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George Apr 13
You are selfish, shallow, adrenaline seeking. Blind, short sighted, borderline death seeking.

Thrill catching, leathers matching, fuel flowing, shallow breathing.
The release of control, self preservation is screaming.

Your intrigue for the wild has brought you here. In seeking proximate demise your intentions are clear.

However is there more, to his bottomless hole? More than adrenaline, flight, the search for extol?

Could there be meaning found where reasoning retires? Is there space in this world for simply following desires?

Vast I’m sure is your strength of intrigue. Or fear of what if, what next, what indeed. The roads may be littered, treacherous, packed. But what really matters when all what ifs are sacked?

It’s the smell of the air, the fumes, the tires. Enveloping you whole, until you retire.

No question of when, how or why. No pondering which, what, wondering eyes.

Pure pleasure, indeed, is what we seek. Here and now, not bitter or bleak.

An antidote to chaos, here we have found. Me and my bike, 3 feet from the ground.

TS Ray Nov 2019
If he was with the Queen,
he would be her majestic Cleveland Bay.
But he was with me and
just as regal.

Knowing where to go,
speeding through the meadows in a flow,
judging when to stop with a whoa,
appearing to satisfy my ego,
jumping around the ponds and puddles to forego,
there was no turning or needing to go slow.

I didn’t have to tell him,
he didn’t have to ask me,
I wasn’t heavy for him,
He had a lightness around him.

He wandered,
pondered and
He just did.

Riding for a lifetime,
bonding for a good time,
just know it’s not summertime,
Cos my whitehorse
will be here in no time.

Come, run with me!
Salmabanu Hatim Apr 2019
Winter can be fun too,
For me and you.
Goodbye  to heat waves,
And iced chilled drinks you crave.
Adieus to flies bugs and bees,
Hay fever, poison ivy and also allergies.
Appetites increase,
Cooking and baking never cease,
Not to forget mending and sewing,
And over a cup of hot tea gossiping.
Fire-places aglow,
Whilst landscape is carpeted with snow,
Children enjoy indoor games in the basement below.
Sled riding, ice skating,
tobagonning, and making snowman can be fun,
With the promise of a glowing sun.
In the mornings dad's car can be stubborn,
But a little wooing and engine warm up it can be won.
Winter too is happy time,
More time for poetry, with rhythm and rhyme.
Kenna Apr 2019
Gentle muzzle
velvet soft
lipping at my palm
searching for the treats,
sugar and molasses
a rich combination
only a good horse

Supple leather
worn smooth
over years of dedication
and application
that comes from
this sport.
already promised ahead of time,
three months earlier,
hauling to deserted fairgrounds
a dusky sky setting the tone
for lead ropes
through stock trailer slats
cow dogs
up down sideways
trailing owners between horses legs and rusty pickups.

Tacking up
underneath floodlights
set to the soundtrack
of jangling spurs
and soft nickers.
Younger kids
hanging on the arena rails
drinking syrupy sweet
a tradition
root beers before your run
good luck
in our community.

Foot in the stirrup
old braided reins in hand
broken into submission,
under years
of use.

Slapping hands
with other riders
who already went
slick with sweat
foaming at the mouth
ready to go again
with rippling muscles
still taunt in the sticky summer night,
aching for one last run.
three turns
and a gallop home,
don't care about the money
unless you beat your last time-
your only competitor

Hard packed dirt
pounded down by hooves,
tails swishing at flies
as you wait
for your turn.
Adrenaline and happiness,
an addictive cocktail,
these are the nights
Toxic yeti Mar 2019
These days
There are more wolves
Instead red riding hoods
Those who are
Wearing red
Are vulnerable
My weapons is my mouth
And my minds
Pick your’s carefully.
Out smart the wolves.
Beatrice Knox Mar 2019
Stronger, sharper
That’s what I’ve become
Stronger, faster
That’s what Cappy’s become
Stronger, stronger
Faster, sharper
That’s what we’ve become
Dynamic Duo
Well Oiled Machine
On ground level we fight
But together we work in mid flight
Jumps getting higher
Muscles getting bigger
Minds combining into one thought
Loyalty becoming our strength
Each lesson challenges us
Each lesson we triumph
Always room to become better
Always striving for perfection
No such thing as perfection
We’re never perfect
But we’re always on fire
Kristaps Oct 2018
Oh my tree
blossom child, winter wave-like
eyeshadows and equally
cold stares. Silently

screaming with a closed
mouth. Who ghosts
trough out alone.  Do not

waste your lungs
to ponder. Wolfs of
now might starve with summer, but

the hounds of old will
continue to hunt.  Alas
not sap drop of pitty

do you deserve. You in
cherry cyanide light who
washes in tears of sugar.

The lycans will at last
tear your ephemeral skin. And you'll
learn to slay beasts like man was meant to
bakunawa Oct 2018
it was all my fault
          you were drenched in crimson
you just laid there
not a single
strand of your
snow white hair
left unpainted
with red—
     so still
  so pitiful
            so unnerving
so remorseful
         so convenient
                and so **** sad
      that you're still bleeding.
             clutching to
                  what's left
of your poor
          masochistic breath
                         as if
                 you're too sure
     that this time
              i'll hear you out...
   why won't you be?
          i was so sure
                  you'd be shouting it out
             'go to hell'
           'go **** yourself'
  'die now please'
        'you look like a taxi in that suit'
                      'i hate you'
                                          'i love you'
                  you'd scream everything.
                  like when you said
         'i'll always be there for you'
          'i hope you never come back'
                           when you were hurt
                 you'd shout curses
                      like a prayer
      when you were drunk
   you'd screech songs
             like a drifting car.
                   but right then
                                      you whispered.
         and you whispered so softly
   it was more unbelievable
              than the fact that
      i heard it more clealy
           more soundly
                                     than the time
                    you screamed
    'i'm done putting up with you.'
          "tell me a little lie"
                 "and tell me you'll never"
     "ever leave me this time."
              and you were so peaceful
   this one single exeptional time
          as you tried ever so
              to catch your breath.
        i simply couldn't resist.
                  "i promise."
   "i'll never leave you."
     "cross my heart and hope to die."
               but you never
          did listen did you?
it was all your fault
i'm drenched in crimson
some promises just can't be broken
The best decision I ever made,
was just saying hello to you.
I stopped driving along in life long enough,
to pick up a new passenger to welcome along for my ride.
It opened up a new world to me,
and new wonders and splendor,
and you always have the words of encouragement,
and the perfect things to say,
I mean I never knew that there could be someone like you in this world.
How is someone like you not made up?
An unimaginable wonder,
that seems to exist just to compliment me.
We've built different lives,
made different paths,
but they all seem to converge to one destination,
and that's to each other.
Our roads have come together,
and built a highway,
that only adds more lanes,
as time goes by,
we'll have built the largest,
most well traveled road,
that everyone will want to travel on,
as it'll have the best scenery,
smoothest ride,
and the most amazing pit stops.
Many roads have *** holes form,
but we always have exactly what we need to,
to patch these holes,
as we fix each other,
having the perfect passenger,
as we'd never tire of the other,
and somehow find even more to say,
to each other with no signs of slowing down,
as we increase our speed,
not knowing where we are going,
we do know our passenger will be right there,
riding right beside the other.
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