Get in steps
Or, leave it

You are free.
Genre: Abstract
Theme: When everything matter

feel pleasant to spell your name,
hear echoes of your voice,
recall all bygone time,
can’t silence my hope,
can’t move ahead,
can’t be the same,
can’t forget.

Why, can't we,
dream the same?
Genre: Love
Theme: “Forget”, what she said. When everything matter.
Note: Repeat the Title "what if " followed by "I" in each lines below "I", except the last two, then it makes sense.
For a reason
I value all, having a soul

Your virtue, unbiased.
Genre: Inspirational
Sometime I feel,
I am dead
I pinch

Sometime I feel pain
Sometime, I don’t

I live, I die.

I turned my head around,
Too many figures.
asked myself,
If I am dead,
What they are?

I used to live.
They used to live.

For a reason.
Theme: Autobiography. when, nothing matters.
It seems, not mutual
It was, just me

Save me, from myself
Theme: When, everything matter.
Tender talk with gravity

Strength of ideal love is

Let's pretend
Sometime dark eternity is
let go.

Perhaps, I am
half right.

Perhaps, I get
half life.
Theme: Then, nothing matters.
Genre: Love
Of all, universal questions
You were, the answer

Now, I look at, the horizon.
Genre: Love
Theme: Then, nothing matters.
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