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Tones of choice
Chance meeting with a lead
Sorts viable, to which we voice
Rhymes of dismay, and sharing dread?

Spare few, somewhere further up the road
Seeing the cold shall, today is a reach
Of promised culture, we accept to hold
The tongue of doldrum and fate, a worldly each

Token shrewdness, the act of harmony...
Staid and fancied with refrain's, of composure
Tenuous to expect, a relationship with an enemy
That stole our kisses, with a muse, clever...

Sunshine that didn't believe in heat
Hence an instinct, that regret's your might
Anecdote in favor, of redoubt to finish it's meet
With a resolve profound, that even will, a sight

A sock puppet...
A roguish season to smile, with candor...
A cherub in the eaves, to hush the trumpet...
A walking nightmare, with a real enough hunger, for...?
It ain't me...
It ain't need...
It ain't seen...
It ain't lead...

So called urge, to wrap a callous soul
Around a gun, fair time in a handful of rice?
Spare or set in one's ways, obvious to a loll
Taken to right's and unearthed memories, a soldier of spice

Will know this, the tact of heed for a greater picture
Silence is a waiting woman, men with a role of decency
True to their since and amen, we are to adjust to a surety
With a reason and a fact, that has the world for history

Intellect, for a finished lip
In the swoon and rhyme, we select for dance?
Realize a care of me, the youth I give, is it
Time to tell, the notion of courtesy, with blindness we stance

****, motivated to a call, the worth in a capable let
Of legend and myth, mixed until hell freezes over
Future anxious, further anxiety...
Has you on the fence, with a sense, of younger lover's?

Judge honesty, in the yard...
Welcoming the party of decision and vote, the tows of sweet
Water and youth; are we the skill of might, in the sight to pardon?
Saving you from the done, and by willing forces, a livid secret...
Fame is a vanity on the move
Spare and persuaded for a cue
Of powers and share, we ne'er avoid sanity
To look far and wide, a promise that has made due

Alacrity, to voice a uniqueness's opinion
Half and tendered start, to a rallying curiosity
Shall to fore, the image of integrity we mean
Lend adore or worth, to a sight of virtuosity...

Milling about, and rather to tell a tale
Of assurances vices, time thought a reason
With a courage of distance and heraldry, never fail
The cause of patience is for our meager and silent season

Resolute, and intoned with irony
Yet to be named a savior of decency, in quiet norms
The instinct of decision is us, a heart of cacophony
To be renamed bastion's judgment, for a sate that forms

A willful liberty, to atone a future of commit
A stirring hour, that is to be found with simple purity
A gestures fancy, turned to chaste, that has a new whit
A levity's scope, to tell a new story of your peace, and charity

Fame is a family of more
Same and safety to incline a reach, of better ideals
Real enough to claim a certain ask and beheld, implied or
Special and heiring a stone, we find was a sight to heal...
David Hilburn Sep 10
Friends and lovers
Sat for the question, we live to be
Asked this thought, over and over
Will a hopes seclusion give us time, to need?

Truth and fondness
Till a clover has its music, a wish
In the stars to remain, the courage to bless
A tale of summation, we found for a kiss...

Patience and handsomeness
Taken to reason, the irony of another here
And now the fun we season with a smile, coming for us
The turn of history into a waiting gift, too liberal to near?

Resolve and heroism
Today was the idea, the hour to ponder
Thoughts of conscience in a handful of kindness
Strong in the voice we let, limes and light we wonder...

Story's and worthiness
Simple ideals in love, with a new guidance
Of virtue in our esteem, the ironic guest
To know, in vice we sow, hearts of romance?
And arriving in bared eyes, to darken a room
Curious over the name of a voice that has
The time, with a risk to turn long looks, of doom...

Into a vanity of sorts
The walking upheaval or the heed of a share
We find too much more than a pace of distance, and mores
Of a clash with sincerity that has the look of simple care

Wall's, begins the voice
Have two names for it, et. al.
Heroine, we see your destiny, the total of choice
Made to order and select its own, as if flowers predict well

Dourly, the notion of implied faces, and their new nature
Of a waiting star, some were about, some were now
Some were a hero, to know seldom with a such, a curiosity
In the spare tastes and freedoms we make a romance, so how...

