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When the eyes lock
You will find
Your way

One foot in my heart
And another in my soul

Beyond reason
  You are a living dream
I never thought
I would feel like this
So much more
Genre: Almost Romantic
Theme: Forever waiting
This is not just
A career opportunity
It's an eternal call for
The background visual poetry
Model (Spirit)
Who will stay eternal
No less than the oldest star
No less than the solo sun

It's not about the pretty face
Or the latitude
And longitude of the body
We're concerned about
It's not about the education height
We have nothing to do with
It's not about your background
Where you are from

It's about the vibration
Grace and inspiration
It's about the energy
And the balance
It's more about
Your inner self
Everything who is you

All it takes is to sense the air
Go with the flow
Keep the mind at rest
Lost in time
Don't ever stop
Be inevitable
With each passing day

The rightful spirit
Drop your CV
Vibe with us
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Vacancy Announcement
The mind
Is fertile

Any age
One can learn
Genre: Minimalist
Theme: Enroll
If you wish
To touch

Touch me with
Your soul
In light
In dark
And in between
What no one else
Ever has

And I will
Embrace you
With a fragrance of love
You deserve

I'm lotus
An open universe
Genre: Inspirational
Theme:  Sensitive
So far

When I'm glum
With the Moon
Do I stay happy
With the Sun

They too
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Inclination
If it's not true
It wouldn't have felt so hard
And never thought he/she could be
So cold
If you haven't poured your heart
Till it's dry
You don't know what it's like
Free fall from the height
Balance shift
Something isn't right like
Silent calm before the storm
And you know the rest
Thus far

Still he/she asked again,
"Should I believe in destiny?"

At the right time
A right place
No other choice
What tomorrow brings
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Good night dreamers, Good morning doers
When you meet
Like minded who is
Good to your soul

You will find
What was never lost

It taste like love
Genre: Almost Romantic
Theme: Still unaware?
I'm done with
Growing the roots

Witness my rise
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Preparation
The greater space
One allows to
The stronger base
They hold

Life will be
Much simpler
If only we know
Whom to keep distance
Whom to get close
Whom to allow 1 sec
Whom to hear more
Whom to release free
Whom to hold on
Whom to welcome
Whom to bid silence
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Journey
Author's Note:

Objective of every journey you start is not just where to reach, your journey will be worthwhile to recall if it adds value to your well being. When it comes to trust, have trust in yourself first then the alley. Trust the intuition and the rest thing doesn't matter at all. For this you need to be aware what you feed your soul.

Greet thanks to all those who left you in the mid-way, appreciate those who were there to hold when you are about to fall, who were there to guide where to be, who were there to advice you to rest when you are tired, who were there to lift when you are about to quit. Those people are your tribe. Connect your heart to the present moment and step ahead. Your journey is where you want to be, your journey is to be happy at the end.
You are
As great as
Kind heart
Nothing less
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Being Human
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