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Tina ford Jul 2016
I am not a colour!
I am a person,
I am not a class,
I am a soul,
I am not a race,
I am a human,
I am not a colour.
Tina ford Jul 2016
We are with you,
In thoughts and prayer,
Broken hearts,
Our love we share,

A wicked world,
It shouldn't be,
We hold your hand,
For liberty,

Liberty from,
Your tears and sorrow,
We hold your hand,
Today and tomorrow,

We try to comfort you,
We are always near,
Take our love,
Know now in your fear,

We are with you,
Strong and pure,
Forever loved,
Tina ford Jul 2016
Please don't leave me,
Even though I forget,
The day I gave birth to you,
The day that we met,

Please don't blame me,
Even though I cannot mind,
The days and weeks happenings,
They get mixed up all the time,

Please don't shout at me,
When I can't remember why,
I emptied all the cupboards,
I don't want to make you cry,

Please don't lose faith in me,
I'm here, just through the door,
That I've lost the key to,
I can't find it anymore,

Please don't be sad for me,
As my memories are all here,
They're just hiding away for a little while,
Some sneak out with a tear,

Some roll down my cheeks,
I wipe them to one side,
And although I never speak of them,
They are all here, inside,

So please don't ever leave me,
Your my only thing that's real,
I know I cannot show it, but,
I do feel what you feel,

I still have that beating heart,
That brought you life and soul,
The same blood runs through our vein's,
To love you was my only goal,

So please don't ever leave me,
In a place that's not my home,
Keep me, with things, my life,
So that I'm never alone.
Tina ford Jul 2016
In the distance I hear them,
Under the silence I see them,
The drums of beating hearts,
Past, present and future,
They thunder over the memories of our ancestors,
They roar through the veins of our young,
They are the drums of truth,
Beating timelessly and in rhythm,
With the stars,
Your universe,
Your very being,
Be the drum,  
Be the loudest drum,
Because I can hear your beat already.
Tina ford Jul 2016
Don't believe those who pull you down,
They're trying to dull your flame,
Don't believe those who put you to high,
Promising fortune and fame,

Believe in the you, your soul and mind,
You are in control of your fire,
You can keep it within and cause no sin,
You can let it out when you desire,

You can use it for your advantage,
For your passions and dreams that you yearn,
Stoke that fire within your soul,
Educate yourself and learn,

For you are the bearer of your lifes torch,
Shine and let it be seen,
Glow from your heart and fingertips,
Because now it is your turn,

You are your future, be happy,
For you are the youth of today,
Let me see your fire, go for your desire,
And burn every obstacle away,

Because I believe in you children,
I can coz I see your beam,
Join together and fight for the right of a life,
Bring to reality your dream.
Tina ford Apr 2016
Sleep the 96,
May your slumber be free,
From lies pain, hidden truth,
And disparity,

Sleep the 96,
On the shoulders of your home,
For 27 years we walked with you,
You never walked alone,

Sleep the 96,
May your hearts like ours be light,
For justice came, the time is now,
We never gave up your fight,

Sleep the 96,
Liver birds sing your song,
With pride, truth and justice,
What we believed all along,

Sleep the 96,
May your slumber be deep and true,
Until we meet again my friends,
Justice was won for you.

For all who lost their lives and for all who walked through the storm.
Hold your heads up high ***
Tina ford Apr 2016
Maggie Thatcher working class snatcher,
Don’t look twice coz she’ll come at ya,
She’ll grind your bones to make her bread,
She will take your pride and on it tread,

She takes your voice, so speak no more,
She will try to ruin man forevermore,
Racism, her middle name,
For people who won’t play her game,

Iron lady! I’m not sure,
She thrived on stealing from the poor,
Even on her day of fall,
She takes ten million from us all,

Privatising our very lives,
Sorrowful tears filled many eyes,
But as years passed and went,
We grew strong against the government,

And with her on her burial day,
The secrets of the 96 lay,
For the kids and poor she did not cater,
We will not weep for this dictator.
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