Turns of light into a sharing heart?
The sacred in a wondering heat, is a creation to view a need
With the solemn, to say with a new voice, shall and part
Let the day save its wealth in our hands, the person and the deed

Beauty so let, daring a legend
Have a soul for a second, something to do...
With a season to say when, a here after in tradition
Is our blessing come from the beginning, we knew...
Into every person's life, some take to heart, a rain is the next, rainbow
Hint from a fire
Set in marvel's simplicity
To tell the tale of senses, we seek for ire
A total of essence with a risk, towards complacency

Shadows of contempt, the irony of final ends
Sharing and staring, caring for a friend
With lasts and youth, to swear to a legend
Aren't we the chosen, with guidance and silence...?

Stirs of ancient heat, the truth to be told
Today is a intuition vied for, a view of seldom
And chances lover, with a carnal tooth, are we to hold
A chastity in arms of duress, or is a liberty ours to come?

Taint a rhyme, but a reasons song?
Pain and peradventure, the truth was a fashionable lip
Sour and curious, tomorrow is for the irony we wronged
With a step in the right direction, with a notorious gift...

Here and now, the strength of vice
When sweet is a rage, saying the devil is in love
Have the conscience of victory's small, but elect to our sigh's?
When a hope has a creation to run, isn't their a clue to offer...
Sincerity around about now, seems to begin here...
David Hilburn Aug 26
Adage known so well
Remember me, when you see a rainbow
Still to edge towards eternal this, a real enough bell
In heaven, to remind a fate of persuasions, how...

Home in the soon
Well worth reasons, to verify the coming and going
Of shared ideas, of silence we are born to rue
The causes we adore or war, a shall in the holding

Hope with a remorse, to tell the other side of the truth
Them and service to an ideal, conscience
Is a relationship with deed and heed, a powers youth
To wager in loving circles, the irony of us, is peace's silence

Speaking up
With the appropriate few, the sooner
We begin to build such a house, a corner of us
Is to be a clash with sorrow and its meaning, a world undue to heir?

The reality of a new limit, if not light
To gather the season of vice, and a voice to maintain
The quality of freedom we know will, for all's truer might
The composure of firsts, a legend to tell the more, we can
David Hilburn Aug 14
Lots of love
Set to a romantic first
Introduce the since, for a reality, enough
Of a kindness to distance ourselves from worsts

Introduce ancient minds
Worth one more note, than a callous seem
Today we announce our best, bless me for feeling
The moment with your words, a person's whim

Loan me the tools
To take the times, to a reason in strength
If not liberty, that has minded the fools
Of vice, versions of common poise, we hear by length

Take the time, to the seasons
Merely, most and mighty meant
Seasons that came and went with our reaches
For simplicity to be a quiet interval to guises we, lent

Find me when the party is over
Chances are, now in the throe of destiny tired
And ready to see the world in a new light, a new lover?
Perhaps a shadow of even more, a lip's imagination acquired
David Hilburn Aug 13
Salty tooth
With a problem for uniqueness
Tall orders for humanity, a salt we rueth
In vague ways, the courage it took, I guess...

And an age old, tribulation
Force and merit make the better eye
Take the time, to loosen an intuition
That has the voice of an angel, but the belly for sides

Strength's so sordid
Trust and hours until the chaste of vexation?
Inclined feet, to welcome a future marvel, in hidden
Eyes, the total of justice is a longing look for insular...

More, and the tout of a new friendship
Seen this side of hell, the looming heat
To question the nature of senses we fit
Into neat boxes, the truth to live once, with God to meet

Shown the door, taken with the first and the last
To tell a different story, then the embarrassment of crying
For a salty tooth, that has seen the imagined pass...
Of courtesy, curious enough to share a kind, a trying
David Hilburn Aug 13
Sense, a tiger
Low and spare, the forest
Has a new name, sharing aspire
Set if went, met if silent, get if lest

Powers of distance, the risk in appalling
Through and vice, today we hear darkness
Save a star that has need, a rage in all hands
The tow of treatise, to favor a kind, in seasons

None of the above? and a star when swallowed
Home is where the heart is? a darkness to avoid
See, the promise I chose? despair is never sense hallowed
Look for a friend in a biding? name me after home, and a choice

In kisses...
We see the total of a moment to claim
The good nature of portent's wishes
Made to come for a severity, in our hopes and dreams...?

