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Stumbled upon this one while collating my next book "Circling Round Ageing”. Seeing ‘ deficiencies',  I’m revising it,  the older version already in my book “Pure Nakedness” (page 30).

                    Ascetic Youth

When I was young and immature I took a ‘no’ as absolute,
Not understanding that
A ‘no’ implies alternatives.
I lacked perspective.
Who looked for alternatives;
A complement, a supplement?

Without a doubt,
I gave myself deficiencies
Of every sort.
The diet that said don’t drink milk,
Did not say don’t get calcium.
Who knew?
Who knew the wrong side of obedience Is ignorance.
And so I’m thinking,
That’s how despots do their thing!
Ascetic Youth 6.1.2010 I Is Always We Is You; Pure Nakedness; Arlene
Arlene Corwin Jul 31
I was thinking about all the misinformation that we walk around with in our heads, taking it as truth.  
Arlene Corwin Jul 29
Putting on my lipstick and feeling silly.
Arlene Corwin Jul 27
In answer to those who might not get the hang of it.
Arlene Corwin Jul 25
Do I sound too radical?  too old fashioned?  Too silly to make the case for abstinence?
Arlene Corwin Jul 21
I’ve been thinking about the phenomenon of marketing for a long time now, and how, to be successful in the modern sense, using the words to mean ‘life of ease, comfort, the good life, wealth, riches, fortune opulence. luxury triumph, bestseller-ism, box-office, sell-out, celebrity, stardom, super-stardom, big name, household name, VIP, leading light, and such,  I see the up sides and I see the down sides: the demands, the touring,  all the followup pressures and the exploitation   The transience of it all.  
What to do?  How to view it?

Arlene Corwin Jul 20
.   Mister Moon Looking Through The Window
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