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Eve Jul 2020
In that moment, what do you remember seeing?
       :My eyes were closed.
What do you remember feeling?
       :His hands. 

Tell me more about that?

       :Him touching me. His breath.

What did you smell?

Where were his hands touching you?

Was this on top or underneath your clothes?

How did it make you feel? 
       :Like a doll. Like I was a *** doll. A toy.

What if anything, you can’t forget about that moment?
       :I can’t forget how helpless and alone I felt. I can’t forget how long
        it felt.
Tell me more about that?
   :I don’t know… can I take a break
What happened after that?
       :I don’t know. I don’t remember anything after that. I don’t
        remember falling asleep.
Let’s talk about the following morning. Was he still on the couch with you? 
What if anything you can’t forget about the next morning? 
       :I can’t forget the feeling of waking up naked not knowing what happened. I felt numb and empty. I was alone in a city that I didn’t know. I
        remember looking at him sleeping on the couch before I left, I
        couldn’t believe he did that to me… I thought we were friends
Eve Apr 2020
The sun runs away
cruelty brings the cold
your power and strength
I'm under your hold
Empty and alone
no one around
don’t say anything
don’t make a sound
Yes I stay quiet
when you call me lover
Yes I stay quiet
as you mock all my words
My body your desire
my heart collapses
my thighs on fire
I’m silent, so quiet
in the night
in your hands
Bound by Silence
dreading the sun
And all that comes
With his return
Eve Mar 2020
Empty parking lot
So long, no real plans
An open ended invitation
I guess- Why not?
Keep your distance
Draw the line
Too late, too late
Red windows, white lies
the earth falls away
And there’s no one around
I waited too long
I can’t make a sound
My desires
Left to interpretation
Trying to scream
Lungs on fire
Surge of desperation
Muffled by silence
Eve Aug 2019
A child of the Sun
      Her golden miracle
            The touch of Midas
                  like melted caramel.
She flows through your veins
      and seeps through your skin
            A breath of warm honey
                  I thaw once again.
She caresses your face
      leaving stains of rose
            With benevolent kisses
                  she dusts your nose.
Hair touched crisp
      by her scarlet aura
            Burnt orange hues
                  Warm curls of lava.
Through gentle strokes
      you paint my days
            with transcendent smiles
                  like soft morning rays.
Oh your sparkling eyes
      glazed in undying fire
            You are my sunrise
                  It’s you I desire.
Eve Jun 2019
I will shed
All of this skin
Down to the
very bone beneath
If that’s what
It will take
To rid myself
Of your sin
Its so difficult- to keep experiencing things that have the power to break me to such an extent that I can physically feel the pain in my heart. It’s so hard to continue to be strong, despite everything thats happened and It’s hard to keep smiling for the sake of others when I feel like I’m breaking inside.
Eve May 2019
Even still
No matter how long it’s been
Or how much I’ve grown
There stands a man
Somewhere unknown
Muddy locks of hair
Soft lips, sharp features
A soft golden stare
He stands with confidence
There’s love for him in me
And I in him
A love deep inside
He could have been mine
He should have been mine
But not in this life
Not this time
He was not meant for me
I am not meant for him
But still when our eyes meet-
And rarely they meet
We both know how the other felt
And all that we could be
There’s a spark that ever dies
Brighter than sun herself
But must remain inside
For there’s a man
With muddy rivers of hair
And beautiful brown eyes
Somewhere in the world
Who will never be mine.
Eve Jan 2019
You with your new love
And me with mine
I love him I do
and I know you love her too
but I can’t help noticing
Your all too familiar eyes
The way they crinkle at the corners
And sparkle at my sight
Theres a slight warmth in your stare
Subtly revealing the emotions
You’ve trapped deep inside
Our eyes meet
For a fleeting moment
a silent conversation
longings for the past
Flames dancing
The mouth’s sly grin
Your eyes softly whisper
What I always hoped was true
They say you remember
They reveal you still care
Memories flood from the past
Time stands still
And just for a second
I felt like we were back
Back when love was new
but as soon as it began
The moment was gone
And I was left staring
At your now apathetic eyes
****** back into reality
the wistful realization
The painful truth
Our time had passed
We each have moved on
So you turned to your love
as I turned to mine
and with one last glance
our eyes whispered
a silent goodbye
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