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Joyce Aug 2019
Because of you I believe in myself again.
You show me how special I am
and that I matter.
You show me sunshine after the rain.
If I feel lonely, you make me feel better.
I miss you everyday.
Your voice and the things
you say to me.
Your touches that warm my heart.
Being with you makes me feel free.
You must know that I will
always be there for you.
Expressing my feelings is what I do.
Joyce Aug 2019
It still feels blurry in my head.
By all the words you said.
I understand how you think.
And I feel you how you feel.
Like a ship that won't sink.
You will sail over rough seas.
And you will not give up
the peace has returned.
We sometimes forget the pain that burns.
But I'll wait for you
no matter how long you need.
You mean love for me.
A beautiful person is what I see.
I hope to see you in my dreams.
I really want to be with you
is what I mean.
  Aug 2019 Joyce
Aladdin Aures H
as the far distance of the skies
the distance from your eyes
then the ground and the stars
the distance from your ears
I send whispers and sparks
and few words for the times
when I used to touch your arms
with that look!, everything charms
here I am calculating the miles
on a woeful stressfull verses
in a camp fire talking to ashes
few words to burn with papers
to fuel my fire with poetry pieces
hear my hurtfull heart weeps
about many shattered dreams
bleeding between the life claws
tell me about her glorious flames
tell me about the hurrican's chase
the world where they hitch rides
tell me about the next goals
remind me about the lost souls
i'm paying the bills for my sins!
but I did not do any wrong things!
gasping breath and washing tears
playing guitar, and the letter sings

Author / Aladdin Aures H.
Joyce Aug 2019
I miss your sparkling voice.
I have to give you space.
I promised you to accept your choice.
You said please don't be sad.
The only thing I want is what we had.
You gave me warmth
that I missed so much.
Your attention and security.
A sweet and gentle touch.
I don't want to cry.
Still tears escape from my eyes.
Feel numb and do my best to stay strong.
I feel the love heavy in my heart
that I carry with me.
In my dreams i see the smile
on your face.
You kissed my lips and hold me tight.
I feel your warmth when my eyes
meet this morning light.
I believe in you that you will
win this fight.
Take your time it is not a race.
I will be patient and give you
the time and space....
Sharing emotions
Joyce Aug 2019
You came into my life
You touched my heart
so intensely.
That there was someone
who fits you perfectly.
Your love grew in me.
You saved me from loneliness.
You made me feel love again.
You don't feel the way you
would like to feel.
The wound is still fresh
and needs time to heal.
I will be there for you
when you are ready.
Give you love and stability.
My thoughts rattle through my mind.
I don't want to lose what
I finally found.
I feel you in the depths
of my soul.
From me to you
Joyce Aug 2019
I'll take you under my wings.
Feel my feathers on every
piece of your skin.
Feel the wind caressing through your hair.
Leave your worries behind.
Feel the peace in your mind.
Feel the love flowing through your veins.
Free yourself from these chains.
I will support you in everything you do.
I give all my love to you.
Feeling protected
Joyce Aug 2019
Your love is like a drug.
I need to have it.
Your words makes me feel stronger.
My heart can’t beat no longer.
If you are not here with me.
I want to feel you skin on skin.
Feel the warmth of your breathing.
While our noses tease each other.
You make me so happy.
When I’m with you.
I’m standing with a army.
Together we win every fight.
In dark nights we follow
the stars that shine light.
I Wish you were here.
So I can kiss you my dear.
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