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Blind Man
Only sees
The inner beauty

Blinded by love, Man
Sees everything beautiful
And the sighted Man
Is mostly disguised

Hey you
Are you being yourself?
Or someone else?

Genre: Observational
Theme: Take home message
Biology shapes us
Society shapes us
The circle around us shapes us
The book we read, shapes us
The road we travel, shapes us

May be...
The circle we keep distance
Could have shaped us better
The book we skipped to read
Could have shaped us better
The road we bypass
Could have shaped us better
The fall we fear to embrace
Could have shaped us better
The collision we prevent
Could have shaped us better

Understanding shapes us
Consciousness shapes us
You are you
I am I
I am you
Genre: Observational
One ME

For ME
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Simply enough
Author's Note:
When I have write's block
This is how I express

High and low notes
Trials and errors
Twist and turns
Light and shades
The hope
Faith and love
And all things in between
Here and there
Seeking a pivotal balance
With a transient pause

May be
I know life
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Perhaps
If you constantly
Pile your emotions
Layer by layer
One day
It will gravitate
Being a tear

Genre: Observational
Theme: Open Up
Author's Note: Have you ever felt like this? Healing comes in a different way, not just that **** medicine.
One who tries to
Describe love

Genre: Experimental
Theme: It just is
I have found the eyes
Those eyes, that see me
And nothing else matters

Said the wise man
Genre: Inspirational
Author's Note:
What is right now
Will become

What was
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