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Dan Filcek Apr 2015
their recent deal met with shouts of betrayal:
the new Neville Chamberlain,
The refrain quickly sounded on Capitol Hill.
sympathy should be qualified.
speaking in accurate French
This is our moment ... our chance to join together
But then when is it not a moment?
repeatedly mispriced and misapplied,
often with disastrous consequences.
A complete list would fill a book,
but here are a few items:
the spectre of war
the American invading forces
the border with China
the British appeasing ******
the whole woeful Suez adventure
the occupation of the Rhineland  
the Cuban missile crisis
the fire jobs, in which hundreds of thousands civilians were incinerated;
the saying “extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice.”
the hailing of Ngo Dinh Diem, as the Churchill of Asia
the Kennedy administration giving a nod to the coup
the latest culture of appeasement
the drawing of Jimmy Carter carrying an umbrella.
the mirage of a peaceful alternative to war
which is really a defeat,
peace in our time?
Why do I think that isn’t going to happen?
This year for Poetry Month, I decided to post a "found poem" every day. If writing a poem is like painting, a "found poem" is like sculpting. - source
I wish I could sing you a song
I wish you could dance to the sweet melody
Of my heart drums
Today God gave the world this precious gift, indeed it is your special day,
I will keep my wishes for another day
But feel free to make my heart your wishing well
If not forever but at least just for today.
If you could give me the chance
I will paint you a sun
Create you a sky
Colour it with all the colours of the rainbow
And crown you the queen of all the galaxies of stars.

If you ask me, you deserve more than firewalls
You deserve the whole world.
You are worthy to worth more than wealth
If you most pardon me, let me make another wish
A wish only the almighty can grant indeed
I wish you the best of the best health
As a destined queen you are qualified to live a fiddle life indeed.

My dear, though my body is far away
My heart is always next to your glowing shadow
Dancing, smiling, drinking and sharing in your celebrations and sorrows.
Though our eyes had never seen face to face
But I daily commune with your words and your pictures are my windows.
We might never meet, no one can predict nature.
We might never be what I dare us to be but who can really tell the future?
Until the unpredictable happen, I pray your life should be sweeter than icing on a cake
I pray you live the life you want to live
And as long as it pleases God will.
I pray you can pry  into the deepest part of thee
To see the priceless treasures hidden deep in thee
I pray you pray for the grace to mount this beautiful golden throne
And above all, there is an expression I deeply want to make
Which is, Happy birthday to you an angel and a destined queen.
Marlin Huang Aug 2017
My mom used to tell me when I was a kid
that thank you note is important.
To let people know that you're thankful,
and appreciate their efforts.
As I grow older,
I'm so used on writing thank you notes
with the same template on every note.
But I, or we, tend to forget to write one
for those who cope with our lives.
So I wrote this one is for you.

Thank you for letting me crash in your place
when I was far from sober,
almost on every Friday nights.
You literally picked me up when I'm down.
On the grown.

Thank you for staying up with me until 5
even when you got a big meeting
at 8 in the morning.
Because you know how much I hate sleeping,
but I'll be the bitchiest *****
if you try to wake me up.

Thank you for bringing me a bouquet
of fake flowers
instead of the real one.
You sure know me way too well
to know that I can't keep real flowers alive.
Or cactus, or fishes, or my phone's battery.
Yea, my phone's battery *****.
But you trust me to keep what we have, alive.
And lasts as long as it possibly could.

Thank you for making every queue line
less boring with all your dad jokes,
they made me think that
you're a qualified good father
to your future kids.
Or maybe ours.
But I hate children and you love them,
as much as I hate karaoke
and as much as you love it.
But gosh, you made me think of adopting.

We are nothing but night and day.
A thunderstorm and a rainbow.
A cactus and a peony.
A manageable chaos and
a managed you.
And yet we compliment each other like
peanut butter and pickle on a sandwich.
Sure, it's one of the weirdest combination
but somehow it goes surprisingly fine.

