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Meeting you is never a coincidence,we are fated together
It has been ordained that we will met on this day
I thought I lost it all but at the end I gained even more all because I met a special lady "U"
We might be far away
Distance doesn't necessarily ruin a relationship,
because we don't have to see each other everyday to be in love

It Is true that angels are made to be in heaven but some angels are sent on earth to do a special work and am glad you are my angel
I was dark before you came,
i had no love, nor a heart,
as i was lonely, full oh shame,
but now you are here, and our love will never be apart

Your beautiful face light up my world each time I look at your picture
I love to see your beautiful face that makes me say God Almighty you are really great
Your voice so powerful that It brought me into the world 
Into the world of laughs and smiles 
That walks along with me everyday
To bring me joy for endless miles 

Am here writing about u
Singing about you
Dreaming about you
Thinking about you
Playing back all your voices
Looking at your pictures to bright up my day
Remember to say me Hi to your  beautiful nieces

All I could say is God thank u for creating that beautiful day I set my eye on you CHIAMAKA

She can't see your eyes light up when u smile,
And she can't even notice how u stop and look at her whenever she passes by
And you can't see me being in love with you,wanting you every minute like you are in love with her,
But you are all I  ever wanted
she can't see all of u, all your love and care but I can

I just need a shot for me to show you who I am, and let you know for how long I have been wanting you
Always staring at u as u walked pass my street and never stopped wishing that you are mine
She can't know how u wish u could have her but i know cos I also wish to have you
I know you are in love with her , but she can never love u the way I want to
But only if u knew me
We could be unstoppable, beautiful and unbelievable together
There is a light inside u that can't help but shine through
But she' never gonna see the light no matter what u do
All I think of is how to make u think of me
And all that we could be

I just want to open your eyes so that you could know that someone else sees all that your are,the love u wanna share and the care u wanna give
Baby let me love u, let me want u
Because she can't see the way your eyes light up when u smile
And she can never know how u feel whenever u set your eyes on her.........BUT I DO
I love u but she can't
I see u but she doesn't
God always comes first
A man will never exist without Him
He made man in His own image
He creates us
Breathe in life in us
Guides us from infant to adult
Protect us and lead us
Forgives us
Watch over us everyday and night
Even as our body and soul goes to sleep
He bless us with many abundant things in life HE Bless with wife,kids, family and money to take care of them
He is not a man...He is the mighty supernatural being
He does not discriminate
If money could buy life many rich people will live forever
He does His things with equity and fairness
As a gives both poor and rich, tall or fat same life.                                                            ­        
Above all He gives to a man a Good wife

A good wife  is to a man God's blessings and a miracle
A good wife is made out of a man's rib
To become a helper
A companion
A good listener
Created to restore happiness to man
Man always need her....
To build a home...a happy home
To build a future...a bright future
She will give up many things just to be with HIM
She is always committed to her husband
Always by his side to encourage Him and support him
She is always by His side both in good and in bad times
She is the number one fan of her husband
Always ready to fly her husband's flag all over the world
Even when He isn't functioning to His best...she always knows the right time to suggest
A good wife brings the best out of Her husband. With love and understanding
And when he looses his way..she is always there to guide Him
There was a saying that ...................

A beautiful wife  pleases the eye,but a good wife pleases the heart, the first is a jewel while the second is a treasure

All a man could have to be happy and have a peaceful and happy Home is God and a good wife
Some people are just passersby
They came into your life teach you some lesson and leave
Their chapter in your life is gone
That does not make them bad people
They came for a purpose and left for a purpose
If they left you Let It Go

When he or she walks away let them walk
Don't try to talk them into staying with you
Don't talk them into loving you
Maybe she/he is done with the purpose they came for
Don't talk them into staying
Let It Go
Maybe your destiny is never tied to his/her
They left cos u both are not joined together
Let It Go
When they no longer see that good in u
Let It Go
Don't try to talk them into seeing those good

Some do come to your life cos they need connections
They don't really care
They only care about the benefits of been close to u
Let it Go

Don't hold on something that does not belong to u
If their love is with someone else
Let It Go
If they can't treat like a King/Queen u truly are..Let It Go
If someone cannot love u back after many years...Let It Go

