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m h John Mar 28
the last time i saw you
your favorite colors
surrounded your body
like petals
throw across the floor
at the center of it
lies you
all i could do was hold you
like the stem of rose
trying to reattach those petals
to a flower that was once whole
Katie Miller Jan 7
Twist the stem
And I was scared
As I got close to your name
It landed on just that one letter
That you write on every paper
And letter and note
Because you were the letter of my apple stem

I was told when I was younger
“Twist a stem, that person will love you”
But now I realize that if you plant a stem
Nothing will grow from it but hope
A twisted stem detached from the apple
Means nothing but the fact
That I love you

I thought that I could love you
If my red apple told me so
And I was right because I really do love you
I eat apples until I’m sick and can’t stomach the thought of anymore
But that means nothing with a twisted branch
And all that’s left
Is a broken apple stem
When I was younger, I was told that if you hold an apple and twist the stem while saying the alphabet, whichever letter the stem broke on would be your next true love. I was doing this with a friend today (even though we're almost 16) and I realized how silly it was for the thousandth time. I knew it was stupid and ridiculous, but I kept doing it, simply because of hope.
Andrew Aug 2018
Hanging on by just a thread,
The last two left.
"Don't go," she sighs,
but we know my stem only grows more frail.
As the crisp breeze envelops my body, I begin to feel myself detach.

I don't want to leave her.
Poetic T Jun 2018
Thy crows loiter on mornings
fever, blossom brightening to
thee. But when  petals awaken,
onyx lullabies tear each asunder.

Woeful of the beauty of years,
            thy fallen moments collect
like tattered curtains of life.
   Crows sing sirens of despair,
joyful of the passing beauty..

And still they look upon thee,
        no longer petals of years stand.
they wait till your stem of life wilts.
With but a moment of silence when all
has fallen, they bow, wings dispersing life.
spiral-whirl Feb 2018
her words are where her heart is,
her eyes focused on ahead,
for the delicate petal has lost its stem,
running to find,
running to search,
however nothing seems to be there,
and the petal withers away.
Simpathi Nov 2017
Flower flower, on your stem,
Do you not worry less and less,
What you’ll be, like one of them?

Flower flower, in the wind,
Take my heart, take me in.
I’ve wanted nothing else since.

Flower flower, how you bloom!
You shine so brightly just to be in a room.
Time controls when fate is too soon.

Flower flower, where do you live?
You’re stolen of pedals and yet you still live,
Hoping there’s more you can happily give.

Flower flower, in the grass,
Are you not crying, are you not sad?
I’m already used to it with all I’ve had.

Flower flower, show me your face,
I want to be you, I want to have grace.
So I will always have the words to say.

Flower flower, please open up,
Show us your pedals, show us your love.
There’s no reason why you shouldn’t reach for the sun.

Flower flower, hold your ground,
Don’t be alarmed when you hear the sound,
Of others mocking and playing around.

Flower flower, release your scent,
Let us know you and no longer guess,
Of your colors, shape, or past.

Flower flower, tell me your fears.
I will listen to you whenever you’re near,
And hear your voice when you fail to endear.

Flower flower, show me how.
Do they not hurt, do they not gouge?
You were tried and forsaken, yet you make no sound.

Flower flower, hear my cry.
You’ve heard so many others so why not mine?
Seems all there is to do in life is die.

Flower flower, I beg you, don’t fade.
Choose to keep on, choose to stay.
Before the wolves devour my last words I’ve always wanted to say.

Flower flower, forgive my actions.
I faded away along with the ashes,
Holding the fire, holding the rashes.

Flower flower, I can explain.
I’m so desperate to say what I’ve always to say,
Waiting for that one miraculous day.

Flower flower, I made a mistake.
I know I’ll remember it all the way to my grave.
I’ve told you nothing, so don’t bother saying what you’ll say.

Flower flower, it’s not your fault.
You were never aware of this pain as I walked through the halls.
I kept my head held high, kept my shoulders tall.

Flower flower, where will you be,
When I’m buried and no longer can see?
Guess you were the person and I was the deed.
Saumya Oct 2017
...placed , watered in the soil
With the hope, of Turing into

...Forming cotyl
... That eventually differentiates
In epicotyl & hypocotyl
To turn into a leafy stem,
And a fibrous root to be...

Growing, developing
...Into a bigger one indeed!
Gradually, happily forming leaves!
Bifurcating into two and many branches to be....

Roots...Helping the stem
Stem... Helping roots
growing in water & sunny heat.

Stems...Now branches
Branches...Now leafy branches
Happily exhibiting their grape green leaves!

