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At times
I wonder

You are emotions
Feeling everything

Worth knowing

At a time
And all the times

I want you
To know

Of my soul
Things that can be felt


But those who feel
Feel life

Feel that way
Genre: Observational
Theme: Senses
Author's Note: Where Soul Resides
Many moons ago
With sips of exotic coffee
And a fluid conversation
With a profound beauty
Laying next to her
Drowning into her eyes
With ambience so tranquil
Celebrating gravity of being
With emotive senses
And precise words

With last sip
Finally he proposed her

"Come live in my heart"
"And stay musing"
"And let me embrace you"
"At soul level"
"Like a poetry"

Looking into his eyes
With next sip
She replied

"You're welcome"
"With a vibe like that"
"You have touched my trust"
"I want to read you"
"In more ways, than one"
"Like a poetry"
Genre: Almost Romantic
Theme_ Validation
A thought of you
A poet picks up his pen
Genre: Observational
Theme: And write beings
The path we step
Might be narrow
Yet set
Our minds
That worth the ride

Basically the soles
Of the shoes know
Where we’ve been

Look at them
For future references
Genre: Inspirational
Theme:  A voyage of the great unknown
Whoever is
With their insanity

Will become
A freeman

Genre: Observational
Theme: To Whom It May Concern
Author's Note: Let this simple fact poke your thought and vibrate your conscience.
Mystic Ink Plus Dec 2022
Finding the answer
Is important
But understanding
The question
Is even more

Any one
Who can show
Something in you
You have
Never seen before
Is important
Keep them closer
Genre: Observational
Theme: Stay happy ever after
Mystic Ink Plus Dec 2022
To the world
You have

Nothing to fear
Nothing to hide
Nothing to show
Nothing to prove
Nothing to pride
Nothing to judge
Nothing to ask
Oh! free soul

An anonymous
Just let it
Theme: A reminder
Mystic Ink Plus Nov 2022
Writers are those
Who does experiments
With words
Finding no other better way
To ablaze soul

Reciting you
Genre: Experimental
Theme: In being
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