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Gods1son Aug 13
People often judge what they don't understand
To pass judgement is cheap but it could be highly expensive to the one receiving it
Before you write anyone off, try putting their shoes on
Your words are like a fresh egg, once you drop it, it breaks and you can never take it back intact
Don't give out what you don't want to receive
Not saying to condone that which is not right, but if the correction is not done in love and said in love, it's not done right.
Instead of dishing out judgement, dish out grace — generously.
Gods1son Aug 13
It's good to forgive and forget
But you forget the situation, not the lesson learned
Forgiveness doesn't mean you keep your gate open to the one that did you *****
Because trust is not to be given freely, it is to be earned
Forgiveness means you don't hold their wrongs against them
But you're right to protect yourself against future occurrences
Forgiveness is how you help yourself heal
Learning from it, is how you prevent a repeat.
Gods1son Mar 2022
What is transparency?
Is it revealing what you want them to see
Or baring your soul for someone to see
But how could you share what you're dealing with within, when you know they'll end up using it against you or call you weak
So, you leave it trapped in, even though it's eating you deep
You wish to throw the lid away and let it bubble out, but who can you trust it with
Especially since you tried before and it came back to bite you
So, you resort to wearing a big bright smile as mask.
Gods1son Feb 2022
I see us all as pieces of a giant jigsaw puzzle
With each piece having a role to play in the bigger picture
Imagine if every piece looks exactly the same as others
Then we no longer have a picture but a solid color or a grid
Hence the reason for our beautiful differences
However, I think the whole piece is a little out of order
And to fix that, we have to be willing to trade places
Having a rigid standpoint is bad for the greater good
We all need one another, directly or indirectly
When I play my part and you play yours,
we'll both be contributing to create a better world — good for one and good for all.
Gods1son Feb 2022
Maybe God made the prints on our fingers unique
As a reminder that we have a unique mark to make on the world
While some would impact the world at large, like those who invented the internet or even the World Wide Web
Some would transform the world of a single person into something glorious, which can then create a ripple effect on others.
Regardless of the scale, ensure your hands do good
Touch as many as you can with kindness
Bless the world with the gifts that you were blessed with.
Gods1son Jan 2022
When the feeling of not being enough kicks in
The one thing you can't afford to do is quitting
When those voices start yelling or whispering... you were not built for this
Respond with... that might be true for now but I'm being built in the process and I will not end it prematurely
You say to you — I'm a winner, not a quitter
Against all odds, both internally and externally, I'll see to it that I see this through and I'll come out on the winning side.
Gods1son Apr 2021
Isn't it weird that the ones we call
our loved ones, are the ones we give
the least amount of our time to,
we show them the least amount of love and care.
Our excuse being "they understand".
It's high time we re-evaluated our priorities.
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