Emerson 6d
It’s  not that
I don’t appreciate
The words “are you ok?”
Because I know you are concerned
But first
Take a look at me
And ask yourself
“Do they look ok?”
In a bad mood. Sorry.
Emerson Oct 9
I know it sounds
So utterly dull
And strange to
Some of you
But here is
A description
Of me
Like you asked

I am a child born as snow fell
On the day David Bowie died
(Technically a few years before that)
A little late
But still good
I was as quiet as a mouse
I never cried or complained

But when I got older
Things changed
I didn’t act like other children
I wore brown each day
Which turned to purple
And now it is shades of
Blue, black and grey
Things were confusing
And a woman kept seeing me
In my home
Asking me questions
And showing me videos and pictures
Of a million different emotions
On a million different faces
And I mostly stayed alone
In the playground

I then researched myself
I found out what I have
It’s a little something
That makes me a little mad
But not bad
I don’t understand different emotions
I know what happy is
I know what sad is
But people don’t show their emotions truthfully
And I can’t understand it
I hate it when people talk
I don’t like trying new foods
I don’t like being touched that much
Unless I know the person
And processing information
Is a little hard

But I have a few abilities
So I’m not a disability
I see patterns everywhere
I remember random facts
I see the trees and not the forest
I am emotive and mostly understanding
And of course
I write my dreams
My thoughts
My opinions
My life
Through poems
And questions
And the nice thing is
No one minds
No one cares
They don’t mind that I am me
They don’t care how I do things
if you see any song lyrics that I am referencing or any other references, let me know!
Emerson Oct 5
Things that annoy me

1: parents telling you what to do
2: parents telling you that they wouldn't do something bad to you when they already did
3: parents telling you who to talk to
4: parents saying things that make you feel insecure even though they say they don't mean it  
5: ****** politions
6: racists
7: homophobic people
8: people who preach too much
9: killers or murders
10: close minded people
11: death
12: ****** people
13: people who aren't obvious
14: people who yell too much
14: people who try to stop you from being yourself
15: Favouritism with children
16: people who write lists of what annoys them
Sorry just needed to vent
  Oct 1 Emerson
Baby Panda
You called me
A *****-*****
When you woke
And I smiled
In response

Baby Panda
When eating
Fruity pebbles
With almond milk
You croaked like
A frog, croak
Over 20 times
And got up
To spit in the sink
Excessive saliva
In between
Each bite
I asked you why
You croak
I smiled
And say
Never mind

Baby Panda
You ran to me
Sobbing as if
The world was ending
My socks!!!
No more clean
****, I forgot
To dry them
You pace
As you're forced
To go barefoot
Feet ****
For longer
Than an hour

Baby Panda
I return to
You're stash
Of a room
And picking up
Your pajamas
I smell an
Of both sorts
Soiling your
Red faced you enter
I smile and
Remind you
To let me know
Next time
And not to
Throw it on the
Wooden floor

Baby Panda
Socks on smooth
Shoes tied with
Quadrupled knots
You head to your
Room, radio blasting
Some radio talk
Station about comedy
Until 8:21 rolls around
And you run
Like a bullet
To the bus outside
Our house
I smile as you yell
No matter what room
I'm in

Baby Panda
I worry for you
The second you walk
Out the door
Because you have such
Big, terrifying emotions
Yet a small filter
On your words, thoughts
Of your own body
Despite the fact
That you're turning
Into a real teen
Before the summers end

Baby Panda
I wish I could help
In ways I cannot
I can't read your mind
Though you think
I should
Know how by now
I can't make socks magically
Not hurt, or have people
Not get ******
When you randomly shout
When your last conversation
Was regarding food
And I can't
Stop the madness that
Overtakes your body
Every time you get ill
Physically, mentally

But Baby Panda
I love you now
And always will
My baby, 12 year old brother
Emerson Oct 1
Can you clear this up for me?
I was told autism is a 'spectrum disorder'
It is Autism Spectrum Disorder
Spectrum means a circle of unless colours in different shades
Light or dark
Hot or cold

So why is it rated by functionality?!

I am 'high functioning', I can succeed in life with no support.
If that is the truth
Why do I panic at every sound?
Why can't I process information?
Why am I not as social than I should be?

I know someone who is 'low functioning'
I am told they won't succeed at life
But they draw beautiful pictures
So does that mean they will not succeed?

So tell me
Is the spectrum a lie?
Or is the functionality a myth?
Emerson Oct 1

I hear all these names at once
I hear all these things at once
I can hear everything

A glass just shattered
It was loud for them
It was louder for me

Don't be rude!

"I need to get some more raspberries tomorrow-"
"Remember Harry's anniversary is next week-"

All these words combined
Making me lose my mind

"I need to get- Harry's anniversary is  next week-"
" remember- some more raspberries tomorrow-"

I'm shaking
I'm being stared at
I can't see
But I know they're staring
Don't take pity
I'm used to it

There's a woman touching me
She's touching my shoulder
She's speaking in a 'can I help you ma'am?' voice
But I can't hear what she's saying
It's under-

"Get a chair!"


I see her again
She's rubbing my back
I think I'm screaming
I can hear screaming
I don't know if it's me
It doesn't sound like me
But it also sounds like me

"What's up with her?"
"Don't be rude!"

The room blurs.
It fades.
Everything fades.
Then I'm outside.
The woman is still there.
She's still speaking in that ****** voice.
I wanna tell her that I'm not a toddler.
But I do appreciate what she did.
So I decide not to be rude
Emerson Sep 30
I will be the red in your blood, the colour that bleeds from you
It bleeds when you ruin it
That beautiful skin
I will be the red blood that is within you

I will the orange in the soft glow of your bedroom light
I will be there, every day and every night
Letting you fall into a deep sleep
I will be orange light that will glow forever

I will be the yellow in the sunshine
That lights up your pretty smile
I will have to leave sometimes at some point
But I will be back
As the yellow sunshine

I will be the grass green that bends under your bare feet
When you roll around and laugh with joy in your heart
I will always be there, no matter where you go
I will be the green grass that surrounds you

I will be the blue in the evening sky
The blue in the sea you watch each day
I will sometimes be a little stormy so I hope you forgive me
I will be the blue that follow you

I will the purple in the night
As the world starts to fall asleep with you
I will leave but inky temporarily
And I will guide you to bed each night
I will be the purple night

I will be the pink in the flowers you pick
And wear in your hair and around your neck
I'll die someday but I regrow
So don't worry, I won't go
I will be the pink flowers

I will be the White Walls that protect you
Day and night
Morning or evening
I will soak up all the loud noise
And keep you safe
I will be the White Walls

I will be the grey in the rain
That falls and creates puddle at your feet
I will cry with you when you are sad
Embrace you when you want it
I will be the grey rain

I will be the black in the words you will read
You will read them someday I hope
Maybe you'll remember or forget
But remember this
I am the black words you will always read
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