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Comfort can be purchased
But peace of mind is priceless
Likes can be bought
But genuine love is invaluable
It's quite convenient to preach/teach
But practicing what you speak is honesty
It's easy to stand tall when you win
But it takes strength & a good heart
to acknowledge one's mistake.
When preparation collides
with opportunity,
that's how success sparks.
Luck/Favor sometimes play its part
by bringing preparation in
opportunity's path fast.

When you see success happen "overnight",
Behind that are many days of (unseen) grind.
If your hardwork hasn't produced success yet,
Keep grinding, keep believing...
Success lives on opportunity street,
Which is just around the corner.
In the still of the night
My eyes wide open
doing some serious soul searching
Finding my true purpose in life
Trying to go past mere existence
To living life with purpose & meaning
Because that's the place of
fulfillment and true happiness
Life is short, It's better lived
through and through from the heart.
Why does a delay have to attract other delays
Like, when you leave your house later than normal
Then the buses decide to run behind schedule and
Almost every traffic light turns red as you approach
Oh, there's a collision ahead too, another unexpected traffic
Sitting in that bus feeling grumpy, grouchy
Just that, you never really know because
Sometimes delays can be a blessing
Ask the person who missed a flight (due to delays) and that plane ended up crashing
I guess it's just best to embrace the uncontrollable
Knowing/Assuming that all things
work together for your good.
Mutual respect is the foundation
of any relationship
Understanding, trust and forbearance
are its building blocks
Any relationship should be beneficial
to all the parties involved
But if a party keeps taking advantage
of the other(s), that's parasitism
I will rather be alone than
being in a toxic relationship
Take that bold step to break free
from being a victim of parasitism
Cut loose, create room,
look within, set limits
before being a part of
any form of partnership.
Gods1son Oct 6
tears are symbols of
strength. (Let it rain friend).
10w about tears. Not all tears mean weakness. Thinking about how strong you've been could make you break down.
Tears makes us human too. We can't be fully human without tears... Tears out of empathy or compassion, tears of joy, tears of gratitude...
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