In hisses...
Still alluded too, a might to mention the neglect
Of a question in a sour beauty, we seek as is
A stare of sincerity challenged, with the fruit, we reflect...

In misses...
This hour of season and control, is an alive avarice?
That has seldom in our lap, the tact of dour promises
Like a half of solemn stares, are we in the direction of a sigh's?

In cities...
Spare as comforting hap can be, friends of a future
See the hope you make for a sign, that ends in oblivions litany
See the rose comfort a child, in it's tree, with a fire so curious...

Introduce the spy...
Color and needs in a round eye, with cloth to spare
Have aged weal, with a soul for heathen to admire
The tow of your fame, a salty stare at a shined coin, with no character...
Haunt of a fire
Set to charisma
Silence excepts indigency, an ire
Somewhere, forte is a class above

Destined meanings
So around, for a very
Intoned stoic, a heart of gleaning's
Has voiced our feeling, to carry

The price of compare
Sense in a taste, so long
Shown become, become share

Since we are...
Chosen to cope, lest of bother
More of a vanity, than war
We are the hope we utter

Life to a limit
With a callous guard, selection
Of a warmth and poise, ours to whit?
Can the eyes of did, have our soul, to the ends of an intuition?
Share a tone
Of voice, set to right's
Composed of a courage's home
Simplicity to move, among might's

Kisses that alienate works?
Let in the burden's we accept are, is
Time meant form, spirit, and certainty?
Sharing the tone of bliss...

Tall memory's, worth haste's moment
Complete in the eyes of life sulking
Hap, to admit the light relents
Here is a wish, wizened face's found integrity's halting

Presumption irony, the tale of a cause
Baring the stone of consideration, a walk
Of promises and unique longevity; a reason seen, a reason thought
Truth in its marvel, to select silence as a fate's fulfilment...

Tired eyes, with consciences to direct...
Given over to antiquity, gall and gaiety without...
A tranquility learned, a quiet to reflect...
God in his mercy, climbing to sense, to pout...
David Hilburn Jul 29
Born to peace?
An avid picture, living well to do
In the grasp of others and wise, adding a feats
Surprise, like the common exhalation of who...

Burdened with irony
Stirring the sight of contemplation
Sulking has me by the familiarity
Of a concern, in the name of popularity again

Bought wisdom, purposed energy
Sensitive voices to affirm the notion
My brief encounter with fame, is a human decency
In distance and harmony, for a liberty's portion

But, is the silence I break, a tradition?
Today is a behalf to understand, harrowing or courtesy
The ripeness of our tongue, to collect an intimation
Will a survivor of my promises, begin to worry?

And the tone of a required voice, to the table
With the past, present and forever known to relent
Is my notion to accept you, from fact or fable?

Long in could, modest if apprehension shows true
Saving guarantee, if graceful eyes, seem to bestow anarchy
Letting us and a friendship in heaven, come complete to you
David Hilburn Jul 24
Pies in a round eye
Shown to be, the coming rain
Reigning with ourselves, mirrors or lies
To take advantage of a meager silence, that came

My name...
Pride in a rolling haze
Suggesting the health of compliment, to shame
The world you seek, is a round eye in a daze

My calling...
To wishes that subtlety claimed is vanity
Doors of acquired tastes, and the bother of falling
Into sincere enough arms for a rush of sanity

My home...
Songs that care for one step more, thresholds
Of courage with a stiff upper lip, see the known
Like a friend has two fates, willful or guidance's jewel's

My number...
Tree's of fortitude and exaction, expecting one in return
Totaled hindrance and careful reasons, taken to fruit of the humbler
Advance of conscience on a rule of thumb, that is a prowess's quiet earn

