Emerson Nov 9
I'm told education is important
And I agree
But is school trying to make me stressed?

I'm hearing about a 50 page assignment
I'm already stressed
I am told I am presenting something next week
More stress

What do they want? My best?
I'm not at my best when I am stressed
Many students like me would know

Sorry miss I know I forgot that homework.
I was stressed
I am too stressed
Yes I'll do it in the weekend
When I'm supposed to be relaxing
Free from the chains of school
Yet somehow
The chains are still there
And they're stressing me even more
Sorry hust had to ramble
Emerson Nov 5
i have been here for a very long time since the start
i have been watching everyone
charge at us
with sticks, stone, weapons and words
giants, gas, fire, fury
bombs and chains

but they vanished. or they learnt to love us
some study us like aliens
because they are fascinated
(but aren't we all fascinated in mysteries?)

i am as confused as them
i should be gone
but i rose like a pheonix from fire.
everyone says it's a miracle. but they don't tell me
why am i here?
'what is the secret to his immortality?' - Mark Twain, talking about the jews.
Emerson Oct 28
on the left you may see the beautiful magnificent structures
made and created in the cities

please ignore all the homeless that are in rags
and the people who are not bothering to help them with their problems

don't worry
they'll be fine
they'll be just fine once they get to heaven

next stop, the propaganda made by the government
Emerson Oct 18
let me talk about pink
she's seductive and sweet like sugar cookies
wild and free than the flowers growing over the meadow
loving and proud like the cherry blossom trees that stand tall
beautiful but deadly like the rose and her thorns
she's energetic, she's loud
she's silent, she's artistic
but know she will always be strong
stronger than the illness she's connected to
stronger than the world
stronger than every hateful or heart breaking word that hits her
sometimes she might fall
sometimes she will tumble
sometimes she will collapse and cry for a while
but she will rise again
like the sun always does in the morning
and the moon in the evening
she will become strong again
and will never give up
Emerson Oct 11
It’s  not that
I don’t appreciate
The words “are you ok?”
Because I know you are concerned
But first
Take a look at me
And ask yourself
“Do they look ok?”
In a bad mood. Sorry.
Emerson Oct 9
I know it sounds
So utterly dull
And strange to
Some of you
But here is
A description
Of me
Like you asked

I am a child born as snow fell
On the day David Bowie died
(Technically a few years before that)
A little late
But still good
I was as quiet as a mouse
I never cried or complained

But when I got older
Things changed
I didn’t act like other children
I wore brown each day
Which turned to purple
And now it is shades of
Blue, black and grey
Things were confusing
And a woman kept seeing me
In my home
Asking me questions
And showing me videos and pictures
Of a million different emotions
On a million different faces
And I mostly stayed alone
In the playground

I then researched myself
I found out what I have
It’s a little something
That makes me a little mad
But not bad
I don’t understand different emotions
I know what happy is
I know what sad is
But people don’t show their emotions truthfully
And I can’t understand it
I hate it when people talk
I don’t like trying new foods
I don’t like being touched that much
Unless I know the person
And processing information
Is a little hard

But I have a few abilities
So I’m not a disability
I see patterns everywhere
I remember random facts
I see the trees and not the forest
I am emotive and mostly understanding
And of course
I write my dreams
My thoughts
My opinions
My life
Through poems
And questions
And the nice thing is
No one minds
No one cares
They don’t mind that I am me
They don’t care how I do things
if you see any song lyrics that I am referencing or any other references, let me know!
Emerson Oct 5
Things that annoy me

1: parents telling you what to do
2: parents telling you that they wouldn't do something bad to you when they already did
3: parents telling you who to talk to
4: parents saying things that make you feel insecure even though they say they don't mean it  
5: ****** politions
6: racists
7: homophobic people
8: people who preach too much
9: killers or murders
10: close minded people
11: death
12: ****** people
13: people who aren't obvious
14: people who yell too much
15: people who try to stop you from being yourself
16: Favouritism with children
17: people who write lists of what annoys them
Sorry just needed to vent
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