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Farah Taskin Jul 23
The sparkling stars don't forget the heavens
The spectacular sun doesn't forget to rise

The wind doesn't forget to blow
Rivers don't forget to flow
Glow-worms don't forget to glow

The violin doesn't forget to sound
A lover doesn't forget his beloved

Like that
I want that
You reminisce about
I don't want to be forgotten .
FC Azaele May 8
Love me
like a flower,
call me the forget-me-not
or, rather
teach me how
so that my petals may bloom
as you have taught me to
sweet sun, that I may soon love a lot
I have a thing for the forget-me-not flowers, especially in writing haha
bubblyflower Apr 2
I stare at the forget-me-not,
You gave it the day you left me,
Why did you leave me?
Why did you abandon us?
I start ripping each petal,
He loves me, he loves me not...
He forgets-me-not.
He loves me.
Grace Jan 18
Je pense, soulement.
Je me souviens les jours de toi.
Pour quoi?
Je ne sais pas.
Je t'adore. Je sais que tu sais ça mais je dis-le anyhow.
I know it's all wrong. Pardon my French.
gracie Jun 2020
You never knew the garden
I grew from within
or the ripe honeysuckles
intertwined with my ribs
you never pressed your mouth
to my pink primrose lips
or felt your hands laced
between my fern fingertips
you never saw the buttercups
brim behind my eyes
or the soft blue forget-me-nots
speckling my thighs
you never heard my voice
not a laugh, not a word
so don’t tell me I’m missing
what you found in her.
Yolanda Mar 2020
Kiss me under a night sky full of stars & tell me you want me
Let the moon shine as bright as the smile you put on my face
Hold my hand & tell me you’ll stay forever

Tell me that your favorite place is with me
That home is wherever I am & wherever you are

Dance with me in that silly way that makes me laugh & sing songs with me...
& even though we’re out of tune
It doesn’t matter because body & soul, you’re in tune with me

Let your energy radiate like a bright sun across a blue sky with me

& when the storm comes never leave me
Be my shelter & I yours

Laugh with me & cry with me...

& when it’s all over I’ll hold this forget-me-not flower close to my heart.. eyes closed praying that we’ll meet again.
Eric Apr 2019
Hey you , I got this flower for you to hold
It's not the most beautiful , but it'll last through the cold .
Even when there's a drought , it will never grow old
It will remain to make sure these stories are told

Once in awhile you could set it on the ledge
And forget it was there , like containing a wedge
In-between two objects, with a indecisive pledge
But in those times , i'd hope you'd take it off that ledge

Gaze upon it and see your reflection
Cause your a gift like this flower is of my affection
Your too beautiful for even my recollection
Second guessing never existed

And when its petals finally wilt
Spray it down with your feelings of guilt
Let it know how horrible it felt
Give it love and water , like you know it needs help

But forgive it for all the smiles it has dealt
It's a flower , it's Beauty is made to melt
Your response to it , is my love in a nut shell
And this is the story this flower will never grow old to tell .
Eric Apr 2019
There is peace that I am feeling
sting of my skin peeling
all your love in my blood, leaking
my world is spinning
out of control, what is this meaning?
really I need revealing
so I can start my healing
finally build my home again
this time with a ceiling
to stop all this raining
cause I'm soaked , and tired of being
comfort in letting go , comfort in believing
it's only me now , I'm deceiving myself
I feel there's no cure to relieving this
still now I set a time every day for my grieving
it feels comfortable getting your revenge
What the hell happened to my life ?
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