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Sachin Subedi Nov 2019
Scent of you, timid beauty
Grin you bring in and within
Witty touch you give me
Dazzles me on the midnight dream

Brace of heart on your arms
Grace of divine for me
Hey love, yes you are the one
For the whole sun rising

Tough moon of courage
Tears the breathe apart
Dark cold and trouble, and yet
I wait for the morning sun
Sachin Subedi Nov 2019
It not just about who is right and who is wrong.
it's not about just taking,
it's not about just giving.
it's not about feeding the individual's ego,
it's not about being on the top,
it's not about making fun of,
it's not about being two individuals.
What it is about is being one whole of the two,
it's about being wrong if for love and good,
it's about taking and receiving as well as giving and fulfilling each other's need,
it' about having fun together,
it's about helping each other
individually,  emotionally, spiritually, psychologically
and fulfilling each other without an ounce of feeling of regret with openness in the heart and soul,
it's about making a family...
our own family of you and me,
living life in harmony and peace,
it's about living the life together,
it's about caring for each other,
it's about learning from each other,
it's about u and me and no one else.
I love you for a reason in life,
that only reason is simply to be together forever and ever
and only I expect is --
when I say I LOVE YOU, you repeat after me I LOVE YOU TOO.
Sachin Subedi Nov 2019
just trying to show how much I love you
getting the feeling together
just trying to melt the heart that once turned stone
think I need some time to settle
Or myth it is - settling down

trying to love you more and more
trying to live the fantasy of love
trying to deal with the insecurities
the heart cold and rust
getting a sense of calm
getting the feeling that it is alive
the heart destined for you
trying to reach you in seconds
the heart pouring love
dripping with exclamation

fetching some good feelings about you
the heart is here and you are there
the heart needs you beside me
the heart needs you to get it all
the heart needs you to love you as much as it needs to
the heart needs you to be free
I love you
Sachin Subedi Nov 2019
love, blossom as the sun rises
throw your fragrance all around
your touch that makes me all alive
your presence of magical mystery ride

you are the gem I know
you are the sweetheart of my dreams
you can get it all alone I know
please share your love to me

beneath the horizon nothing as imagined
yes sometimes it might be
hand in hand we march forward
to the ocean of dreams

whatever people say and do
I don't even like to get a clue
but when it's you
I would like to get it all about me and you

it's been a tough ride
I know it's for you too
please babe be patient and carry on
as time will come for sure to make it all blue

blossom as you do
believe what you need to
if you cannot express yourself
leave it for me, I will do it for you

breathe in the fresh breeze of the morning
breathe it for both me and you
you are the flower of my life
all I need is you, you and only you

always be what you are
babe I love you very much
you are the diamond of my heart
you make me blush, you precious

light in the dark you are
road to the charm you are
you are the heaven on Earth
you are not what a price can worth

you are the best thing that ever happened to me
you are the conscience of blue dreams
you are the one and only my babe girl
loving you ever after is what it means to me

you are the reason to breathe
you are the reason to live
I love you for all my heart
you are the girl of my dreams

I love you my preety babe
yesterday, now and forever
you are what my heart craves for
babe I love you
Sachin Subedi Nov 2019
Nothing is more important than life itself
Nothing is as sacred as love
Thoughts dissolves in the notion of togetherness
The heart of gold shines through

The freshness of first breeze breathe
Simmering white dandelion on thin air of hope
The soul of green grasses,
in the early morning sun
On the mistery music of the forest
The goddess of beauty dances,
arms wide open

Upon heart of trance
The flower bloosoms Yellow
And the heart shines gold
Heart of gold shines through
And the heart shines gold
Sachin Subedi Jul 2019
World now does not need people with opinions
world needs people with rational action
People most often seem to have opinions they don't act upon
Opinions are meant for action
else people should learn to appretiate
But indulge in the clash of opinions of one another about the next opinion of the other
It is an utter nonsense
this context is seen around
most often from street, acadamia to regism
from old, young to the teens
Opinions now a days have no reference of a proper ethics
in fact people in the top also lack ethics in institutions
Irational, unethical youth with bad unreferenced opinions with actions irational
wow people

Thanks social media for collapsing proper journalism
Thanks global connect for diminishing the tribes
Thanks internet for information overload
Thanks people for opinions
thanks opinions for indulgence,
thanks indulgence for no productivity,
thanks no productivity for unemployment,
thanks unemployment for people with opinions,
Thanks opinions for serving and feeding thoughts to politics
Thanks politics for old corrupts
It seems like we are in need of the young ones
The young corrupts
Thank you
Thank you all
Sachin Subedi Jul 2019
The nature of being of a human is to be interpreted by the tools of virtue and compassion.

When we gaze into the spirit of the thoughts that roam around, we find out that it is interpreted by money, power and no mercy.

Yet there is a hope for everyone to not get into the minor details of the negativity that ponder upon us but reflect the compassion onto ourselves and others so that the light shines through us to make a better self, this never looses us as its our core reality.

The only hope of the self then is to hope other to feel the shine in the heart for themselves and can realize for themselves, themselves only.

Sat Chit Ananda (To the spirit)
Loka Samasta Sukhino Bhawantu (Hope)
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