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An eagle lands,
as an Empire falls
into the dust of history,
its eye catches the sunset
and it takes to its roost.
Buildings smoke
and climbers climb.
The remnants of what was
clings on hopelessly
seeking to avoid the future.
The eagle closes its eyes
focusing on one lost image.
A fading dream
as the bird of freedom
slips meekly into a coma.
And the serpent of control
oozes in to replace common sense,
tightening the noose
that strangles the eagles legacy.

© Pagan Paul (22/05/20)
Pagan Paul May 10
A month of Sundays intrudes darkly
upon a beautiful soft new Spring.
Casting the shadows of confusion,
growing hope for what Summer may bring.

© Pagan Paul (06/04/20)
  May 9 Pagan Paul
Val Vik
Outdoor lights flicker
as thunder claps
far in distance -
Translucent rain -
merging into green
landscapes. . become rivers
Yellow Ochre atmosphere
into a phase of orange -
Lavender strokes
of lightning -
Shade of mud crimson
We all unite in awe
until it all darkens. . .
Tomorrow comes
My camera can't capture the light, will try to recapture in my mind
Pagan Paul May 9
He stretched the fingers on his hand,
flexing the tendons to loosen them.
Zeus approached the table,
eyes scanning the Green universe.
He arched his fingers over a yellow sun
creating a bridge steady as a rock.
Placing his cue in the bridge crux,
he lined up behind the white dwarf.
A sharp hit just a little below centre
sends it careering towards a red planet.
The white stops dead on a spot,
the red planet hits the edge of the universe,
rebounds back across and disappears
into the jaws of the centre black hole.

Eris smiles and winks at Zeus,
the white is in line with two reds
and the bottom right black hole.
Striking the white with top it punches
through the first red splitting it in two,
its kinetic energy carrying it onwards
to the second red and strikes.
They both disappear together
swallowed and are forever gone.
Eris points at the halved planet
“I guess the people there now know
the world is flat and you can
fall of the edge of the horizon”.
Flashing her smile once more at Zeus.

He returned the smile sarcastically,
looked at Eris and wiggled his nose,
and whoosh …
where Eris had once stood
now rested a delicious golden apple,
a stylish 'K' worked in diamond
adorning the skin of the perfect fruit.
And Zeus looked at the apple.
He placed it on the Green universe,
right over the black spot.
He lined up the white dwarf.
Top and side spin send it off,
passed a green planet, a yellow sun,
and strikes the apple squarely
sending them both into the dark maw
of the bottom left black hole.
“I guess, dear Goddess of Chaos,
you now know this is My universe.
You can play, but you cannot win”.
He racked his cue and went for a beer.

© Pagan Paul (08/05/20)
  May 8 Pagan Paul
Little lily buds look at the sun
they smile and bloom
the morning begins so beautiful.

I worry about yesterday and tomorrow
keep missing out on now.

The more I see,
less I want to say
no longer want to stay.

The days get hotter and hotter
this budding cruel summer
I cannot enjoy the simple flowers
this bed has become my world.

I am tired when I sleep
fatigued awake
I need fresh oxygen to breathe
I've become living bone
all alone
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