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The first set of obstacles that
needs to be conquered are
those that exist in the mind.
It's hard for a defeated mind
to win in reality.
Deal with the first things first.
Sometimes, shedding needs to occur
before gaining can take place.
Shedding of negative thoughts, toxic relationships, limiting attitudes —
Letting these go, creates room for our blessings to reside.
They throw stones at you because
they can see fruits on you,
Don't let their criticism get to you
Bless them too with your fruits
While you continue to produce.
Gods1son May 10
It isn't everyone that leaves you that is a loss
As a matter of fact, some people might need to
go away from us for us to better flourish
and that's why a farmer would remove weeds
that are growing amongst his/her crops.
Gods1son May 2
Their smile is not a proof that they are
happy for you but their thoughts toward you is.
But if you can't see their thoughts,
How can you tell the fake from the real.
Gods1son Apr 25
Why is it easier to spread the message of
fear and get the people terrified, petrified
Than it is to propagate the message of
love and get the people inspired, unified.

Is fear truly more powerful than love?
Does fear have a stronger grip than love?
Are we more receptive to fear than love?
Are we more fed with fear than love?
Is love the answer or is love overrated?

Or maybe I should just ask—
what really is Love?
Gods1son Apr 23
Why do we often transfer our blames to
a third party entity — someone, something,
the devil or any other external thing
outside ourselves? Why!

As we point a finger at our accused,
three fingers of ours are pointing at us
like — Listen, this is on you!

It's easier to shush the voice of the truth
But acknowledgement has to come before
improvement or advancement.
Take ownership of your wrongs and
match on to do better.
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