My silence...
Is bought by it, et al
Judged like the marvel, we tell a story to, on the chin
Living day to day, in a head to share, what will...
David Hilburn Jul 13
Ice we keep
In deep pockets and sore eyes
Looking well, for a space to reap
The rise of joy, as a callous dole we were, sigh's

Let with sour, the role of cope
Saved in the airs and heed of cloistered kind
Will we find the since, a shadow and a light to hope?
Powers of entourage to carry forth, the mind

Sanity in view
Patience is a word to the wise, with no poise
To collect the irony, without an hour, that is anytime soon
Found in the lips of fury first, than a friend of our only choice

Ice is an enemy...
With a soul for the fights we understand
For a decency worst, and a judgment for what was coy
Like a lion that never began a race, without you to question...

We have found water, we have found what
Is a challenger with anger in our loft of arrogance
To discuss an answer, that has the mind of discipline so mutual
That the energy of uniqueness is the blessing of wisdom's amends

That have never, and been for a friend
Looking softly for a lam of difference and hours, until cold
Shoulders have the voice of complacency, to issue a new sign
Of sense in sides and avarice, which when sated, are us to behold

Lots of words no one can understand, without becoming one
**** or the obvious smart, the hindrance we avoid is us anew
That has become the house and home, of mediocrity we won
From the silent and chiding swallow, we never knew, without you
David Hilburn Jul 12
Anti to warm
Silver bells and pleasing skies
Just a sight to warn

Silent partners with love
Turn to the yearn of a friends couth
Disguised not, but let the shown discuss

A wall may waver, a light sprung
Set in the way, our hearts conceive, rueth
A soul of integrity knows well, the song

Fated flesh, since in lowly eyes
We are the rapture, a harmony to do
Your impossible, see the heaven's seem why?
Time without how?
Trying the blessing of alive and sound
Today is a greater man, to allow
Terror and a **** end, to a prayer found...?

Looking the other way...
Stirring home with a role in patience
Simple question's come to mind, to same
Long before I remember have, love was my fate?

Sense to honor, sense to aid
The times are a treasure sent to the known...
Welcoming the fancy, the antsy and the intellect to sate
I see with my little eyes, a reason in catch and comb...

Marvel with him...
And add true the dole we save for a conscience
That has a lift of spirit, to accept the toil of limits
To the decency we afford, and cause curious, see is our lessons

Merry with his...
Today is a younger vice, than candor can ostensibly afford...
Looking for obvious each, and the person of reality to is
The rationality of a care in the same, have my word?

Marry with he...
Life in the torrid, and profuse example?
To work in unison that completes, the energy
We found in love, to know the calm of staidness like a health

Mercy with us...
Is a looking man, to keep the best of problems for all and modesty?
Rises and falls, of considering the tout of uncertainty, to discuss
A reaching home, with a risk on its shoulder, and hip to guess...

Memory with silence...
Has a voice that begins here, to say the obvious
If not the share of possibility, that some ask sense and sins
If a ghost has cares and efforts in the since, we are lady love...?
Time is an issue we adore...
Time is a hour, to witness the world
Time is an act of goodness over sakes we war
Time is a legend worth repeating, as if sense could

When set to serve, an angel a home
Does a creation in have, heed the silence we more?
Mercy in the scope of real enough alike, to atone
Half of nothing to see in the past, is still all for...

Another half of commitment
To wish with its roles of charity's fire and vehemence
What has the condition of my hand, to present a same meant
Courage under the tongue, or courage over such chances?

Begun in the lore we state, is our only love
To know and to trust, the coming hour to ourselves?
Looking well and fine, the taste of strength to come
Will a shred of human decency, have a look at what delves?

Time is a guarantee
To continue with semblance, the tryer at the door
Seeing the imagination we purpose, and dote, is seen
To continue in the way of relationship's that to some, are worth or
David Hilburn Jun 24
Sorry to know you
Sorry to keep a word to the wise
Sorry to hold contempt, a mind to blow
Sorry to save a sweet reason, you despise

Sorry is one to never forget
Looking out, for a friend to save the world
Shame and stirring a just, need to let
Will we still be friends, if I tell you early?

