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Gods1son Apr 22
Isn't it weird that the ones we call
our loved ones, are the ones we give
the least amount of our time to,
we show them the least amount of love and care.
Our excuse being "they understand".
It's high time we re-evaluated our priorities.
Gods1son Apr 19
It's established that, to err is human
to ask for forgiveness is humility
to forgive is divinity in humanity.

When you err and you say sorry
You ought to mean it, because
the true value of what you say, is
your intention
Saying what you don't mean can
also be called deception
To say it and to mean it, is to try
to not want to repeat it (the error).
Gods1son Apr 17
Women are very strong and powerful
No one can convince or confuse me
to think otherwise

I think Nature is not very nice to her
When she chooses to not fertilize her eggs,
she goes through pain every month
When she fertilizes her eggs, she has
to deal with changes in her body for
nine months. And then, childbirth pain.

Even the society is not very nice to her
If she's qualified for the job,
give her an equal chance
And pay her what she truly deserves
Also recognize her for her hardwork
But we know that's not how it goes

Against all odds, she still stands strong
Lots of accomplishments in this world wouldn't have been possible without her
Without her, the entire society will fall to the ground

Let's give her the respect and
credit she deserves.
Gods1son Apr 14
Sometimes, the little acts of kindness
(with little or no monetary value)
speaks the most to others.
We can all create a lovely and
positive aura around us,
it begins with me.
Gods1son Apr 11
I was once a mess, a broken piece
But I was made into a Masterpiece
by the Prince Of Peace —
who also gave me hope and peace
Now, I am unmoved by the things
around me, that I hear or see
Instead, I'm moved by the One —
who lives on the inside of me
It's not by my own power or might
But by the One who's called me into His light
And, surely by His grace, I will run my race
and finish it with ace,
to the glory of His Holy Name.
Gods1son Apr 10
With faith, you can speak the things you hope for into existence
But speaking without following it with works renders the faith breathless
And even after doing the needful, oftentimes it's necessary to apply patience
Meanwhile your spirit remains doubtless
And soon enough, your victory becomes evident to all.
Gods1son Apr 10
The word "balance" seems so underrated
We need it in almost every aspect of our lives.
There has to be a balance between the time we commit to our jobs and our family.
Between work and play.
Between spending, saving and investing.
Balance is also important in our diet, hence "balanced diet".
Balance is crucial to live a quality life.
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