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Being kind
       Is being gentle
  Dec 2019 infatuatedwithwords
Dear Wildflowers,
How does it feel to be the moons favorite child?
How about the suns personal treasure?
You're born in the spring,
Bloom in the summer,
And creep into our hearts in the winter months.

Dear Wildflowers,
How does it feel when the rain falls on your petals
Washing away your impurities?
Teach me how to guide the wind.
Teach me how to live life
Simple and Easy.

Dear Wildflowers,
How does it feel to be free?
To have no boundaries?
Share with me your secret,
How did you do it?
Did you charm them with your beauty?
Or do you simply have the strength?

Dear Wildflowers,
I envy you.
You're so beautiful,
Graceful as you dance together,
Mimicking the movement of the waves,
Magnifying it.

Every teenage girl who has ever gazed out the wind,
Across the lawn,
And into life's eyes.
Natural beauty
Soft embrace of silk flower
Petal like in flight

©Jon London 2011
Copyscape Protected
  Nov 2017 infatuatedwithwords
Tell me,
have you ever
fallen in love with someone
only to find you fell in love with yourself?
This three letter word fills our days

with doubt,
sometimes reason

Let it not echo throughout your days and steal your peace

For too much of something is not a good thing, and


are no exception
Listening to sad songs doesn't mean you're sad

Maybe you want to explore your range of emotions with a perspective you don't have

Because heartbreak happens when we least expect it


why not be prepared?
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