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ThingsWillChange Jul 2014
I don't want to cry tonight
I don't want to hate myself tonight
I don't want to hurt tonight
I don't want to die inside tonight

Self hate
Dying inside

The tears won't fall
The hate won't stop
The fear won't fade
The feeling won't leave

Tomorrow is the day I don't want to spend choking back a sob
Tomorrow is the day I don't want to spend judging myself
Tomorrow is the day I don't want to spend fearing the others
Tomorrow is the day I don't want to spend dead

Tomorrow is when I spend the day with friends
Tomorrow is when I spend the day with family
Tomorrow is when I spend the day one year older
Tomorrow is my birthday

I don't want to silently cry while my friends are asleep
I don't want to grab the razor and drag it across my skin while my family is asleep
I don't want to fear a new day while the world is asleep
I don't want to die while the night is new

Please for tomorrow stop the tears
Please for tomorrow stop the judging
Please for tomorrow stop the fear
Please don't let me die tomorrow

I'll be thirteen tomorrow
I'll be thirteen on July 25th
I'll be thirteen at 3:30PM
I'll be fine tomorrow,

ThingsWillChange Jul 2014
There's a girl
Who sits in the back of the class
She gets good gradesĀ 
She has plenty of friends
She smiles
There's a girl
Who sits in her room
She slices her skin
She hates herself
She cries
The two girls are the same people
Her smile is her mask
Shielding others from seeing who she is
Little do they know
She's dying
ThingsWillChange Jul 2014
She lay awake in the darkness of night
Waiting for the noises to fade away
Waiting for the people to fall asleep
Then the time comes when all is still
When all Is quiet and asleep
She grasps the box and opens the lid
She selects one of her trusted friends
Shaking hands, beating heart
Waiting for the fires to start
They begin
Skin and metal collide
Drag, slice, cut
Burning fires
Relaxing sensation
Beautiful crimson beads
For a moment there's peace
It fades
Just one more
Why not?
One turns to two
Two turns to ten
Ten turns to twenty
There's no way out, no way to escape
Just fire
Fire is all she's ever known
Now she does not burn
She cuts
It's all a metaphor, isn't it?
Life is just a metaphor
Isn't it?
It's just a metaphor, isn't it?
ThingsWillChange Jul 2014
8:11 PM

Why aren't you running?
Why aren't you hiding?
You're just standing there!

Can't you feel the rumble?
Can't you smell the smoke?
You're not doing anything!

Am I the only one?
Am I alone?
You don't even care!

Am I insane?
Is this all in my head?
Some one please!

Why are you staring?
Why won't you help me?
I'm scared!

How can I tell what's real?
How can I tell what isn't?
Maybe I can't!

Is this a dream?
Is this reality?
It might be something else entirely!

What's happening to me?
How would you know anyways?
You're just a child.
The third poem in The End.
ThingsWillChange Jul 2014
8:22 AM

Can you hear the warning?
It roars.

Can you feel the ground?
It shakes.

Can you smell the fear?
It's contagious.

Can you taste the death?
It's coming.

Can you see the chaos?
It's here.

Goodbye old world.
Poem Two in The End Collection, A Story Formed by Poems
ThingsWillChange Jul 2014
10:08 PM

The end
Is near
Why can't you see?
My dear?

Open your eyes
My dearest darling
You can't run from it
Though it may seem alarming

Lies and greed among
All these strangers
Can't they see?
We're all traitors

You can run
You can hide
But trust me
I've tried

You cannot
What this is
It's fate
This is the first poem in a collection of poetry I am writing about the end of the world. It's a story told through poetry.
ThingsWillChange Jun 2014
On that day,
On that very day,
Seventy years ago.

From the train,
You dangled,
Almost there hang in there,

Almost there,
Stretch and reach,
Grab my hand,
We'll be reunited soon.

Creak and grunt,
Crack and scream,

Fingers collide,
Slipping through,
Rail snaps,

That scream you screamed,
Terrified as you fall,
Farther and farther,

My screams your screams,

No light,
No arm.

Dead in the snow,
Dead in the mountians,

Seventy years past,
Seventy years ago,
Seventy years later,
Seventy years now.

A man,
Gun in hand,
Shaggy hair,
Determined face.

A man,
All in black,
Mask on face,
Metal arm.

My friend,
My foe,
My savior,
My killer.

I could never fight,
The one who gave me hope,
You gave me a chance,
Even when no one would.

I'm not gonna fight you,
I'm not gonna hurt you,
"Cuz I'm with ya till the end of the line,

Now it's my turn to fall,
And your turn to watch,
Our turn all over again,
To watch in fear.

You gave me a life,
You gave me a brother,
You gave me a friend,
Why can't I return the favor?

You protected me,
I protected you,
You fought me,
I stayed with you.

From friend to foe,
We remain,
From friend to foe,
We stayed.
Inspired by Captain America First Avenger and Winter Soldier
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