"Relaxing on the couch in the dark with a single"
jeffrey conyers 

Cuddle in my arms, you are.
We just enjoying quiet time together.
Relaxing on the couch in the dark with a single candle burning.

Just reflecting back on our relationship.
Like when we first met.
It's been a worthy experience.
One I wouldn't trade for anything.

I remember our first kiss.
It's simply hard to forget.
It was sincere.
It was passionate.
Just like the one I've just given you.

I remember our walks in the park.
Those self made dinners we had.
Those was good times.
Just like those we are creating now.

As we are just cuddling in the dark.
Reflecting back.

"s physical make-up, yet he spends hours relaxing"
Aaron McDaniel 

I’ve spent countless days at the top of a hill
Keeping eyes fixed on an Oxen
I am in love with the Oxen, yet he does not love me
It’s his lack of ferocity that makes me humble
Power is ingrained in his physical make-up, yet he spends hours relaxing
His jaw in constant rotation, others surround him, he barely takes notice
Before I know it, the sun is ending it’s shift
So I must say goodbye to the Oxen
For I must return to a husband with hungry fists

I challenged myself to write a poem for anyone and everyone of my friends that retweeted a tweet on my twitter. This is one of them.
"muscles relaxing,"
Hannah Southard 

Breathe in,
breathe out,
you have just successfully converted oxygen into carbon dioxide,
you have been productive,
you have done enough today to give the trees a job,
like a tired mother,
they go around un-doing everything you've worked so hard on,
muscles relaxing,
tension releasing,
carbon dioxide expelled,
diluted by the oxygen,
lungs burning,
legs aching,
hands on hips,
bent at the waist,
a long red ribbon laying broken at your feet,
inoutin out in  out   in    out,
slowing until it is normal again,
your breathe catches,
heart beating faster,
eyes locked,
a great love epic in the making,
the carbon dioxide sitting in your lungs waiting for you to remember to release it,
screaming lungs silenced by a pounding heart,
insides so loud,
outsides completely silent.
lungs comforted,
heart calmed by the brain,
continue walking,
the trees following behind you,
fixing all the air you have ruined,
and giving it back to you, once again.

"He's the relaxing breath"
Juliette Elisa 

I had a dream bout my dad
I can't remember it now
I know it was good
A dream about my dad
Isn't good isn't bad.

You see I don't remember his voice
I don't remember it at all
So when we talk in my dream
It's like we aint talking at all.

His mouth doesn't move
And his legs don't walk
He walks with me
But he doesn't talk

But With a glance at the eye
I know what he's saying
And I know he said some words
But I can't remember it, nothing

I remember the lights in his eyes
As he looked upon me
Like he was proud
But he didn't say a word to me.

As we drove around the town
He motioned he needed gas
As we did a turn I said
Town changed since you been here
He glanced and said it has.

But as we did the turn
I looked in  his eyes
I said daddy
Can you please hold my hand.
For one last time
He looked like he was
And I'm sure he was about to
But as soon as I blinked
We were in a different dream

The thing was it wasn't a dream
I didn't dream this no
It was a memory.
It was the last time we held hands
I was just a little girl
If i had known it was our last
I would have asked for one more
But  I grabbed his hand
And He held it tight
No matter how old I get
That will always make me cry

i was back in a dream
And He wasn't there
But someone asked where he was
I Looked at the ground and said everywhere.

I came to a conclusion
One that's mighty bright
I decided he's not dead
He's like the holy light.

He's everywhere to me
He is  in  my blood
I'm the air that he breathed
I carry his torch from above

He's the relaxing breath
I breathe
The grooves in my hand
He made them you see
What he made for me
I live everyday for him
Maybe one day in his voice
He'll say he's proud of me

"it's soothing, relaxing, its tranquil, and it embodies life bot"

My mind pities my emotions,
Sometimes it mocks it,
They never see eye to eye...

I discovered something that brings me joy,
Lets call it jimmy,
Jimmy stimulates me...
My soul jubilates because it has finally found something it's compatible with,
Jimmy is like a river flowing, it creates a path where there isnt one,
it's soothing, relaxing, its tranquil, and it embodies life both known and unknown....
Jimmy is like poem, no one interprets it the same way,
it  inspires you, it evokes emotions in you that you have never felt before or were too scared to feel,
Jimmy is what I crave,
but I'm afraid to indulge at the risk of being hooked,
Hooked on every lyric that flows into my soul, unites with my soul,
Oh Jimmy....
If only I wasn't so afraid to embrace you, Jimmy...

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