Let them Go
We are both Gods creation
Created to love and help one another
White or black it doesn't matter
Love supersedes all
Let us come together as one
Live as one
Be happy as one
Join hands to kick against racism

If you are black maybe  your lover is white
If you are white maybe your ancestors are black
Let us say no to racism
Let be best friends
Love. Each other
Marry each other
Care for each other
And help each other
White man needs a black man
A black man needs a white man
Together. We can make this world a better place
A place we can live a life worth living
Send our kids to school worth going
Fall in love with someone worth loving irrespective of the color

Am black and I wanna mary a white for real that's love
If u r a white and wanna marry a black go ahead that's love for real
Let's make this world better for our kids
Better for our unborn kids
War isn't going to be any good

We might have done so many things
We might have heard so much about how our color as been treated
At some point even I wished I was white cos it seems the black had no place on the planet earth
My heart grows sick with hate, becomes as lead,
For this my race that has no home on earth.
Then from the dark depths of my soul I cry
To the avenging angel to consume
The white man's world of wonders utterly:
Let it be swallowed up in earth's vast womb,
Or upward roll as sacrificial smoke
To liberate my people from its yoke

But one dream changed my mind
The greatest dream ever dreamed by a man
A black activist
Martin luther king jr
Today white walks among blacks and blacks walks among white
White fall in love with blacks
Blacks marry white
That is love

Let us say no to racism and make the world a better place
One love
We are United
We are one
Black +White =Love and peace
Why are u mad at me
Why did u want to see me broken
Why did u want to see my downfall
Why did u want to see my tear-drops
I wonder if my downfall will add to your success...ofcos not
I wonder if my death will add more years to yours...hell no!!!!
I wonder if my tears will add interminable smile on your ugly face....hell no!! No one gets that
I wonder if my cry will add to your happiness....."Listen"
You may write me down in your history with your bitter and twisted lies
Yet I WILL STAND FIRM like never before

I will walk on the street like I got oil well,
Pumping in my living rooms
You may shoot me with your words
You may haunt me with your twisted lies
I WILL STAND FIRM like I got a gold mine digging in my own backyard
You might think your lies are getting at me...hell no they ain't
Rather they make me stronger
They make me STAND FIRM and more focused
They make me strive more for success
Cos that's the only weapon I got hunting u down

From the past that rooted with pain
From the valley of shadow of death
Between the devil and the blue sea I even stand firmer
I'm a black ocean, leaping and wide,
Welling and swelling I bear in the tide.
Leaving behind nights of terror and fear
Into a daybreak that's wondrously clear
Bringing the gifts that my ancestors gave,
I am the dream and the hope of the poor
I want to dance with u till the end of time
Its a cool night
A romantic night
On a romantic dance floor
Floor fill with red rose with sweet scent
With a romantic slow music
We move slowly coming closer to each other with a lovely and charming smile from both of us, cos it feels right to dance together
I want to stop the hands of time so that this night will last longer

I want to hold your hands  
Draw you close to my heart
To see our body close together swaying at the music which only us can hear
Letting it sweep us into Heaven
Come, dance with me there
We'll dance forever; never let go
Hearts in tune hand to hand,
Building love between us
That we barely can stand
It feeds my heart, my soul and my mind knowing that u will be with me through thick and thin
One on one our bodies seal, till the break of day.
But always when the first star shines, my lover comes to
Our hearts are one forever twined, through eternity.
We heal each other kiss to kiss, our love forever true.
With each touch a total bliss, felt only by a few!!!

I want to draw u even more closer
Feel your breath
Perceive the sweet and romantic perfume on your gorgeous gown
I wanna hold that soft palm
And feel the tender skin
Holding your hip drawing u closer
My heart to your heart
My skin to your skin
My breath to your breath

If there is anything I wanna do with u for is to dance with u
I want to stop the hands of time
So we can have much time to have this lovely dance together
I want to hold your heart in my hand and put it right to mine
I want to hold your waist and pull u even more closer and kiss your charming,attractive lips
When I whispered to you into your ear with a low **** and romantic voice and say "I LOVE U"
I want u to kiss me passionately and say I love u too

Dancing with u is right
It feels right to dance with u my love
I will dance with u my love till the end of time
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