Sincerity in motion, the sight of completion
To these we are the profound, a comely insight
That knew the stoic, the few, for a saner intimation
When safety is areared to cope, are we certain we might?

Sorry, I fell in love...
With the blessing of heed, a worth to come by again
With the seasons of conscience, and the rules of thumb
That did look and see, the moments we favor with them
David Hilburn Jun 19
Lent a thrown
Mighty mention in a form, to own
A herald of since, and again, this

So sweet, the verses of a bible
Lore among sincerity, a covenant of also
And meticulous keep, to explain liable
The rise and fall of life, to principle's of though...

Those and the caring in future's of spirit
We call upon and claim, is a world to reserve
A strength for the coming hour, to hope and whit's
Adding but the meant, for meaning a new ideal, worth...?

Society at large, a health to remind us
The mercy in a stare of a lifetime
Is still with us, the composure of courtesy to a discussion
That has the day like the all of us, where there is call, there is trying

Let one more time, and with a voice
The arbitrary and the meager, to save a creation
That has chosen paradise, as well enough alone, loyalty
To become the still thriving and bared decision, of our cares intuition...

What would a stranger say, if a callous heed became a forces unity?
Like the rainbow of yore, time is an issue to overwhelm the could
With a greater cause than the collapse of love, into notion's duty
See the senses play amid power's and prayers, and we are the first of many, to see the good...
David Hilburn Jun 16
Found in a poem?
Silken marvel to hear a passion
Let among sour, the tale of a questioning home
Livid and its almost friend, of rascals and wondering

Light in the tree's, so confirmed for a glades wish
Through and through, the idea of love
Halts, and savor's a granted moment we relish
And prove is just same, as a home to wander about a covenant

Singing our praises, a bird of hardy exception, will take note
Look and see the imagination we prophecy
Is a clarity in reach, of cloud, sunshine and a breeze to devote
Itself and privilege is, the guarantee of another day

When we are simply the might
Today has seen the better of a sore truth
Welcome us to a legend in the habit, we sigh is a further right
To acceptance, and cares, we still define as a callous youth

Play? and see a marvel become the irony of earning us
In solitude we know no better, than to take the our, for offering
A shrewdness in the lend, and scatter for beckoning another thus
To a decidedly odd, but merciful clamor that has a soul to seek

Worth? and see a miracle know the spare to divine astuteness
Share and be, dare and lead, a willful eye to gall's redeemed
Time in its eternal march to wisdom and order in heed, that has a bless
To share, and keep intrinsic, a shadow of a changing thought for what we were, another's whim
Markedly familiar
Silhouettes liking the kiss
Patterned firsts, and a season willing
To see the world is all and is

Timely notion
To tell a union is truth
Given the spare, and walk of devotion
The sight of special lip's, that I rue

Charisma, is a stone living when all of a treasure?
Patiently the common to sing, to see the kind
We are, a beauty in motion and sincerity's pleasure
Will we heed the conscience we make, for another to mind?
David Hilburn May 26
Kiss me kindly
Secret's in the arranging, dance?
Sworn to order, and meant with real speed?
The music is forth and due, a fond assurance...

Seldom do we enter, the doors of austere must...?
Without a hand to shake, and simple looks...?
Toward the day, into night we beam, is us
Recreating a handsome reason to entertain, what adage cooks...

Patiently, the craving for ought
See to essence, and the calm before the stern
Gall and anxiety are forces, we dole to lucre's lot
See me in the keep, worth worlds fate, a spirit to earn...

A handful of salt...
A smidgeon of future call and how about, suppose...
A legendary loyalty, to quicken the pace of sense, ulterior...
A moreover and done, with a requited first to repose...

Do you notice a persistent rumor?
Look, and seek the decision of friends to collect once, mere
Exacting real sincerity, as if more is ours...
The tale of distance to have and said, a fact so dear...

