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erik lubbe Dec 2016
A man. He sits in his chair. A king. He sits on his throne. A God. He sits on the clouds.
No matter how high you sit. No matter how strong you think u are. There is always something bigger. Even in death there is light. Even in birth there is darkness.
No matter how strong you think you are. No matter how high you stand. There is something greater
This is for all the people who think that they are the best. A fair warning you don't rule this world nor do you rule the next.
erik lubbe Nov 2016
A pen on a piece of paper. The pen touches lightly. Then it's black ink spreads. It can take two paths one of dark, or one of light.

When it touches will it write deception and darkness. Lies and ******.

Will it write the not of what's at the end of a rainbow. A child sleeping with her mother.

For whatever this pen may write. Just know there is always good in darkness, and evil in light. For the ying yang brings us balance.
Write a story one of evil list or one of love and romance it's your book your pen
erik lubbe Nov 2016
Angels {sigh}
These angels
More like demons
They come in
Take your heart
They take it so gently
You just let them do it
Then their hand
A hand as cold as winters snow
Crushes it
Breaks it
Shatters it
And leaves you alone
So I'm going to ask you
Angels or demons?
For the one who broke my heart
  Nov 2016 erik lubbe
​It's not where you come from
It's not where you've been
It's not your bad choices
Nor the guilt that flushes in

It's not the people staring
Nor the thoughts in your head
It's not the voices saying
That you're better off dead.

It's the people that's around you
The people that you know
It's the songs that's on repeat
And the poems you read alone

It's the sun rising in the morning
And it's the raindrops splashing to the ground
It's the love that which surrounds you
And the home that you have found.
I found a home. It's not a place, it's not a "somewhere", it's someone.
  Nov 2016 erik lubbe
Sanjukta Nag
Maybe your hair is blue now
Blue like the song of a mocking jay,
Sweet and cold.
Talking to the wind,
Drenching under the faces of clouds,
Waving at serenity.
Towards the landscape
Your feet smiles to happiness,
The white of your scarf softens,
Soften you start moving inside my eyes.
But I keep it still,
Quiet like the fallen particles of sun
On each of your pores,
Who run miles after miles
Inside your skin
Along with the prairie's wings.
There I am a hidden seed,
Sleeping through the eternity,
To dream you near.
  Nov 2016 erik lubbe
There's something about
Love that you
if 99%
of your life
ends up
in failure
that 1%
of luck
for love
is enough
to rebuild
I guess in my file i never got that 1%, one of the reason why i wrote "unlucky". I think its enough for me to say this hypothesis. My failures are always on a safe distance to be okay, so even though this is just an observation, i still think 1% though very small, its enough for a person to stay tough and move through to life and love. Thanks for reading.
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