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Thou didst not *******
I came of my own accord
now you tell me that you're bored
how can I improve on my sweet Lord

Thou art a ruffian - unskilled in the
art of *******, no tantric ***
more like Titanic with a hex
I always know what's coming next

Who wrote my script and said that:
I wouldst love you no matter what?
maybe it was you more likely than not
I must be thankful, pretend with what I've got

Now thou art coming again - never mind my pain
why is it that my loss has to be your gain?
They say that if you're not doping you're no-hoping
but without it I can say that I'm more than coping
maybe sometimes I might take a Polska beer
be careful - even that might make you feel queer

I tried hash but then started running short of cash
when you suddenly need something you make a mad dash
there's always speed, coke and amphetamine
but if you don't surface, you'll know what I mean

You just can't beat a decent *******
to give you good head and instant elation
I took all these aids and put them in the bin
be sensible and don't even try to begin

If I want ecstasy - then I'll just make love
it's the best feeling from heaven above
They came for a half-term party
swarmed around me like instant charisma
wearing face-masks of Mourinho
I couldn't move - there was no place to go

I was taken back to when I was eighteen
misspent youth frittered away so they say
wished I was back there with them all
but it was gone - I couldn't any more

I couldn't be in love every other day
make outrageous comments, buy things on e-bay
not so many spots to pick at present
however, no jealousy, nothing to resent

I soaked up their bonhomie once more
gave a faint smile when I walked out the door
It had to come out but what was it all about?
there were thoughts of inner being and what
It was like seeing when everyone else was blind,
irreverent, scathing, acid and totally unkind;

But the words are unstoppable, flowing like
confetti, relentlees rhetoric no matter how petty,
the characters come to life like cardboard
cut-outs into action which they can't control

To rsist is useless as they take over your soul;
the critics said that the words touched on
the spiritual core of life, peeled away layers
just like a surgeon's knife; so amaze yourself

And add another literary masterpiece to your shelf,
because if you don't have words to spill - someone else will.
There's more if you want - an unending supply,
love, from the heart as big as the sky,
you're equipped to deal with stars and diamonds,
look too hard and you will find no reasons

My mother always wished for generous arms,
brothers and sisters queueing to take turns,
I did not wish because I already had -
my surroundings, my castle, my very own dad

There were outings, love and ice-cream,
an aura like nothing that you've ever seen;
now it's not enough - who is in denial?
perhaps after all we were only on trial

You can take over your soul if you dare,
where is it written that anything is fair?
I can make two paces forward, one to the side,
must win the day if you're to be my bride,
you gave me a garter on the edge of my lance,
I salute you whilst you watch my horse prance.

The castle alongside me was my refuge,
prizes of victory and esteem were huge,
my adversary glared at me with nasty hate,
I'd surveyed the scene, arrived in the lists late.

Bois - Gilbert looked familiar, reminded me of Justin G,
my pen is my sword, there was an air of finality,
we galloped towards each other, words in hand,
only room for one of us in my fair lady's land.

I will celebrate my victory with a flowing cup,
when I made contact with his body - he didn't get up.
The cascade was warm like Italian marble,
cleansing of spirit, wet, green and beautiful,
my outstretched hands were as though in prayer,
curtain opened showing coloured birds in the air.

Images flashed before me, a kaleidoscope,
they gave me warmth, they gave me hope,
I could stay here forever with closed eyes,
away from adversity, darkness, your goodbyes.

I did not need anything, alcohol nor nicotine,
now I knew everything, heaven, where I'd been,
I'd been asleep but now awoken by you,
I could not move - there was nothing I could do.

I was grateful, enlightened, happy to be,
enveloped by a wonderful liquid mystery.
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