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Aalim Justice Mar 12
An x-ray view of what was before while looking for the after now
Like a resurrection and afterlife on some biblical prophecy
Be aware on the conscious for its under attack by malware
soon to fully develop into a spyware
Your mental is like your software
Operating system needs an upgrade
This virus just gave it a reboot
With simple task manager for putting on a mask
Betterment of the self is a daily update              
Because the past is what you have lived and it all crashed
But we need to understand that our attention on affection is being hacked
Being scanned everyday as we usher into the era of the cyborg
Some lifestyles we need to abort
Social interaction is digitalized
friends are stranger on social media
Here was the birth of social distancing
industrialization sign in globalization to confinement
Can’t we see the danger!?, people have become invisible
Let put aside propaganda its not in this piece’s agenda
In an atmosphere filled with uncertainty
dwells fear of change with a wave of intolerance
A dominant experience at the moment is sense of grief
notion of sadness, despair, helplessness, powerlessness and anger
Fragment of blame, echo chambers of many
Negative escalation of human degradation
Issue is on face mask as the color of the skin
Being policed by leaders with empty promises
It feels like the pandemic took a 360 degrees turn
to make it a worldwide web
In some ways it has come full circle
back to localization, national budget and personal introspect
Everyone is loading their data
refresh the mind on the page
what does history show
Before the hand shakes, people kissed to greet
Here we tap our feet
Gathering set the tone of joy
Togetherness was a remedy now in a memory
We just have to stick as family
unfamiliar at a point of acceptance becomes familiar
Amanda Feb 1
I long to break skin
To breathe, to take in
A breath of weathered sky
Watch the end of nights lullaby
As brittle with early dew
A rising sun is born anew

As I batter with fists against this cage
The walls crack with the rage
Too long in silence, my quiet room
This butterfly has broken from its tomb
Blinking against the growing pale
I spread out wings, fragile and frail

Wary, my steps slowly lead the way
From the darkest room, to a brightening day
I can smell the scent of tomorrow
And I can see the world, coloured rainbow
I’ve been too long hidden, out of sight
Now I fly, as my wings take to flight
Jessica Stull Dec 2018
It’s funny how we cave away, rot, and decay
But the beauty that stands, is held in the other hand
We love to hate what we create or we fall in our own grave
We try to be wise and not give into disguise
However sly ones with a grin can trick you from within
Never do we have the right plan for escape or a veil of protection, like a cape
But we do learn from our mistake
The beauty of this play
Is it’s actually more like a game
It’s your choice if you’d like to play or stay away
In the end we all cave away, rot, and decay
But the beauty that stands is played by the hidden hand, this game can end
No more “play-pretend”
©Jessica Stull
When you put pride aside
rosecoloredpoet Mar 2018
I've nearly lost all hope
Worried that no one will ever get me
That I am unworthy of love and closeness
Thought it was better to erase this part of me
It only made me feel so worhless

I've decided to never let anyone else in
To built around walls so hight that they could almost reach the sky
But than you came in and I felt a tiny spark go off again
While touching your skin

Making my stone cold heart feel a bit warmer
It took me by surprise
This was something I had forgotten
pushed to the back of my mind
And suddenly I see you in every sunrise
Khadro Jama Jan 2018
I met you once 7months ago
We kicked back and chilled I didn't know you like that which scared me until..
I met you again on your birthday
And I don't want to over do it
You make my heart skip beats
When I see you or even hear your voice..
I'm an overly emotional person I want you regardless
I wish you were mine as I would be yours alone
But I've been hurt so I'm taking the higher road to meet you half way..
Will you comply?
Will you be my man?
Will you be my dream come true.
I guess its my turn to wait for you even though I want you with all my heart. Ill wait for you to come to me...
theresa caesar Nov 2017
The little kid whose life was hid from the world knowledge
Her daddy unaware of the life that was started inside her mommy’s tummy
Daddy went to war, but mommy found a new daddy who was not her’s
To her that man was not a dad he was a monster
When the girl would even talk out of place the
Monster would make sure the precious flower was black and blue
If someone was to find out about the little flower
The monster wouldn’t get money from his parent
When the monster was mad the flower started to wilt
From the snap of the belt when it would hit her skin
When the little flower would cry the monster found a sensation in it and kept swinging
Years went by with throws years more and more scars came to the flower
Her mommy found another daddy but he was not hers
To her this man was not a dad he was a demon
This demon craved to the smooth skin of a innocent girl
The demon’s fingers icy cold sent chills up her spin
His fingers ventured to places that made her cry
Where was mommy? She was not to be found the first couple times
The flower told her mommy, but mommy refused to acknowledge it
Mommy said the demon was drunk so it’s not the same
Mommy didn’t stop the demon
The demon hurt the little flower
The demon took the last piece of innocence from the little flower
But the little flower refused to lose to this fight
The little flower grew into a giant rose bush
Over time the wilts smoothed out the bruises faded away
Where was mommy? The flower didn’t know
The flower heart was open because of all the emptiness from her past it’s now over flowing
And mommy didn’t like that
because when mommy saw her little flower flourish into a life of love
It broke mom’s heart. But mommy won’t change because she is broken and refuses to see it.
S C Netha Oct 2017
Is beautiful .
Its new and raw.
It's  beautifully honest.
There's something redeeming
about the early minutes our day
It imitates the early minutes of our existence
And erodes the nonsense and lies
Of day-to-day survival.

Not only relieves the darkness
It exposes the darkness within us
The things we did to each other
Or with each other
Under the cover of darkness
At dawn they are brought to light
And in those first few minutes
We too are painfully honest
Beautifully honest with ourselves
Enough to let the dawn
Infiltrate our hearts .
Is fleeting .
It's redeeming factor is not permanent.
Within a few minutes
we begin surviving
We commit fresh sins.
  We start lying.
We learn to hide ourselves
and our sins.
In broad daylight.
In dawn's light.
We lie.
And dawn helps us.
Soon enough dawn
Irrelevant not beautiful.
It becomes unfair and weak.
Letting sinners slip through the cracks
Letting the guilty forget their crimes.
And so we blame dawn.
For not delivering on what it promised
In those early hours of the day.
We call it an accomplice of the evil
And we charge it with treason.

But dawn
Was innocent.
It's only crime was light.
It's beautiful and redeeming light.
That let us sinners feel light
And guilt-free when it shone
Through the heavy darkness in our hearts.
For the first time.
And maybe the only time in our lives
We knew beauty
And redemption.
If only for a few minutes.
New day
Colleen Mary Jun 2015
you had a lot of words to say,
but when you attempted finding them- you were restricted. i wish i could have somehow helped retrieve them, but i never made the cut. too bad i can't take away the darkness and bitterness that pumps through your blood with every beat of your heart- but that's your fault. keeping secrets and everything inside have always been your forte, but will soon become your silent killer. the secrets out that you musn't be as strong as your front.

— The End —