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RH 78 Nov 2019
Left kidney aches and a hum resonates in the cranium.
The boiler kicks in with its usual click, click, buzz.
Silence is broken by a whoosh overhead plane breaking clouds above.
All is quiet.
All is tranquil.

If I could just see you again.
Thinking of those I've loved and lost.
I miss them more when all seems normal.... Nothing will ever be the same again.
RH 78 Aug 2019
When you left
I felt low
I felt hurt
I felt crushed
I felt upset

After you left
I felt stronger
I felt alive
I felt independent
I felt awake

Now you have left
I feel stronger
I feel wiser
I feel happier
Not every ending should be sad. In time YOU will feel better. In time YOU will feel STRONGER. Some things are not meant to last but provide you with experience and knowledge to have a better life.
RH 78 Aug 2019
Grain falls through hourglass

Sand on sand, pyramid like

You grey, I grey

Withering clasping hands

Doting eyes upon growing child

Bursting beaming light

Energy combined

Distance a mere circumstance

No holding back

Intense timeless love
RH 78 Aug 2019
You are
Gold dust

You are
Gold dust

You are
Gold dust

You are
Gold dust
You are amazing
RH 78 Feb 2019
Wind in hair.
I took you there.
Roof down.
We rode round town.
Young and free.
It was meant to be.

Wind in hair.
We travelled there.
By passenger jet.
Foreign lands we met.
Wiser and older.
Beauty in eye of beholder.

Wind in hair.
Memories to share.
Two kids in tow.
A family to grow.
Happy and content.
A life heaven sent.
I love my family. It means the world to me. My partner and kids are my life.!
RH 78 Feb 2019
Upon a bed of newspapers lay a creased red cotton shirt.
No fixed abode
Dirt appears on dirt
Grind teeth.
Got any change said man with can in hand.
Card and blanket with dog curled underneath.
Comatosed body rigid from a fix.
Brandished **** and theif.
Patchwork multicoloured polyester tents adorn a high end shop.
The homeless issue continues to worsen in London. I can’t remember seeing it so bad.
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