the truth
off the rocky lines that meet the busy sea
where foreigners forget to look
In the veins of the giant lie the lonely trees
beyond the maps and checklists
there are winds that speak
the past, the present and future
there are winds that whisper
the nothingness of you
set side by side with its eternity
August 2023
Blessed are those who die and are reborn at every full moon
Savoring the essence of the universe that sows everything
Touching the matter of the soul,
the one that moves, the one that stings
They live a life in a second while mirroring themselves in uneasy waters
that shine like 28 Venus before the dawn
And in the very instant before blindness
blessed are those who close their eyes to see
written behind their own eyelids
the glow of 28 Venus
inside and outside
reflection and reflected
Have always been connected
feminine power
I'm naked
My eyes become the gate to the tapestry of life,
shifting waters, temporary islands
of dirt
you cannot trust
I'm surrounded
Shadows of the flying oceans fighting the heat,
mother almighty, kissed by all power
of connection
you cannot beat

The green devil holds the truth in its everlasting clouds
they sing and dance to the drums of the soil
and cry, always cry
all the way to the source

I'm human
I curse and I curse
every and each hand
that tore down that gate
for pieces of colored paper

I'm everything
The us that didn't run from the truth of being
The us that became them after the sea routes
Lips and eyes that are entire bodies
Bodies that touch harmony
and see through the past
Becoming one
with wild, roots and sap
Amazon Forest, photography exhibition
Marília Galvão Nov 2021
Where have you been my child?
I can't smell the beauty sitting on a couch
Where have you been hiding?
I can't see the wild disguised in my garden

Did you run from the hunger I caused you?
Did you try to cry and I didn't listen?
Well, I can't recognize whispers in my ears from an inch without you here

I know I chose a path you couldn't walk
But if you close my eyes I'll hear my way back

Is it light you need?
Is it my old voice you long?
Does it take complete silence to meet again?
'Cause I can, I can go all the time back

How have you been singing?
I stole your voice but haven't been able to speak
How have you been pleased?
I stole your smile but haven't been able to breathe

Did I think I could save my time if I didn't see it passing by
Did I try to stay afloat because diving was to difficult?
Well, now I'm drowning as my favourite parts of me die

I know I chose a river you couldn't swim
But if you breathe me in I'll dive into the stream back

Is it light you need?
Is it my old voice you long?
Does it take complete silence to meet again?
'Cause I'm going all the time back
#comfortzone #breakingfree #findingoneselfagain
Marília Galvão Nov 2020
The curse of perfection,
of good health
and misunderstood,
quite like the bless of loss.

The main roads,
paved with underestimated
and foundation
to take us to the highest

The bless of loss,
of disease
making basic
and foundation to blow the heart
a self-aware breeze
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