I swear I'm not going to make this cheesy
but if it was, well,
I know this is not what you imagine
to be with me
in the first place
when you slipped into my life.
But I thank you,
for deciding to stay.
Z Apr 22
i’m a flytrap in Saran Wrap
Definition clingy
shouldn’t be satisfied to be qualified
as the gum that’s stuck to your shoe

This anxiety could be all from nowhere
It might not be real
But honestly and actually
it’s just how i feel
I’m mortified
Near catatonic
Just a little shy
I’m qualified
And just a little sly
I’m Justified
For telling lies
It’s just a state of mind
I’m Horrified
I don’t know the reason why
I must’ve rubbed you the wrong way
Attempting to comply  
I’m plump and ripe for picking
Please pour a glass of wine
I’m stereo typed in a group
They’ll soon be stopping by
We’ll get to know the real truth
Explicit words made to divide
I’m riddled with adoring eyes
My words stay stuck like glue
Without a reason to say to you
Or the strength to carry through
I haven’t got a song
I haven’t got a clue
I just know my right from wrong
And each other’s right to choose
I’m no sinner, nor a saint
I speak from a moral pew
It’s a dark and scary place to be
But there’s still hope and room
Don’t get it all confused
There’s a rhythm
There’s a tune
All whilst eating with a fork and spoon
PoserPersona Jun 1
The poet speaks on anything
thinking their words are fresh as spring,
logical as philosophy,
and tuned to nature’s harmony

Socrates reasoned that the voice
of poets was not one of choice,
but rather was much inspired
by gods touching minds with fire

The audience finds more meaning
in the mad poet's own ramblings
than the epileptic speaker
himself will ever dare ponder

They speak first on others behalf
as if they are the better half;
fancying themselves conqueror,
fisherman, a seer, and doctor

By what means are they qualified
to serve as humanity's guides?
How do the epics of Homer
make you more than imitator?

Cicero, Plato, Lucretius
Davinci, and Heraclitius:
Rare to find artist and scholar
in the wise true philosopher

Be wary of the charms of rhyme
and seduction of meter’s time
As these are well known to allure
common fools to charleton's words
Bob B Sep 2018
Hey, Judge Kavanaugh,
What should people think
When they hear all about
How much you liked to drink?
You can play it down, of course,
But one thing's very clear:
When you went to school, your friends
Knew you liked your beer.

You showed up at your hearing with
All guns a blazing!
Your little friend Lindsey Graham
Thought you were amazing.
It doesn't really matter to him
If you're wrong or right.
People say that Graham has
Bigger goals in sight.

You are bound and determined to be
On our highest court.
You THINK you're qualified, but something
Tells us you fall short.
A judge-like character
Is ONE thing that's required.
But your impartiality
Leaves much to be desired.

Sure you have your fans who say
You are a decent man.
Republicans are using you
As part of their master plan.
Your shining record doesn't mean
That you weren't once a ****.
Now that you've cleaned up your act
You want to do "God's work."

Call your attacks a smear if you want,
But we have had enough.
America deserves a justice
Who is up to *****.
If up to par, what will further
Investigations show?
That you deserve to be a yes,
Or will you be a no?

-by Bob B (9-30-18)
Minuscule Ego Aug 14
I don’t see anything wrong here! She yells
There’s nothing fumy about keeping this one
Nothing wrong with having love n’ him around
The only obsession is you and the lines you ring
There’s a bliss in this opening, so stop fuming it
Quit fighting it or be the one I’ll forever loathe
Have you ever want n’ needed a thing so bad
That at night you find it so damning to sleep
I’m just okay in his arms, n’ she turned in
Resentment and walked to her delights

He hiss n’ shook his mind at her mistake
As a stench of foul memories filled its wake
A man may be good and alive in the morning
But becomes unnoticed as the evening comes
So do not sacrifice yourself so much, he hissed
There is nothing else you can do or say, it insist
When this temptation bring in its extinguisher
The sourness of its lust will be bamboozling
It does not matter how sure she is, he says
The trick is as long as you know the truth
And who he really is; lest you say more
For the affairs of man is always a path
He follows. So fuel the painful urges

Grasp it till you can struggle no more
For life comes as a mirror; no matter how
Long a lie may live; the truth always reveals
For what’s a man without his potter; a broken
What is a mother without a son – heartbroken
But there’s a silver lining to every dark cloud
That if heavens took care of fools n’ drunks
They sure as hell qualified for both counts
That if he took to works n’ abhor his ways
Whose duty to ask why or even cry foul

