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BazzaroODST127 Dec 2014
No more than a rumor
Or a legend spoken in whispers
Mischievous folklore
Foretold around campfires

About a man
Skin black, birthed under an Eclipse
Who stalks the dark forces
Casting his might over them

Fending off the evil
Which festers across the land
Bleeding gold ink
That soils the crop and livestock

Wherever life thrives
Evil musters its footprints
But wherever it may be
He is there

Baffling their kin
Striking like thunder
Swift and silent
Like the humming katana

Making clean kills
And fading back into thin air
Being seen as a ghost
When more is known of him

For he is flesh
Great in heart
And vibrant in sight
As the father of judgment

Carrying out his given cases
That are closed by his steel hands
BazzaroODST127 Dec 2014
Swifter than thunder
Bolder than mountains
A champion of ambition
Sewed together by dignity

The holy trinity
Being the mask
Of what is to come
Under the day of ice and white

Full of joy
Pressed into many hearts
Even the blackened souls
Who have fallen

You are there
Striking smoke
The fumes of red and green
Stripes of gifts

A soldier of justice
Merciful and stern
Meshed in one
To face the bitter demons

That come upon Christmas Eve
For you are unbeatable
As long as you have hope
Faith in your own actions

Your very words
That make you, who you are

— The End —