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Lillian Harris May 2018
A candle burns somewhere inside of me
And keeps its light despite the steady rain.
I wonder at its constance in the cold
That, flickering on occasion, never dies.
And through the dark a glow reaches my eyes
Like a distant sun; rising and fading

I wait for the sound of thunder fading–
This storm has so recklessly lived in me,
And with it’s biting wind, has stung my eyes.
Though only raging from within, the rain
And sky both fall and weep as daylight dies
But still the candle burns despite the cold

Larceners masked as lovers leave me cold;
Deceivers and thieves with faces fading,
Whose winter hands freeze when summer’s warmth dies–
Craving heat I cannot offer, watch me
Shiver. Each doubt descends like falling rain;
An infinite dance behind my closed eyes.

And the uncertain glow still meets my tired eyes
The blood in my veins boils while theirs stays cold
Those hands I once held and fell for like rain
Those flames for me perpetually fading
With their trails of dark smoke following me
Yet my sallow light persists, it never dies

The sky is drenched in black, the old sun dies
I watch it pale and sink before my eyes.
But it will resurrect again, like me
Each morning from the heavy sheets and cold
The flame will not go out, the darkness fading;
Fleeing from me like quickly passing rain

I stand with burdens heavy in the rain
Holding onto the light that never dies
Wishing to feel the hush of the storm fading
No saltwater stinging and staining my eyes
For once, to feel fire chase away the cold
A heat or heart that warms but does not burn me

.And sometimes the rain gets in my eyes
Sometimes light dies, and leaves me cold
Yet still the candle burns; No longer fading.
A sestina
Lillian Harris Mar 2018
I want to say,

I don’t care–
I don’t care if
You feel nothing
For me

But I do,
And it tears
My heart
In two.
Lillian Harris Jun 2017
***** earth-stained
Fingers dig,
Shovel out the wreckage,
Raid the tomb-
A useless search.
No treasures sleep
Beneath my skin,
I am only bones
And blood;
Shadows and
So, take those too
Before you go,
Leave me emptier
Than I was before.
There is nothing
Worth stealing
From me
Lillian Harris Jun 2017
I cry and care
Too much;
My heart
Is a thing
To be left
Lillian Harris May 2017
This silence yawns
Into my soul,
So widens the abyss.
Fissures crack
And then expand;
A parting lover's kiss.
An echo ricochets
Between these walls of
Lifeless stone
The word that rings
Inside my head:
Lillian Harris Apr 2017
When you said
I will always
Have your back

Where was
The warmth
Of your palm
Against my skin
That night
When my spine began
To crumble
And the walls were
Caving in?
Lillian Harris Apr 2017
The world is still and
The flutter of wings
In my stomach
Has hushed
And I can see
You drifting
Before I've felt
Your touch.
Never have I
Known a soul
That mirrored mine
So much.
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