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Haylin Dec 2023
The color blue has always been just that to me - a color. A plain, unremarkable hue that I never thought twice about. It was the same as any other color - no different than the color of a dull pen or the gray skies on a rainy day. It was a common color that I had seen a million times before in a million different eyes.

But then I met you.

Suddenly, the color blue took on a whole new meaning. It was no longer just a color but a reflection of the depths of your soul. Your eyes were like pools of shining ink spread across plain pages, filling chapters of my life with every glance. They were like a bright summer horizon that expanded before me, stretching as far as the eye could see. They were like a vast, infinite ocean of sparkling blue, and I found myself willingly drowning in your color.

Your eyes are not just blue - they are a world of their own, filled with depth and meaning that I never knew existed. They are a window into your soul, and every time I look into them, I feel like I am seeing a new part of you that I never knew existed.

They are the color of your laughter, your joy, your love, and your pain. They are the color of all the things that make you who you are, and I am grateful every day that I get to see them.
Haylin Dec 2023
I'm sorry to hear about the difficult experiences you've had to endure. It's understandable that the fear and pain you felt at a young age would have a lasting impact on you. It takes a lot of strength to trust yourself and listen to your inner voice when those around you have caused you harm. And it's not easy to carry the weight of grief and brokenness within you.

But I'm glad to hear that you found solace in words and were able to use them as a tool for healing. It's amazing how writing can help us connect with ourselves and the world around us. It's inspiring to see that you were able to break down some of those protective walls and allow yourself to live in the present moment.

I want you to know that you're not alone and that it's okay to feel vulnerable and fragile sometimes. You are brave and resilient for continuing to listen to your heart and your inner voice, even when it's hard. And I hope that you continue to find ways to express yourself and connect with the world in meaningful ways.
Haylin Dec 2023
Wow, his eyes sound absolutely beautiful!
I can only imagine the mesmerizing colors that can be seen in them. It's understandable why you feel like getting lost in them.
It would be so easy.
The comparison to the ocean is so fitting,
I can picture the way his eyes shine
Like the sun setting over calm waters.
Interestingly, you would want to see the world from his point of view,
Perhaps there's something special about the way he sees things.
But I can also understand why you might be hesitant
To look too deeply into his eyes,
It sounds like they hold a lot of depth and emotion.
Nonetheless, his blue eyes have left quite an impression on you.
Haylin Sep 2022
They say when you have Autism
That you are this helpless person
A person who doesn't know anything
That no one cares about you
Or they bring pity to you

I say otherwise

I am not helpless
I know how to do things
I know how to live life
People care about  me
I don't want you pity

I am Autistic
Haylin Sep 2022
lies lies lies
they won't stop running through my mind

lies lies lies
convincing everyone I'm fine

lies lies lies
they happen time after time

lies lies lies
and all I can say is I apologize

lies lies lies
they are all that's left inside
Haylin Oct 2021
Loving you...
Is like acid;
I know I will get addicted,
But I can't help but ingest it.

Loving you...
Is like colors;
It has many shades with millions of layers,
To peel back and watch its beauty emerge.

Loving you...
Can not be described using all the words and phrases in the English language.
They know who they are
  Sep 2020 Haylin
Waves cleave the cliffs
The birds ride the wind
The night fills the soul
I cleave to you

The sand polishes the toes
***** tango in the sand
Stars perform ballet in the black
The fire sparks against the stillness

Waves cleave the cliffs
The birds ride the wind
The night fills the soul
I cleave to you
another product of my English class
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