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  Jan 30 RH 78
Robert Szankowski
A kiss to dissolve
the mobs among us,
a kiss to let go of
the humdrum world.

To cover our shivers with a blanket,
gold and shimmering,
made of touch and taste, warm
as the night sky with the moon
sighing cherry wine into our oceans.

The roar in the ripples roll
with the beat of each breath,
into veins, into hearts,
into the fingers which massage
the islands of our imaginations.

Oh what a kiss! How sweet the air!

The cup of our mouths brim
towards elation, they burn
with each graze tempting morning.

Let us not waste this kiss.

Let us hold together the stars,
to close and tighten them
into a mason jar like fireflies
made of heaven and desire.

So that when day awakes
into night, our love
shall be released
where it was found,
where it is free,
where it begins again.
  Jan 30 RH 78
For too many years I laboured long-
at war with myself
joined in battle with demons
-to reach freedom hard won.
RH 78 Jan 30
Green strips upon copper coloured chimneys.

Slushy puddles refill as the single line traffic churns up choke inducing fumes.

Frilly octagon honey comb with their black on polka dot polyester.

Grey meets black amongst hustle and bustle broken by car toot and shoe shuffle.

Pavement lights shape shift as rumble follows rumble.

Green strips upon copper coloured chimneys.
Head down to central London.... evoke the spirits of the past.. urban life carries on no matter what the weather... we get our fair share of wet in these parts!
RH 78 Jan 30

Is this really human progress? Are we a truly happy society when we’re constantly burdened with the pressure to build grow and develop our world in this manner.? I fear for those who cannot keep up. Third world countries left behind whilst global super powers monopolise this planet. What’s next for us all?. Divisions, greed Can’t be the way.. our problems are not the problems of our neighbours who may need more help than us.
RH 78 Jan 29
Cross winded sleet....

                            Cutting across like pencil lines.

Droplets turn to a stream...

                            Down the greyed creased faces.

Mud laced skin......

                            Cloth absorbs and stains.

White washed lines.....

                            Defining all perimeters.

Carnage amongst serenity.......

                             It’s all over.......
My take on Love, life, war, sport, work..... we’re all bound by rules. I find it all fascinating!
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