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We all are
The healers
On finding
The right sufferer

One day
We will realize
After all
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Appreciation
I have seen people
With a hazel eyes
And a comatose face
I have seen people
Raised from their base
And some, lost sanity in their praise
I have seen hunger hopes
And inhuman leftover waste
I have felt the people
Sharing their affection
And some pretend, for financial gain
I have heard
A new born's first cry
And the collapse's last breathe
And likes
Just like a time frames

Everyone is different
Attract your tribe
As a beginner
Oh, It's not fine
Now and always
For that, he said
Genre: Observational Experimental
Theme: Truth of life
When you will cherish
Poetic rain
First of it's kind
All of a sudden
The Heart
The Mind
And the Soul
Will align
And things will never be
The same

With memories
So afresh
Resonating a free soul
You will remember
How it feels
While being
Drenched in the rain
A lot more
You hold to say
Besides, grant me
And every tomorrow
Genre: Almost Romantic || Free Verse
Theme: What remains
When love
Hits you hard
You will be turn into
The Masterpiece
Or a painsmith
This life is
Not enough
Genre: Observational
Theme: Craft
Note: Order N' Chaos
When this is over
Can't wait more
To be back
With a lesson
Of resilience
What defines us

That normality
Yes, the mirage
What seems
Is a paint of illusion
Or a mask of disguise
Or an abyss of a lie
Or ***** realm
Nothing inside
Worth authentic
Theme: Lockdown Diary
Note: The New Normal
And when I was asked
What mother smells like?

Nothing else
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Rooting
Bygone year
For the graduation
And bids farewell
With warm regards
For future endeavor
Schooling us
What isn't right
Who we are not
Where we don't belong
What money can't buy
How to stay antifragile
What doesn't make sense
When all is done
And dusted
Genre: Observational
Theme: Guidance
Note: Schooling is not what is taught, it is a process of acceptance to learn.
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