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And one day
You'll step ahead
To find a way
Without turning back

You'll accept
Who you
Turn out to be
When they are the embers of
The past

Thank you
Genre: Inspirational
When there is writer's block

Be empty
To the null

Observe closely
To see the things
That does not exist
Listen keenly
To hear the things
That have not been said
Wonder walk in the circular path
To find the end
When there is no beginning
Be prepare for anything
Listen to the rain
Pounding on the ground
Or stare the moon in silence
Or try to understand a barking dog
Or chase the humming bee till the sunset
Or count the palpating heart
Behind the closed door
Like I do

Not everyone will understand you
Genre: Observational
Theme: Everyday life
I dream

Making sense

I dream
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: And there is a way
Feel everything deeply
If it's superficial
You are not my tribe
If I have
To reflect you
I would start from
Your soul

That gonna be
Never ending project
This much to say

With you
I feel safe
With you
I open up
With you
I grow

With you
I'm like water
I flow
I freeze
I evaporate
Genre: Romantic
Theme: A thought of you
To whom
It may concern

If I haven't
Reflecting your vibes

Believe me
You don't exist

To all the living
And the nonliving
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Touching Lives
To be born anew
Welcome to the present

And cheer me
With the words of praise
Embrace me
With the warmth of verse
Intoxicate me
With your loyalty
Drag me
With celestial vibe
Caress me
With your thought
Hold me
Like a beautiful dream
Nurture me
With your soothing heart
Touch me
With your soul
Lighten up
Just being
Remember me
As a basic unit of love

I'm yours
Genre: Romantic
Theme: For today and better tomorrow
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