Who’s the judge to have him cut down
Who has the right to read his sins aloud
Who? It kills him that passion he once felt
Now lies in broken shards – wounding him
Each time he tries to grab it again –  a soldier
His life,  he cannot have it as he wants it to be
A lone, so he just wanders alone in the crowd
As her delights struggle to keep his sun down
He does not answer em – he dare not to fight
He just go about n’ rise; defeating their gees
And their frowns; they live and yet few die
Some cave n’ drown their souls in lament
But he lives to tell a story, wisdom lives
To feed them his glories

Archimandrite Andreas
Elinor Jul 2018
To the two boys who think I owe them something.
My heart doesn't belong to either of you,
and your spindly fingers clenching it
don't look enough like ribbon
to fool me into thinking that
my love is a gift to you.
To the two of you,
so willing to give me
your monthly allowances of text messages
yet not your loyalty.
For thinking that an "honest" apology
fixes me having to question why
just me was never good enough
for either of you.
You were both greedy,
you always wanted more.
Now run free and fill your stomach with all the flavours that will burn your taste buds and scorch your tongue.
To both of you for being willing enough to open my box with a key that I never gave you,
rifle through my thoughts and feelings,
and not even open your ears to them,
leaving the lid off
and the contents strewn across your floor.
For offering to help me pick them back up again,
but only because my "small, little arms" are not strong enough to carry my own weight that I've carried for
fifteen years on my own.
Here's to both of you for putting me down about being small.
That is NOT my fault.
I have a mighty big cathedral for a heart and a generous brain
and that's all within 5"2.
It doesn't make you any bigger than me
Your few feet advantage doesn't give you
the power above me,
even if you can see the roots of my hair in more detail
than you would ever care to observe
the fault lines of my cracked smile.
Boys are being taught that
to love me
is to fix me,
that I am some kind of messy enigma,
a project, a goal.
I'm just a girl with a family, a girl with a head, with a spiders web of veins and a lifetime of lessons that I'm opening my arms and my heart to.
You mistake yourself for a lesson,
when I'm fully qualified to teach myself.

You diagnose yourselves
as "depressed".
Mental illness is not an accessory,
nor a quirk to make you seem more vulnerable to me.
Don't brandish it in the air,
it is not a weapon against me.
It doesn't make you adorable,
or some kind of cuddly bear boy.
Everything that's
"killing you"
is just as toxic to me.
You set my skin into blue flames
because I won't give myself to you.
I'm tangled in my rejection,
and it thickens.
I can't be with you out of pity.
My guilt, raging deep within my bowels,
marching violently through my organs,
exploding into a supernova of
thinking that love and guilt are almost the same thing.
"I'll do anything",
I don't want anything from you.
"I'll write you a poem because I know how much you love that."
I also love being respected but neither of you ever gave me that.
My craft is not a tool of trickery,
and your words not a trance.
"I'm not like him".
But you still act like my skin is a carpet to your home,
and you walk across it with muddy boots.

You think you're a blanket to keep me warm,
but you ended up suffocating me.
To the boys who think I owe you them something,
go home.
all my poems have been long lately,
but I have a lot to say,
so I'm not sorry.
What Is this so called government doing
turning their back
Disabled veteran's who
scacrifise and risk all
for their
who go off to war are praised by their government and on
returning home
sometimes horrific
all to ready to
wave them off to war
but where are
when our brave serving
men and women
after serving this country
where Is the help for them who have given so much
for us all when read I of a veteran
payalised who has had his benifits stopped because
a clown thats not even  qualified to make such vital
how do I know this because a friend on Universal
credit who was on job
who was told he had apply even though he had absolutely no qualifications to do a job of
so much
Important to the vunrable In our society actually over riding decisions by their own their own GP and put clearly In a letter
the patients disabilities who probably been their family doctor for years yet these clowns over
them and very often force our brave soldiers to a life on the street or sadly
worse when Is this disgusting
Tory Government going wake up
and see the blood they have on their hands that can never wash off the sooner
are rid of this **** the better
and at least put somebody In charge
that have respect for fellow human life that knows what compassion Is and
who live In the every
day life
of suffering THEY ARE Committing CRIMES AGAINST
HUMANITY one day they
will pay
A Tory government who are committing crimes against Humanity on a daily basis
while the rest of the EU sit
back and do nothing
sooner we out so market
the better we'll be taking our contribution and giving absolutely nothing In
return apart from stupid rules and regulation
jeffrey conyers Aug 2018
The rednecks didn't see it.
Obviously, many of us did.
The bigots refuse to acknowledge it.
Although we weren't.

