Words could be spat out
Like molten lava
Burning anything in its path

Or words could rain as blessings
Like manna from heaven
Filling those who receives it

Yours are yours to use!
I wonder if diamonds
Also have insecurities and self-doubt
Do they realize their value while still in the rough?

I wonder if they really wanted to be found?
Or scared of the process of refining?
Or proud of what they become after refining?

We all have diamonds within us
That needs to be discovered and refined or
We are diamonds ourselves needing refinement
Gods1son 20h
Her heart is the cake
Her beauty is the icing on top of it
Her charisma, the cherries crowning it
Perfectly sweet and healthy!
She wants for herself
A man who could see
The diamonds beneath
Her rough surface

Yet, she's not digging within herself
She's carried away by the shiny surfaces that
She sees all around her
Now she's caught up in surface polishing

Ignoring the treasures within her chamber
Day and night she cries
Over the wrong swarms of suitors
A story of misplaced priorities.
She described herself
As winter storm.
Not wanted for long
She sobbed!
The mouth is like the color Red
On one occasion,
It means anger, danger and war
And another time,
It means courage, love and life
How you use it is yours to decide.
Oftentimes, fear is the lock to the treasure chest
On the other side of it lives your desires
Or even your calling

The challenge is to go past it
But it would still creep behind you
Or dare you to your face

The truth is, powerless it is
But it can be burned as a source of energy
Certainly, it can't stop your destiny
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