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When the spring
of love is over

Summer's heat and love
drags on

By fall
more than the leaves fell

As for winter ?
Oh whale !

nothing left

to give

I went crawling back

for more
risk can bring you to your knees
Fires consume ancient scrolls,
destroying every wrong statement
that stained her name
turning it all to ashes
cinders leap high
flying wildly like drunken fireflies
rushing to notify the heavens.
Far off a lone wolf howls
confirming this symbolic
and ceremonial act.

She's paid her karma
she's shed her old skin
revealing a new shiny one
that of a slick black cobra.
No longer enslaved,
by making others money
with her misery and torture,
an innocent creature
dancing to snake charmers.
senses sharpened
smelling a rat a mile away.
Stands in self respect
and Free!

The guardian of her own sacred temple.
Accepting her place in the universe,
dancing to the beat of her heart.
Inspired by this beautiful/mystical music. Old video not available
so I changed it to something that applies better.
I also revised the poem in another site, but I'll leave it as is here.
listen for a moment

hear it ?
between the raindrops

the quiet
of the garden

i used to imagine as i lie
on my back in the grass

looking downward from
the foot of a great oak

watching squirrels cling to
the thin twigs and wonder

what they would think if
they lost their grip and
fell into the clouds,

sensing they would
splash-land forever—

into heaven...

s jones

30 Mar 2021
His small, soft, chubby hands
clutches onto mine - large, rough, calloused
But he doesn't care
He loves his mom and it feels wonderful...
Just holding hands...
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