Nothing about the redheaded clown fool us.
All his connection seems to be corrupt.
And now they turning color like the rainbows.

Still, the foolishness continues on.

When you defend a communist based country which your money seems to have been built.
But tear down your own agents of the best.
You were only fooling yourself.

Now your lawyer became wise.
He has a family with he mustn't cut his ties.
Your FIXER is a corrupt guy.
Not only him many others falling by the waste side.

Run Trump Run.
The feds are coming, the feds are coming.
The supporters that hated upon the best-qualified woman.
Now trying to defend this fool even more.

And look at his second in command.
He makes no sense.
Standing in the background like a fool too.

Cause the redheaded clown found him a flunky and a fool.
But this CONGRESS  that attacked President Obama now facing their own election drama.

We aware now that Obama always stood taller than the clown.
Even those against Hillary must admit they didn't want a woman running the country.

Democrats women are more outspoken.
I can't say it's in their DNA.
But their spouses let them say what they have to say?

Can't say much about this first robotic lady presently in the white house.
We know in some opinions only she seems to have a husband.
Who's a louse?

Run President Run.
We were very aware you were dumb.
Run, run, run but you show can't hide.
A classic Temptations line.

Now, look at others trying to distance themselves from the man.
Fully qualified
Renowned archaeologist
Career in ruins.

Compress the buttocks
Discrete pressure effected
Liberate the wind.
Johnny walker Feb 22
And as I lay upon my bed looking  at our wedding pictures on my wall and know that my darling Is free of the pains she suffered throughout her
And with her loss small
comfort I know but comfort all the same to
know she free of the worsening problem of
this world
No longer to face the suffering of degrading assessments by people
that are not even qualified to determine her right to disability allowance
Helen required a wheelchair because of walking disabilities breathing heart
Osteoarthritis crumbling bones her spine was twisting she required oxygen a ventilator mask
at night and through the day
She reached a point where no amount of pain killers worked  for her she was left to suffer the
She was so Incredible In her bravery shown but still, she wasn't given the correct amount of money she was entitled
I to have been through that assessment process I know how degrading It Is so as for gaze upon our wedding photos on my walls  wedding photos a comfort
to have for having lost her
but I know In my heart my sweetheart
Is free of  the terrible pains she suffered through her short life her quality of life was so poor she's at peace now God bless her soul, I shall forever love her
Helen Incredible In her bravery right to the end
I will always love her and
have the greatest respect
for her so very proud to
shared twenty years with
her as man and wife an truly an honour
Mary McCray Apr 25
(NaPoWriMo Challenge: April 24, 2019)

ad·min·is·triv·i·a  (ăd-mĭn′ĭ-strĭv′ē-ə) pl. n.

1. “A term that encompasses all the trivial tasks that management is far too qualified to suffer through.”

2. Why companies should hire up and not out.

3. A practice that smells bad to worker bees.

4. A malady of misunderstanding how trivia can bring down an empire.

syn. A cop out.

origin. middle business-speak from the Marketing era.
Prompt: write a poem inspired by a reference book; dictionary, thesaurus or encyclopedia. Original definition from
Jen May 12
And I ask you
Are we equal?
Can I walk the street without being questioned
Without being watched
Will they see my name and give me the job
I am so qualified for
Can I drive my car without seeing red and blue
And then red
With blue lips I ask
Can I survive in the world you are alive in
By: Cedric McClester

Being the President’s daughter
Doesn’t make her qualified,
To sit in on the world stage,
If he told her so he lied
What she’s lacking in experience
Can in no way be applied,
To the folks that she might meet there
And that cannot be denied

Being the President’s daughter
Might explain why she was there,
But it doesn’t mean she’ll be accepted
Or, that anyone else will care
Other than her doting father
Who himself is unaware
Of the world outside of his ego
See, I just thought that I would share

Being the President’s daughter
Doesn’t mean that she is cute
Or that anybody besides himself
Has to give a single hoot
In fact, the other world leaders
Would just as soon, give her the boot
They’d like to know her true function
Or whether that point is simply moot

Being the President’s daughter
Has inherent benefits
Like the undeserved entitlement
She demonstrates by where she sits
Among a group of her superiors
Which serves to give ‘em fits
They know she doesn’t belong there
An open secret no one admits

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2019.  All rights reserved.
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