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Pagan Paul Feb 2021
Poems are plush curtains,
of words,
pulled together
to hide the world
from the raw emotion
that flows
out of a writer
casting pearls.

© Pagan Paul (14/02/21)
Pagan Paul Feb 2021

Tomorrow it will be better.

You'll see.

You'll see.

© Pagan Paul (14/02/21)
  Feb 2021 Pagan Paul
Val Vik
Heavy drops for days
immitating the sunrays
'the bonds of heaven'
Haiku # 9
I envision a meteor falling into the ocean, and the commotion bursts into rain (at least from where I am standing). Glimmering cobwebs. Chirping birds drying in my domain. What do you see from the ambiguity of a haiku?
Pagan Paul Feb 2021
Someone is waiting behind an unlocked door,
peek around the frame and tell me what you saw.
I am a little bit too scared to take a look,
like turning a page in an old horror book.

You see it may be someone who likes me
and that is dangerous for stability.
The hands are motionless on a timeless clock,
it would be easier if they would just knock.

In theory there is nothing I want more
than someone waiting behind an unlocked door.
I've rehearsed this scene so many times before,
but here and now there is a storm at my core.

It ties up the insides like thick knotted hair,
the thought, the fear, that there is nobody there.
So the man in the corner whom most ignore
has someone waiting behind an unlocked door.

But the uncertainty has its own high cost,
as the door locks shut and the moment is lost.

© Pagan Paul (14/02/21)
  Feb 2021 Pagan Paul
Val Vik
Last night,
I dreamed of the red sun
whose rays have fallen
into the centerline
& swayed into a pollen tube
the birth of Hibiscus

Then, its stigma
swirled into a human heart
& its beat - echoed -
shined through the dark
into a vibrant atmosphere
I could finally see the horizon

it was the beginning...
written on Feb 11th, 2018
wanted to create a poem inspired by a dream
-the creation story
Pagan Paul Feb 2021
I lay here coiled foetal
in my cold cot of nightmare,
the candle that canutes the dark
has long since dimmed and died.

In but a few short hours
the **** will welcome the Dawn,
In but a few short hours
my wracked shivering frame will rise.

And frozen in the deepest night
I stare into the middle distance,
my eyes daring the still darkness
to intrude on my personal space.
But my minds eye blinks once
and I travel far far away,
back through the lonely years
to my tender sixteenth winter.
Directed and ordered to leave
I faced the cold day with all hope,
as gambolling in my ears,
voices of angry authority play.

The cities arms embraced me,
wrapped me in the mantle of adulthood.
A cooper? A Baker? An Iron-smith?
Nay! For me the cloak of the Fool.
And the Court of a Lord called,
capricious capering for entertainment.
Music. Poetry. Stories. Vitriol.
From song to spit spanning an eve.
I amuse the transient courtiers,
fake love, fake hate in delicate balance,
kiss the feet then stab the heart
and the duplicity is just an act.

In but a few short hours
the night will welcome them all.
In but a few short hours
the darkness will claim their souls.

Saints and shadows now sleep
in soft warm beds of feather-down,
the bones of feasting lay cold
like the dead ash in the inglenooks,
and their minds wander through dreams
that no scribe may steal.

The focus of my madness fades
as the horizon is neatly sliced
by a shiver from the sun,
my eyes watch the darkness retreat.
I release a long-held breath
that I stole at the Dusk of a day,
of a yesterday that matters no more,
to embrace the new day with hope.

I confess.
To the moment of Dawn:
I said the duplicity is just an act.
I lied.
And now … I may sleep.

© Pagan Paul (14/02/21)
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