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Rani Oct 2014
You asked me if I liked her.
Because I'm dreadful
At expressing feelings
I told you,
To me,
She's like a cold drink
On a hot summer's day.
Kind of refreshing,
I think.
I guess I kind of like her

- Rani Olivia
Rani Jul 2014
My gums are bleeding;
I've brushed too hard.
Because my words,
Were much too harsh.
And it seems to me
That I'm trying to scrub them away.
And I'm praying that they will not
- Rani Olivia
Rani Jul 2014
You're the rain, and the sun that makes the
Flowers grow.
And I find it hard to see through your
Garden whenever you are close.
I love getting lost in the sweet scents of you.

- Rani Olivia
Rani Jul 2014
Kiss me,
Until your lungs burn.
And I will kiss you,
Until my legs give way.
I don't need to breathe when you're near.

- Rani Olivia
Rani Jul 2014
They asked me if
I'd ever done drugs.
And I told them about
Your eyes.
You were my drug of choice.

- Rani Olivia
Rani Jul 2014
You taught me how to float
When I was sinking.
So why was it
That you allowed yourself to
Why did you let yourself drown?

- Rani Olivia
Rani Jul 2014
I may never have to
Let alcohol pass my lips again.
Because if being drunk,
Is what I want
Then all I have to do
Is be near
- Rani Olivia
Rani Jul 2014
You were the sprinkles
Upon my ice cream.
You added colour,
Favour and happiness
To my bland life
- Rani Olivia
Rani Jul 2014
His voice,
Was like a relaxing Sunday morning.
And just like the day,
I couldn't have it on replay.
- Rani Olivia
Rani Jul 2014
I swallowed the sun,
Because I wanted to be light.
But I followed the moon,
Because I missed the balance.
- Rani Olivia
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