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Arran James Jun 2014
The only good calling off there is
Is the kind that
Calls the calling off off
Arran James Jun 2014
My favourite season is autumn
When the darkness starts to surround you
Like a comforting embrace across your entire existence

It's like when you take a bath
And the water temperature matches your body's
And you can't differentiate
Where the water starts
And where your skin ends
Like taking flight

That's what autumn is to me
The exterior darkness
To my internal void

My soul leaking from every pore

I exist everywhere and nowhere simultaneously
It's freeing really. Detached from my earthly vessel
Arran James Jun 2014
I don't think I can ever make enemies
were probably just gonna end up bonding over how much we hate me
Arran James Jun 2014
I've been breaking my bones trying to reshape them to make your eyes comfortable
I've been going under cognitive reconstruction to shelter your mind
I've been feeding spars flames to this piece of firewood just so I don't burn you

I will no longer dilute myself just to have the right to exist
While you flaunt all your raw intensity
Just because you have normativity holding your hand
Arran James Jun 2014
You have been greatly misinformed,
who told you you can pick and choose
when to practice unconditional love?
Shout out to ma mum
  Oh the irony of your name
  Jun 2014 Arran James
Words are deceiving,
My having dem does not negate my feeling dem.
To find em and feel em, den breathe life into dem
Takes courage, Suh

So why bwoy you na link me na more?

It wasn’t easy for me to ask you to let me know when you’re out
You laughed and drew me a diagram of the particular ways you wanted in.
My words were not foreplay Stranger.
I reinforced the sentiment - for your future reference and got back to work.

So, how did I end up here?
Feelings weren’t caught
But respect was lost
So the only words I have left for you are:
“Whiskey, straight up - no twist.”
  Jun 2014 Arran James
"Saw you walk past the pub last week. Hope you’re good."

I saw you too and I got good
But it took a minute.

If I sound nonchalant,
It’s because you wanted me to be.
If I fall silent,
It’s because I gotta be fair to me too.
You can up and leave
( I guess you already knew that)
But I remain.
So I don’t know what else to say…
To you…
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