The leaves, being a proud elements
Of the latter tree to be,
Working, dedicating,
All their energy
To fulfill their needs.

But oh! These leaves,
These generous ones indeed,
Are unaware , so unaware
Busy working days and nights,
Devoid of greed.

They rejoice at  the tree yielding its fruits,
They rejoice when the tree ripens it's fruits,
they rejoice, when these see birds and beasts,
Relishing how yummiliciously sweet it is.

It all passes,
Never worrying them about grosses.
The young leaves come,
And greener it becomes.
And the old grow pale,
Time for the fall.

The tree grows big,
So happy in its veil
Carefree about the leaves,
Who toiled night & day
Growing pale & pale
Pale enough
To even Carbon dioxide's  inhale.

Seeing the tree who no more cares,
Fruits & seeds, busy pampered & care d,
They get one thing,
We all should sing,

Nature gives what
It one day takes,
We came from it
Will one day be it's waste.

What is so ours,
Isnt really ours,
Time rules,
And nature mocks!

Oh humans,
Oh birds,
Oh women,
Oh men,
Listen, listen,
As I won't repeat it again,

Hope, hope as much as you can,
But never expect as you always can!
As Hope takes high,
But Expectations drain.

For nature gives,
For nature takes.
It makes you young,
To work most of what  you can!
It makes you old,
To live your last lost plans.

Enjoy this life,
As much as you can,
Enjoy what comes,
Regregreting not  your  pasts 'I cans'.

Care for you as much as you can,
Know, know that somebodydy else will
But nobody forever can!

I'm now but a growing leaf,
At my deathbeds highest peak,
Teaching you as much I can.

Life your life, as you always would.
Be proud of what you can and could.

I was a leaf,
I am a leaf,
An now a jaded, old pale, trashed one.

I came from soil,
As a part of seed,
The seed that yielded a bigger tree.
The tree is happy,
With its flowers and fruits
The fruits yield now,
Many, many seedy fruits.

But oh, this tree this busy one indeed,
Knows not thay it's but the leaves make it!

Today that it has many,
It misses not me,
But oh, I feel pity,
But heart sobs much in misery,
Remembering, reminiscing
That first parent seed
For it was the seed,
That loved & blessed ,
Blessed enough to be a tall
Tall, yet a 'selfish' tree.
Just a pondering.

Thankyou for reading.lemme know how it was :)
Arcassin B Jul 2017
By Arcassin Burnham

Heaven knows,
My struggles and my agonies.
Heaven knows,
My struggles and my agonies.

Loneliness and focusness provokes thought,
Sweat on your face for the friends that you sought,
Don't spend the rest of your life in a box,
Looking for love in the wrong places need to stop,
It's so easy to fit in with people like you,
Ain't a time for wishing and hoping a virtue,
Boyfriend's and girlfriends that'll​ straight hurt you,
It'll be a second when your world ends turning you so cruel,

I just say just don't hang with people that peerpressure and leaves you out
High and dry,
If trust is trust and fake is fake , they must be synthetic to what they think is
Your demise,
If it's not one thing then it's definitely another but the first thing's a lil' more
There is so much fake in the world they might just sacrifice your body and
Just come up famous,

So who needs friends?
Might be the Devil in the disguise,
Might be an under cover cop,
Turn on you in the blink of an eye.


Dropping like seagulls in the sea,
people are dying everywhere help us please,
suspicions about the world since seventeen,
I never had a dad around , can't control me.

while all the girls,
while all the girls,
don't see reason.
while all the boys,
while all the boys,
don't like being told what to do.
And all the eye catchers , they walk around without being *,
you better take someone's hand in desperate need and say what you* have spoken,
And all the eye catchers,* pretend like the world revolves around* them.
Theres always something in this world that is worth living for but you gotta live for them.

Spare me the ignorance if you please,
i never conquered a problem just with ease,
interest in words stem from the giving tree,
I'm not a violent person just don't judge me.

while all the girls,
all the girls,
don't see reason.
while all the boys,
while all the boys,
don't like being told what to do.
And all the eye catchers , they walk around without being noticed.
you better take someone's hand in desperate need and say what you have spoken,
And all the eye catchers,* pretend like the world revolves around* them.
Theres always something in this world that is worth living for but you gotta live for them.
Äŧül Dec 2016
I could be controlling all my relationships,
Just like any mature cell can be induced,
To behave as pluripotent stem cells...
Just adding few transcription factor genes,
Oct4, Sox2, cMyc, and Klf4 genes be all,
To induce older cells as stem cells...
But alas, life is not as simple as science!!!
HP Poem #1323
©Atul Kaushal
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