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Down the country
I  rambled  on  a  foggy  day,
the  fog  hanging  long
an  unusual   weather.

Going long aimlessly
pedaling  my  bicycle
excited at the sights of nature
my  body  warmed.

Riding  and  riding
the  fog  dispersed­,
the  sun  appeared  waning
with  pleasant  apricity.

The  lone­  quaint  road,
sprawling  paddy  fields
brown  with  stubble,
bl­ue  hills  yonder.

A  moment  in my mind
the portrait of a maiden
I dreamed long   ago
yet  not  seen.
هر موج نگاه و خنده ها زیبا است
از یار سخن لب شفا زیبا است
ای دوست چه عجب که بیوفا زیبا است
این عشق و حال مبتلا زیبا است

''Each wave of (her) glance and smiles is beautiful,
The words of the healing lips from the beloved are beautiful.
O friend, is it strange? that unfaithful beloved is beautiful,
This love and its state of suffering is beautiful.''

This is my first rubai (rhymed and metered) poem written in Farsi!
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