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kivel May 2019
Here I am again
cycling through with this ******
ready to feel despair
with all the regret in the world.

I brace myself
for i see the land
and it fills my vision
laughing at me.

After years of being free
into the sky
I brace myself again
for this ****** land
this punishing, mad land that gives no mercy
that cages me from reaching for stars
that loves to wallow within my tears
that gives me only pain within my heart
it comes to me

A repeating tragedy.
kivel Feb 2019
After so long
I am able to write poems
of love again.

After a period of time
I can move on
and be with my friends.

I don't cry over you
As I once did
When you tore my heart and left it there

I finally,

I can breathe again.
kivel Nov 2018
Death is a cruel lover

for he cheats on me
with the people closest to me
kivel Nov 2018
death's dark gates welcome you warmly
but don't lose track
of the bright star you will hold.

go forth with confidence
and never lose faith.
feel better. don't let it bring you down
kivel Nov 2018
how death can be so beautiful to one
bringing peace
and joy
freedom from this world of hell

this illusion death gave
to ease one's suffering
he desired it so much
that he killed himself

blossoms bloom as the Rose's petal make mess

the greediness of the boy
may have given him a new world to dance
but everything comes with a price
a sin was committed upon his death

a whole new world of pain
and emotional suffering
brought to those who surrounded
the withering, red Rose
for they wanted it to grow with them

instead they weeped for the deceased
and crowded around their friend
his family losing mentality
as they stare at the gun the corpse was holding

chaos brewed
cataclysm loomed

"what happened to our beautiful creation
did i not try hard enough
the kids are crying
im crying"


mother stares at son
then his petals
his beautiful petals
im sorry

knife at the table
wanting to justify her unjust actions towards him
and make it all even again
so then maybe
he can
forgive her

and another beautiful flower
loses its petals
to the grand illusion
of death.
i need to rant.
kivel Nov 2018
my heart weighs
and heavier
with all the sins
I look at what's in front of me
with ill intent
ready to pile more gold
onto my soul
and drag it lower
all the way to hell
kivel Nov 2018
Like a mangled
lying on the ground,
what we had between us
and we jumped back in fear
of what we've become.
I'm sorry.
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