The blue necklace...
The sun
is laughing and shining
Oh God,
Why are you so powerless ?
I implant the fish in the sea
The whales implant the trees in the oceans
My golden earrings were lost
His eyes were not blue
My blue necklace is beautiful
My mother's eyes are more beautiful
for knowing Gandhi as a good leader
And Hitler as a bad one
and I'm just scared of fame
The poet stacks on the words
in such a way
that even he himself
doesn't know what is he saying
The society is always colorful
But my eyes are black and white
I was praying for the death of
my mom,
my sister
or me ''Jasmine''
Are The Clouds whiter up there in the sky?!

گردنبند آبی
می خندد و می درخشد
تو چرا هیچ قدرتی نداری!؟
من ماهی ها را در دریا می کارم
نهنگ ها در اقیانوس درخت می کارند
گوشواره های طلایی من گم شد
چشمان او آبی نبود
گردنبند آبی من زیباست
چشم های مادر من زیبا تر است
که گاندی را
رهبری خوب می دانند
و هیتلر را بد
و من فقط از شهرت می ترسم
آنقدر کلمات را
روی هم می چیند
که حتی خودش هم نمی داند چی می گوید
جامعه همیشه رنگارنگ است
و چشم های من سیاه و سفید
دعا می کردم
کاش مادرم مرده بود
یا خواهرم
اون بالا
تو آسمون
ابرها سفید تراند!؟

Two young lovers lie facing the moon
As they read lines of my muse passion
In other to discern the secret of my heart
Air of warm kisses kissed their thought
For they never parted not like we're fated to part

As petals of rose withered from my heart
Yet I am sorry to say I love you
For my mind is hungry and wait to devour you
as storm choruses your name into my heart
Maybe dead will be one to separate us at last

As the lilies attract so my love for you shine
jealousy flown away your love for my shrine
No deception for I filled your dream with kisses
As spinning balls you reoccurred in my heart
I decide to go for the tree of passion will bear no fruit

In my heart I solely love you as a decorated thorns
Running still as water towards a turbine
Generating bewildered lights in our souls
As the energy continues to revamp our love
The springtide will make us fly as doves

Written by
Martin Ijir

you draw your breathe
pause and sigh
the lyrics are the same
but i know you're telling me
in the notes below
we're closing in  

i let you sing
we do our dance
play it out

bite my tounge
from spilling my love on you

you know i do
i know you do

we always sang it
through the wind

ringing silence
in the quite afternotes
and i wonder how long
we're gonna hear
our song

My mind works in mysterious ways,
sometimes a haze, and clear some days,
with words and images is constantly plays,
to create an art that will delight and craze,
seeking inspiration for the perfect phrase
and win a place in your heart always.

© Pagan Paul (01/01/18)


A nuclear reaction to a knee jerk assault
as stupid believes stupid
and now a pig dressed as an elephant
pretending to be a man
ru(i)ns the state of things
and I know a puppet is just a puppet
but the new prescription of immoral narcissism
is asking us to take a double douse
and swallow it with the water
they have poisoned by letting the aristoCrATS
piss and shit in the stream
as they make more false promises
of what it is they will let trickle down
to kill our children’s ills
and then insist they have to die
in the never ending war of wars
to protect the lie they call freedom
and isn’t it just the best to be the best
at being the best even when we aren’t
but lets not the facts be the facts
and look to an alternative truth
to cover up the stockpile of lies
we need to keep the money
in the hands that have too much
but have nothing to give back
because the way it is is the way it is
and that is never going to change
when a million voices are drowned out
by the billion lifeless faces
printed on the currency of greed
and the clock is tick tick tock’ing
as the bomb is about to blow
and we might be at the bottom
but things are still heading for an all time low
as humanity is barely human
and there is so little kindness left
to what we refer to as mankind
and what have we left to give
as we try to stand our ground
with broken backs and worn out fingers
as they strip and strip our flesh and rights away
and winter has just took its first breath
but with just the push of a button
winter could buckle down
and stay for years and dead generations to never come
and hope will have to bloom
after we have gone a step too far
on a day too late
and we will have to stand
six feet underground while lying in our graves

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