All those ups and downs

With effort
Moments to celebrate
A glorious time
With the same effort
Some moments to felt
Even when
Being in the right lane

No Prejudice

Here we are trained
How to judge
Getting help of senses
Our eyes are judgmental
So do, the ears and touch

If someone dies
Of kindness
Let them search a scapegoat
Let them find us  

I don’t ask for much
Think for the few seconds
What, If the Stethoscope
Ask for a rest
Genre: Experimental
Never she defined herself
Never she believed little truth
Never she checked when did,
The Sun raised, and the Sun set

She made me
She is not just
Somebody else

She is full of life
In balance
She keeps on moving
Enjoying every single steps
She knows where
She will be
After 10 years

Before this end up
Let me remind
Even being
The brightest star
Inside the Galaxy
She is a home to me.
Genre: Inspiring Romantic
Theme: Life inside the words
They suggested me to stop
But still few are interested in

I will keep on
Till I'm interested in
Till the thoughts
Keep me alive
Till those words
Struggle to breathe
Till the dreams
Guide the way

Even after
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Do what makes you calm
Bull shit
He repeats
So frequent

No wonder
It may be his
Favorite dish
Genre: Humor
Theme: Serve him his favorite
Never trust on
The outer reflections
Yes-to-Yes compliments

Never you will be wrong
If identify vibration of
The inner instinct

Let patience do the rest
Keep watching till the time
When we will witness
Skin shedding

Otherwise We don’t judge people
Their vibration let us
Whom to keep distance
Whom to get close
Genre: Rational
Theme: Vibes
They said
Take caution
Ghost haunts
Mostly in the dark

If memory haunts
Even in the light

Help Me

For what,
I need to get more cautious?
Genre: Abstract
Theme:  Into the unknown
We were born
In the same date

Beside that, we share,
The same qualification
The same place to stay

Destiny made
All this difference
I am Blue
She is Red

I hear, they said
Blue belongs to her
Red belongs to him
We have nothing to say
Genre: Observational
Theme: Destiny
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