sharpened to crystal serenity
my vision breathes life
into these moving pictures
these dreams
I awake to sweat and thirst
should I dream of a sun drenched paradise
or the afterglow of love
should I meet her
on the moonlit plane of ecstasy
I am alive in my world of fantasy
it is here that I am lost
here that I am waiting
for life to reveal itself
In my garden
I have seen the rain
turn the leaves
to lustrous emeralds and jade

I have seen
a Hummingbird bathe
in the freshly watered leaves
of a Buddleia
moving leaf to leaf
in delighted fluttering

I have seen
juvenile, yet nearly grown
Blue Jays, beaks open,
throats quivering
demanding to be served
by their weary, patient parents

I have seen
a vivid Green Snake pose
as a Zinnia stem
eyeing me cautiously
as I pass by
startled, yet captivated

I have seen
a Box Turtle leisurely
floating in the pond
his bowed back
the color of rich soil
dabbed in sun spots
by an artist's brush

while Frogs,
slick and bug-eyed
peek mischievously
through the water's surface
and disappear as if
playing a game
of hide-and-seek

In my garden
I have seen
a Moonflower unfold
its pure white soul
and inviting fragrance

as dark begins
opening itself slowly,

virgin bride to the night
This rain
Seems like
A million
To see that which can not be visualized.
'Tis the white calla lillies dancing in her eyes.
Doing as jasmine has forever done.
Basking in the rays of the yellow sun.
Thoughts drift in fields of alstroemeria.
Different places, different faces...
yet familiar.
Loves flower blooming lighting the world.
Transforming her to a woman from a girl.
And with the coming of the morning dawn.
There she lies in the green pasture of daw-gawn.
Imagining when she used to fill it
Up with dandelions and greens
Set it the middle of the dining room table she bought
Same old thrift store she got
The flower covered vase from
And the old yellowed tablecloth
And it was always filled
With whatever wildflower or weed she could pick
And it signified in a way
Our love and dedication
How though poor we were so rich
And I appreciated then.
The tablecloth is put up
The vase sits empty.
The yard is filled with dandelions
And blooming clover
Lush greens growing wild.
Just like my heart.
Death is breath taking
and it has
mostly unwilling givers.
now comes a vision
I see clear
the love we long for
has drawn near
the calling of our hearts we hear
it is our time

the darkness parts
so we may pass
the light we share
burns bright at last
the future now forgives the past
it is our time

and so our dream
now greets the Sun
the light that burned
in dreams is done
we walk in love
we walk as one
it is our time
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