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Icy burn, an ache
both dull
and knife point.
Am I going

Cervical, thoracic,
lumbar, and sacral
tension, or
is it
Am I going

Dark days, I try to run
away from myself,
just to sniff in circles,
distracted, burning

Good days, I practice
all the basic moves
a mixture
of modern living
and disregard
made me forget.

Guess I'm pretty broken.
Isn't the concept of
properly aligned
posture fun?
K Balachandran Jun 2018
after raging rain,
goes night long, frogs' sqawky strain:
"give us back rain's reign"
Glory May 2018
My life ever changing
Few things are steady
I left the strength that cradles me
Replaced by the freedom
  Of my suffocation.
My own hand strangles me
The suffering that strains my core
     I put there.
There is confidence in this pain.
        I can trust its loyalty.
MyReality May 2018
Why can’t I just live with less
All these thoughts that I suppress
No time to really think at all
can’t wait to fly because ill fall
never have I been so lone
In this song I’m out of tone
In a different state of mind
Where I hopefully will find
The answers that are not a mess
Just so I can live with less
made this with the thought in mind that one day I might not have to think as much to be satisfied with what and where I am, only later I found out that this thinking is what makes me  who I am and gets me where i'm at.
Andrew Ewen Mar 2018
Sometimes I wonder if my body can cope.
Analysing everything so thoroughly, as if using a microscope.
Scared if my mind could endure this unbelievable strain.
I felt like I was under so much pressure. I started to question if I was sane?
Scared of how much my mind and body was having to take.
I thought it was only a matter of time, before I would surely break.
Where I was at, I needed help with this.
If I kept heading the way I was going, I would have fallen into the abyss.
I talked to people who had a good understanding.
Who recognised how mental health can be very demanding.
They told me that it can get easier, but it would be a fight.
That with support and help, my future could still be bright.
I needed to know I could get better and that things wouldn't always be black.
That I could regain control and get my life back.
Skylar Keith H Nov 2017
Words, Phrases, Quotes
Come together as one as I sit in front of the plasma screen
Wondering what this is for
It'll end right?

Look up and then look down
How much pain and anguish
Have we caused this world?


Every war
Every building
Every breath

The path of destruction no matter how much we try to stop
Severe strain on this planet
Dark skies and burnt land

The whisper of the wind
Begging to stop
Begging us to stop

In the search for beauty and eternity
What have we done
What have we become?
01:14 thoughts while writing an essay
Seema Aug 2017
I am born
Not made
Yes, a little torn
But I don't need an upgrade

A ***** pottery
By natures hand
No luck, no lottery
For it's my life, to mend

Freak, I am not
Bypass my pain
I am just caught
In this delusional, raging vain

Let it rain
My eyes brimmed, tears
Awake and strain
In whirlpool, for many years.

Clive Blake Jul 2017
STRAIN is pressure on the muscle,
Stress is pressure on the brain,
A culmination of anxieties,
Hard to bear, hard to explain,
It's a stressful world we live in ...

PRESSURE on the muscle, is called strain,
Pressure on the brain, is called stress,
Over exertion of the grey matter,
Cerebral tiredness, mental duress,
It's a stressful world we live in ...

STRESS is pressure on the brain,
Strain is pressure on the muscle,
Symptoms of life's hectic pace,
Attempts to cope, with life's hustle and bustle,
It's a stressful world we live in ...

PRESSURE on the brain, is called stress,
Pressure on the muscle, is called strain,
Perhaps trying too hard to compete,
A desire too strong to attain,
It's a stressful world we live in ...

Don't expect too much from life,
While still always trying your best,
Put your shoulder against the wheel,
The strain in your muscle is real,
But leave all the stress for the rest!
Debanjana Saha Apr 2017
I write inbetween
my hushful & hasty life.
I carry no baggage
but to pour out by compiling all of my heart.

I eat, sleep, laugh, cry, work, dream
which goes on till its brim.
But one thing which makes me whole
is my write,.
It brings me joy out of pain
it shakes me up while in strain
it soothes me altogether
& comforts me without any fail.
I wanted to share my writing it makes me whole every single time without any fail.
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