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Anakaren Davila Jul 2018
I always wondered
who taught you how to love
was it the fierce full moon
while it lighted you through a blackout night?
or the night owl
who sweetly sang you lullabies?

it wasn't until I had you
At the darkest hour of the night
Howling under the moon
And saw your hazel eyes
So vulnerable, yet fearless
That I knew
it was the wild wolves
who gently taught you how to love
dadens Feb 13
she was the sun
and the moon

when she entered the room
the rays of her smile radiated
and warmed the skin of everyone
in her proximity

she was like a light summer breeze
that make the curtains dance when
the windows are left open

but she was more dynamic
than a simple ray of sun.

when she exits the room
and is only in the presence of herself
the shadows of her soul shake
like flowers after the first frost

she becomes an earthquake
as she goes to war with her mind

she was the best of the light
and the worst of the darkness

she lives as an eclipse.
© d.a.dens
BJ Donovan Mar 24
As the raven's shadow eclipsed the sun
   I trembled with doubt for my beliefs.
   I wished I knew hidden truths gods are
   privy to and I'll die in ignorance again.
   Once more I claw beneath dignity in
   search of a captain's beauty with wild
   hair and wild heart and a poet's blood
   to write this history upon bent knee.
   Maybe we share a heartbeat in symphony.
Maybe we share a shadow 'til eclipse.
We might fail to bury the grief.
We might find who we are seeking.
JK Cabresos Sep 2018
your love
is like
the shadow
the moon,
it grows
Copyright © 2018
Chris Thomas Aug 2017
Embedded in my consciousness
Clouds of endless fire and fever
Lick at my salty face like a lazy waterfall
I have been unraveled outside the stratosphere, where
Pieces of starlight consume my decaying skin
Sun and moon crash, collide, eventually crumble, and
Everything I once touched, no longer touches me
Shofi Ahmed Oct 2017
When all in all
is beautiful.
To face it
the rest is too small!
Can a fabric,
a piece of the veil,
eclipse it at all?

Yet the sky is
upside down.
Every morning
lits up a sun.
The little earth
is hiding in the core.
Yuki Apr 6
It is already sunrise and
it’s time to say goodbye
for I do not want to be
mistaken for the moon,
living under the spotlight
of her beloved sun.
Anna Oct 2018
Random gestures of love
Random gestures of kindness
That light up my day
Like that one time
You said that you loved me
For no particular reason
Unrelated to anything happening
At that moment.

My heart filled with warmth
And a smile found its way
To my pale, usually dull face.
I looked up and said that I loved you as well,
And true happiness bloomed
In my fragile heart
After weeks of drought
After weeks of emptiness.

And my smile was so bright
And I felt so warm
You could have mistaken me
For the sun itself.
And we, sun and moon,
Were the only ones that mattered,
For earth could not affect us.

But then the incident never repeated
And instead of love
I got glares and silence
And your happiness continued
To feed on my own
As your hands continued to take
Every last bit of pleasure
I had to offer.

And as every sun sets,
I sank in the sea
of blue and grey
As I transcended into the mundane routine
Of being lonely when with you
For your arms do not wrap me with warmth
But only

The sun and the moon
Live afar.
They complete one another
Yet they do not meet
And when they do
All light drains from the sun
An eclipse.
March 2018
Chrissy Nov 2018
I wanted to seize all the falling stars to
create a sun for you to warm up your cold heart
while brightening up your dark sky
to make your flowers photosynthesize and bloom
but like a lunar eclipse you blinded me
slowly casting me into the bleak blackness of your love
Ilion gray Jul 2018
I hope you're there the day the rain falls down from earth to sky
and I hope you remember
that night we watched the ocean dance with the wind
and I explained
How the  waves
make love to the leaves
while they're
still holding the trees hands
You told me how
You counted
Raindrops dripping
On the wood
behind the window
The Wild
Of your childhood-
I fell in love
with the rain, with
You that night.

When I was a boy
I thought that I
Held all things-

                                        I did not.

