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anotherdream Nov 2020
remember when life was so simple?
how we worried about our future but were
caught up in our anxious ways,
never knowing who would leave or who would stay?

remember when you'd ask how I was
as if the world depended on my happiness?
like when you'd walk me down the alleys
and I agreed even though I was so nervous?

because deep down within me I loved you.
not because of how you looked,
or what you said,
but because of what you didn't say.

you didn't ignore me like everyone else,
you didn't roll your eyes and look away,
you didn't hide your emotions behind your face,
you only loved me as your friend.

you took me in and embraced me into your arms,
as if you found what you were always looking for.
I can never forget the warmth from your smile,
once day I'll see you again and tell you thank you.
i tried to rhyme but it didn't work so i can officially call this a freewrite lol
anotherdream Oct 2020
did it all dissapear,
when you fell for the moon?
did you lose me for him,
cause you had nothing to lose?

when the stains from our past,
still tried to last,
you went on to neglect me,
and never turned back.

I lay here in silence,
I hear echos of your laugh,
but I know you're truly gone,
you were everything I dreamed to have.

and maybe you were never mine,
just a girl that made me cry,
my love was just a joke to you,
while our hands were intertwined.

I still think about you,
I still wonder where you are,
are you still enjoying life,
all alone under the stars?

will I ever forget you?
can't I just decide to move on?
I have music to pursue,
but I still hear our song,

from the distant meadows,
where we used to think about time,
how we never had enough of it,
when it was just you and I.

but now I fall asleep,
with you in my dreams,
you're still not erased,
in my notebook of memories.

and one day we'll be together,
when our stories come to end,
we'll have all of eternity,
to be ourselves and to love once again.
anotherdream Jan 2020
there once a girl named emma... who deserved the world. we talked so much, we felt so much together through our poetry online. and even though we couldn't see each other in person, combinations of letters being the only way of communication, it was a beautiful thing. we talked a lot about our problems and lifted each other up as much as we knew how to. but life had bigger problems and... we lost contact. the thing is, i appreciated her and appreciate her now even more. she liked every poem i ever wrote, always supporting me in every way she could and it meant so much. i just didn't even realize it. she helped me through a time when i was struggling and was just trying to be happy with myself. but not once. not once.... did i ever tell her thank you. not once did i even hint it and that is the worst part about it. and it causes the worst feelings in me too. i miss her. i want to talk to reconnect. to tell her that i appreciated everything and none of it was for granted. to tell her that i've moved on and am living a better life. but now i will never have that chance. never. she deleted her hp account. she deleted her instagram that she once gave me. everything is gone of her... except the messages she sent. i know she'll never see this but... thank you for everything emma. i can't thank you enough. you cared for me in a way no one ever had before and i promise i will never forget you. no matter wherever you are right now... i hope you are thriving and living your best life. and if you're not... i'll always be there for you to comfort you just like old times. once again, thank you for everything emma, i really appreciate it. take care em, i love you and i'll see you around in heaven <3
cherish the ones who never gave up on you because they are more precious than you will ever realize until they are gone.
anotherdream Jan 2020
****, it's only been a year.
a time full of hate,
a bed drenched with tears.

What's left of this love,
What once did you cherish?
Was it your pain that I held?
Because I can't even bear it.

I fell into your maze of lies,
Once pure and innocent.
But those days are long over,
You've changed, and you're not the same.
Not since you hung out with him.

And back when I was sensitive,
Unknown to the feeling of abuse,
I found myself a victim to her ******,
And it was my knife that she used.

She played with my feelings,
With her guitar she claimed to own,
I was blind and still in denial,
She deceived me with her fake love,
Through the four hours we'd talk on the phone.
anotherdream Jul 2019
night after night
i cry and i cry
no matter the time
i still try to decide

been crippled cause your love made me blind
i'm a fool for falling but hey you were my type
been working too hard now it's time to resign
but those 24 days were the highs of my life

i'm a helpless fool, what more can i do
it's been 6 months and my love's nothin' new
your love came with strings, i'm hesitatin' to renew
i'm tired of searching just to never see it from you

you're nothing but an empty face
scars still remaining from that one day
your beauty's been forced into my brain
but those words i now struggle to say

been walking down the wrong path
i always figured it couldn't last
it all happened so fast and in the end
you were just a girl i never had

"time to fall asleep," they always said
unknown of the henney kept under my bed
don't need no butter along with my bread
fighting sobriety like i always have been

don't try to pretend you're just trying too much
i played along but you never really had much luck
your moving lips once innocent when they first begun
but now every syllable is still just as corrupt

every word's injected with your poison
hating you but still loving the adrenaline
i lost every night, thinkin' i was winnin'
now i'm numb from the effects and i'm not even over it

love is a drug and you're my choice of symptoms
your love was with me but it was never enough
now you gone to someone else trying to run
you broke my heart once and for all now i'm lost in the dust
this love is corrupt...
anotherdream Jun 2019
It had all gone down
On the call of last night
She threw away my love
And I knew it inside.

She had made me a victim
It all happened too soon
So hurt, I tried to forget
But I still smell her perfume

Her voice rings in my ears
Like a song that never ends
Except now it is a painful
Melody that plays again and again

The times we would laugh
About nothing at all
We both thought it was funny
We both knew we would fall

She turned off her phone
Just to focus on my words
Now my focus is on her
But it's no longer my turn

She's done with this love
And I know it's quite sad
But I don't regret a day
She's too beautiful to have

I was too perfect for her
And that's why she left
She couldn't bear the thought of
Drowning in my love once again

Maybe she didn't love me at all
Or she hated the commitment
But that's okay because
Even I can appreciate distance

Her lost empty feelings
Gave me reasons to appreciate
Everything she ever did for me
Even if it was only 24 days
i wish i knew it was temporary :3
anotherdream May 2019
I know you still love me,
I can hear the tremble in your whisper,
For what crime have I committed,
For what lie am I a sinner?

I can feel you falling,
You’re afraid of tripping again,
But I’ll catch you this time,
So let’s start from the end.

I can feel all your pain,
Through your words filled with tears,
You’re attached to the Train,
And your ticket is fear.

I’ll love you until the end,
No matter the path you choose,
You ask why you're perfect to me,
And my answer is you.

I believe it’s still within you,
You’re holding back your emotions,
Please give yourself some love,
And I’ll be the one to hold it.
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