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Lydia 3d
people **** me off
I think I’m from another planet
I hope I am right and one day my family will come to collect me and all of my knowledge from my time here on earth with the humans will be for something  
people are obsessive and controlling for things like your attention or time
no sense of personal space or brain sense to leave someone alone
I hope when I’m abducted, my memories of this planet get washed out of my mind
I’ve never felt like I belonged here
people are so selfish and careless with your feelings or your body
Lydia 3d
when my chest gets tights and I start to feel like I can’t breathe,
grabbing onto you steadies me,
just the heat from your skin and the energy of you is enough to heal me,
I feel like a little kid gripping my favorite stuffed animal,
a soft blanket of your warmth wrapped around me as your words of patience and kindness surround my anxiety
you’re too good for me
Lydia 4d
“So what is it? Is it all really just because my mother was a ******* parent?”
I asked the question out loud that I’ve asked myself so many times before but never really knew if I wanted the answer to
my therapist acknowledged that my childhood was a catalyst for everything that came after
“See and that ****** me off.” I said
“Because I wonder what I could’ve been like if things had been different.”
she told me that now I could unbury the version of myself that I actually am,
it wasn’t too late

Of all the options I’ve ever weighed in my mind,
an image of me that doesn’t have to be the damaged one created by my mother,
never even occurred to me

it’s not too late
Lydia May 17
oh will the feeling of being a burden ever go away?
when someone is even slightly inconvenienced and it has just a little to do with me,
I feel I must apologize profusely and proclaim how annoying I am,
when in fact,
that’s exactly what’s making me annoying
I am a burden, even to myself
Lydia May 13
I notice the small things that he does for me
the ones he may think are insignificant
but those are the times that I feel loved the most
He gets me a coffee every morning on the weekends, he knows exactly how I like it
Every Monday is trash day and he takes it to the road before he leaves for work and brings the cans back to the garage before he comes in after
He notices my laugh and lovingly notes my little snorts when something is really funny and loves my big smile because he knows it is genuine
He will lay under the sheets on my side of the bed to warm it up for me before I get in
On my days where I am not feeling it, he doesn’t take me personally and let’s me have my space
If I am not feeling well he wants to bring me medicine at work
When we sit on the couch he will put his hand up under my shirt and lightly touch my back with his fingers or if I lay my legs over his lap he brushes my skin with his fingertips
He knows my anxiety’s and knows when I’m not feeling good and will help me to feel better
He never calls me by my name but instead calls me baby or honey
He will handle the raw meat because he knows it grosses me out that it gets under my nails
He points out little things that my son does that he knows I will enjoy and laughs at my little boys jokes and silliness
He is always ready with a packed dab for me
He grabs for my hand as we walk
As soon as I wake up he always greets me with a hello, or good morning or you’re so beautiful even when I don’t feel like I am
He knows my faces that I make and what each one means
He knows all the ways I like to be touched when we make love
He doesn’t ask to drive he just gets in the drivers seat because he knows I don’t want to
He texts me throughout the day sometimes to tell me he loves me or misses me and always lets me know when he makes it to work
I catch him looking at me randomly sometimes and then gives me that sweet little smile
He loves to watch the birds in our yard and gets just as excited as I do when we see our cardinal couple out back
He points out the flowers in the beds when they bloom
He looks happily at my legs when I wear shorts
He turns the seat warmer on in the car for me before I even get in
He knows me so well
He loves me so well
On any day that feels like life could be better
He makes every day good by just being in it xxxxx
Lydia May 10
when the alarm goes off I hit snooze two too many times
now I’ve overslept by twenty minutes
I look at myself in the mirror and run a brush through my hair and think
Well at least my hair is behaving today
Lydia May 10
to see the parts of me that are melancholy and depressed
as beautiful or bewildering
would be too much of a compliment to myself,
the words sing to my soul,
describe me so perfectly I rename myself with the formations of these letters until I become them,
I have spent my whole life as the color blue, melting into puddles every chance I get,
I’ll look down just in case
so you don’t see me,
my eyes give me away, by
reflecting the blue on the inside that drowns me in my feelings
Pulling this one from my drafts. Sorry all of my poetry is so depressing
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