Now that I am a man
  I know
How at times instantaneous...
mountains can rise
between a woman
And a man
That eclipse the sun
Yet sets fire to the sand!
Mystic Ink Plus Jul 2018
Has eclipse gone?
[ 5 minutes earlier, it’s over ]

If eclipse is like this
so peaceful

I slept
I dreamt
I’m vitalized
I feel optimistic

What could paradise be?
May be,
It’s a comfort zone
A calmness of mind
A little miracle

Every where
Every time
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: If asked where is a paradise, just reply, within.
Shinko Pan-ya Dec 2018
the sun has abandoned the forsaken ones
the forsaken do not heed the distant cries of wind telling them of the loathing that shadows the sun
the forsaken blind to their tyranny
blissful ignorance fills their
troubled thoughts
behold the sun is stricken with
hatred for ignorant fools that
choose once more to stifle the wind that spoke wisdom to the forsaken
once more the sun takes its beauty light and wisdom elsewhere for it can suffer this tyranny of fools no more
I cried
I felt bad
Some people left me
I became fine when I realized the truth
They gone away from my life
To make my life shine like the sun.
I hope you all like it.
Zac Walter Sep 2018
Laid on a starbound white vessel of profound sspirit.
Dont pay attention to the horrors in the shadow, they can eat you alive if you let them.
They aren't folk heroes, They're faux heroes

Alien tremors like indigo ephemerals
The vibrations are not elastic but
Real creatures in the night
The sun isn't shining light, its sharing a shadow
Believe what you want, spiritual by passing at best
The skull eclipses have gone and went
The moon lets the blood, the dark
Has sent its blessings
Time to move on, shedding skin
Like cocooned butterflys or snakes at age
A new age of reality has begun on the 4th page
4 dimensions
Burn some sage, prepare for the transcendence
Harshada Kavi Mar 2018
Learn to love
like the sun loves the moon.
He gives her his light
that she will eclipse him
once in a while.
For love,
is not strawberries with cream
it is roses with thorns.
and together, they light up the sky.
Victoria Feb 13
When the moon strolls across the sky
On the nights I can’t help but feel minute
She’s always there

Shining with the light the Sun has gifted her
Or completely camouflaged into the abyss
Not to be seen but felt

For several days she does what many of us wish to do
Disappear into nothingness
Even celestial bodies feel shame

The moon brings a sense of comfort nothing else can
A sense of familiarity
The all-seeing eye of a heavenly mother

She watches, understands, and attempts to reach me
Her light struggling to illuminate the darkest corner of a room
She’s lost the ability to talk eons ago

She has seduced the greatest of writers and enamored the saddest of humans
I look at her and can’t help but think that I owe her my life but

She lacks your tranquil crooked smile
Your soft amber eyes
The words that melt off your tongue like butter

Lips that shush demons away
You’ve outshone her
You’re the eclipse I’ve been waiting for
Crow Sep 2018
the dark approaches as if it is an ineluctable storm
created by thoughts falling like dominoes

or explodes into existence in a breath
detonated by a word innocently spoken

an eclipse constructed of your fears
like locusts eating all the light

with hooks and claws they grasp the air
pulling it up from your lungs

fighting blind against attacks from every side
weapons fall from your trembling grasp

I still see you dimly, enveloped in despair
you no longer see me at all

I have become a phantom, intangible
dispersed into powerless anguish by your terror

my voice is only a murmur to you
a far-off echo, indistinct

defenses and barriers you have labored on
transform into spun glass latticework

shattering through them without knowing
shards left embedded in your skin

stumbling blindly in the darkness
you are swallowed whole into the void

once more you are ripped away
imprisoned in the Stygian, pitiless hole

the emptiness turns its gaze to me
mocking laughter blisters my flesh

I can only wait and call to you
how long till you return

to me
Johnny walker Dec 2018
Late at night all alone  It's to then I feel the loss the
most to never see her  smiling face touch her hand kiss her lips
sweet I worship her the very ground she walked upon where the sun did shine for the both of us days I thought would never end but now the sun doesnt shine any more on our once life all those
sunny days I have witnessed, and now a totall eclipse of the sun where once It shone so bright for the both of us but now It shines no
Helen now gone It feel like a total eclipse of the sun every where U go shadows  of what used to be
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