The wind moaned out loud

"oh my bloody back hurts."

© Pagan Paul (18/01/18)


Once upon a time
my quill danced across your skin
as raindrops on a blade of grass.
The ink spilled like tears,
words formed around your beauty
tracing the curves of a Goddess.

Once upon a time
my heart flirted with your love
as bees above a flower head.
The feelings poured like honey,
caresses formed around your beauty
crying and caring for a Woman.

Once upon a time
my body moved with your body
as waves on a lonely beach.
The pleasure flowed like water,
tides formed around your beauty
ebbing the moans of a Lover.

Once upon a time...

© Pagan Paul (2017)


Hell is in utter chaos
for high upon a lintel
a naughty daemon crept
and hung a piece of tinsel.

© Pagan Paul (13/01/18)


When the feelings run and hide
and when there is nothing left inside.
I cannot even begin to disguise
the fact that I have cemetery eyes.

An empty shell, a carcass, a husk,
autonomic movement from dawn to dusk.
I will not allow my emotions to rise
and bring back life to my cemetery eyes.

There are words I just cannot repeat,
questions and probing, an enforced retreat.
The shutters fall, there is no compromise,
nobody sees behind my cemetery eyes.

© Pagan Paul (2018)

Pagan Paul Jan 10

And so; Zeus condemned Sisyphus
'to Tartarus thou shalt henceforth go.
Thou hast cheated death now twice,
not thrice shalt thou escape below.

And so; Sisyphus again descended
passed Hades and on further down,
eternally pushing a boulder up a hill
from the base up to the crown.

And so; for eternity did Sisyphus
employ muscle, sweat and pain,
to gain the summit with heavy stone
which rolled slowly back down again.

© Pagan Paul (2018)

Pagan Paul Jan 8

is being in the right place
at the right time,
coinciding with the orbit
of another searching
the aspirations that you to seek.
A connection needs attention,
a compliment, a smile,
an enquiry of mutual interest
that engages instantly.
The abdication of convenient norms,
a shift in behaviour,
adopting a new travel direction.
It requires no discrimination,
but an open welcoming mind,
conjoining in parallel convergence,

© Pagan Paul (08/01/18)

Pagan Paul Jan 7

My mind works in mysterious ways,
sometimes a haze, and clear some days,
with words and images is constantly plays,
to create an art that will delight and craze,
seeking inspiration for the perfect phrase
and win a place in your heart always.

© Pagan Paul (01/01/18)

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