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Sachin Subedi Jul 28
World now does not need people with opinions
world needs people with rational action
People most often seem to have opinions they don't act upon
Opinions are meant for action
else people should learn to appretiate
But indulge in the clash of opinions of one another about the next opinion of the other
It is an utter nonsense
this context is seen around
most often from street, acadamia to regism
from old, young to the teens
Opinions now a days have no reference of a proper ethics
in fact people in the top also lack ethics in institutions
Irational, unethical youth with bad unreferenced opinions with actions irational
wow people

Thanks social media for collapsing proper journalism
Thanks global connect for diminishing the tribes
Thanks internet for information overload
Thanks people for opinions
thanks opinions for indulgence,
thanks indulgence for no productivity,
thanks no productivity for unemployment,
thanks unemployment for people with opinions,
Thanks opinions for serving and feeding thoughts to politics
Thanks politics for old corrupts
It seems like we are in need of the young ones
The young corrupts
Thank you
Thank you all
The nature of being of a human is to be interpreted by the tools of virtue and compassion.

When we gaze into the spirit of the thoughts that roam around, we find out that it is interpreted by money, power and no mercy.

Yet there is a hope for everyone to not get into the minor details of the negativity that ponder upon us but reflect the compassion onto ourselves and others so that the light shines through us to make a better self, this never looses us as its our core reality.

The only hope of the self then is to hope other to feel the shine in the heart for themselves and can realize for themselves, themselves only.

Sat Chit Ananda (To the spirit)
Loka Samasta Sukhino Bhawantu (Hope)
Knowing and,
Celebrating humanness
Respect to independence
Independence of one another
Acknowledgement of,
Space everyone holds
Is the key

Respect for one another's freedom
Respect for choices they make
For themselves only
Trying to not get into people’s affairs
Minding your own business
Helping one another is the key
Loving is the key

Boosting owns insecurities, is not
Boosting other's insecurities, is not
Getting over other's freedom, is not
Getting over personal space, is not
Thinking you know everything, is not

Every generations of human
Are trying to find the key
And here it is,
Some know it
Others are not conscious
The key is independence
The key is personal space
Simply, the key is spirit
Sachin Subedi Mar 23
Get my life away from myself?
No, please don't!
Overprotective to me?
Please don't be

Sincere. I am
Will get every of my work done myself
Can make choices for myself
Can decide for myself
If I ask for a favor
Make it happen, if you like to
If not,
Make it happen , you may not
No worries for sure
Overprotective to me?
Please don't be

Get your insecurities overrule my presence,
No, please don't!
Get over my life, please don't
Its mine
Get my life away from myself?
No, please don't!
Overprotective to me?
Please don't be

Its making me dull
Its making me forget the passion
Its overshadowing myself
Its getting me lazy
Its getting me get to not decide for myself

Right to decide for myself, I have
Right to decide for my truth
Right to mold my own thoughts
Right to become not influenced
Right to choose my thought process
Right to be independent
The human right, inborn

Is what shapes life with passion
No, its not ignorance
Undermine my choices in life
You have no right to
Compare my choices to that of yourself
You can, but I don't care
Manipulate the choices I make
It does not matter

Independence I am seeking,
Is not the ignorance to everything in life
It's the space of hope and choice in life
It is the space for my own life
It is for my life itself
It is for the heart of a human
It is for the thrill in life that exists
It is to get over with the same old **** you get me into
It is to be open and radical
It is to not get into trouble
It is for your good and for mine

Don’t be dependent on me
I know you are
Take responsibility of your own life
A parasite, please don’t be
Don't try to make me one also
Be ignorant, don't be
On your choices in the first place
Make an effort to make a choice
An independent choice of your own
Choice that favors yourself

Get my life away from myself?
No, please don't!
Overprotective to me?
Please don't be
Its unconscious
Sachin Subedi Mar 14
Earth is a healer
Knows it all
Even after humans
Be long gone
Off the scene
To nothing
Not existed ever after
The Earth will for sure
Exist ever after
as it exists now

Without an inch of doubt
Be healing itself, for sure
Everything in earth is healing
Earth itself is healing
The universe is healing
Nature is healing
All is a phenomena
Of self healing

Everything is healing itself
We, humans too are a part
Healing for sure
Healing is natural
Healing is beauty
Healing is justice
Healing is earthly

See around
Heal yourself
Healing everywhere
Sachin Subedi Mar 14
Killing animals for an idea
Killing animals for the sake of food supply
Evil it is
Not a effort to manage food
No no no
It is a scam
Breeding animals
For the sole purpose
Of killing for feeding
Feeding the indulging ones
Feeding for amusement
Feeding for anything more than survival
Except the sole purpose
Of survival and existence
Is an evil in itself
Over green meadow
The freak run
The rock, the sun, charisma
Inborn wilderness
Heat, dust flying over
Head bang, dance and neigh
Exhilarating Grace
Enigmatic Amaze

Dark horse, beauty black
Golden one and the redhead
White elf, ohh the spotted
Sunshine daylight, rainbow earth
Forward tribe, believers' trust  
Streak of dreams, a nature's glare
Charming prayers, Gazing stare

Temptations hush
Emotions gush
Knowing of the kind
Knowing of the harsh
Of the bold ,and the free
Showering Bliss
Throughout history

A seeker, an observer
An adventurer
A friend, an undercover
Calm and steady
Strong will
Wilderness and free

Deep onto truth
High into truth
Flying deep
Knowing Within
Knowing Without
And Reality

The nature's way
Nature's advocate
Symbol of strength
Wild and free
Wild horses set you free
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