Dare of a lifetime, to win the promises you leave to senses
Sorts lend, a word of wishes we find, are a shadowy host
Sent to us for a liberty's clue, and question's of who is silences?
Who, an élan with reasons deep in pockets that curiously, come to life in decency, so...
Wow, no more ginger ale until the room clears? I lead presence...
David Hilburn May 25
Patiently yours
Welcome home, to a daring
Here and now, the irony to detour
A sweetened burden, that also is hearing

A heart of dismay
Share and see me, have a love
Letting simple is and ask, become a world to say
And cope with a curiosity of yours, us

Spare the sworn duty, and make a little kiss a dream
Timely to a different cause, we have the silence
Of a coping that has seen the better, become a team
Effluence is such a work to admonish, like again

A butterfly in the stomach
A butterfly with a song in heed, and minding the gift
You made, for appreciation's start, look where we look
Talk where we talk, and walk where we walk, is...

Ruin we will know, the run to future strength
And a happier deed, than a clash with possibility
That saw the unique have the dream, we took for lengths
Of another guarantee of when avidity finalizes a smile, we could see...
David Hilburn May 11
Peace is my friend...
Still worthier, with a careful intuition
Sit by mind and miles, a cause to lend
Us, a shrewd forgiveness, and a history all along

Presence of time, present's of kind
Sorry, acknowledgement
A praised behalf, is a looking passion to find
The curiosity we select for mustn't to relent

Tows we counter, with a paradise...
Powers that begin, powers that befit ends
In the imagination of hands we introduce as a scrupled life
With the common reach for sense, that has it to mend

A whole sincerity, of waiting eyes and sating enough...
Truth and charisma in lead ways
Reality to fend for ourselves, a land to clarify privilege such
With a room for courteous means, for pause mays

Letting the hap of suggestion
Convincing a shadow is no place for fear, except to mere
And dear, opposites of convened intimation
We save a friend with causes we need, and by distinction, to near

Suddenness in love
Taking the time to exist and belay a chance to me
Persons of interest in view, the hope in a call to us
The succinct tone of a voice, coming to clarify every gesture a peace keeps
David Hilburn Apr 30
Red raspberries
And a tea to soak up for the day
In a laugh, and tear let to carry
Am I the sense I make, when alienation may

Strange to know you
All of a gall, and sour chances that made you
A whole guest in the lore, we blame for due
Practice and needs to work, a magic known only as should

Stares at a blank wall for the best it has to offer
Sat still, to remember a calm
That collected under my nose, a resolute lover?
That stayed well into  the night, a credence and a psalm

Faintly, a role of roses and guidance...
Found in the nature we claim, is a shrewd form
To salty except, thinking a worthier lend
Of what is a rhyme in time, with strength to borrow

Prayers of a little more, time, float by
Seeking the moment I became a man
And instinct to loosen a hair of consensus we rely
Is a shared table of comfort, that has the ideology we and

And handsomeness in a fruit apart
From the blind, where I bother
A stirring passion, with another time, to start...

Honest inclination
Spoil and true, to a severe tow, of compromise
Is a wink of misfortune, a haps that cares but for intuition
When I have found you, in my cup to wizen?
David Hilburn Apr 26
Aspirin nobility
Futures we acknowledge
Taken forthwith urbane hands, a patience willing
Esoteric to thrive, in the sophistication we rage?

Dancing liberty's, an epitome
Thanking the noxious order
Ordeal with us, the spire of humanity...
Saving a creation with senses, sometimes foreign...?

Presence for a needy them, they in taste
Withheld we are, from a spare thought
To wish, to worth, to waste...
A climate for solemnity, where we see our lot?

Privileged if the hurry, we collected to, tell...?
A different story, than when strength's dictate need
Heathen voices, to welcome the right to a new hill
Of circumstance, that has what we are, what we seem...

A stir of vagueness, a stern hair of chance, replying
No man without it, the sincerity of common enough couth
True to when we are a kiss, detailed with a comely why?
Are we the next in line, to receive a new push for youth?
Never known - without a taste for more...
David Hilburn Apr 25
Penny found in a lover's grasp
No time to tell, the obvious call
Time with a windy smile, to offer, to ask
Will we see the end of it, roles in all...?

True to waiting for hours, the tale
Is nowhere found, a beckoning tooth?
To remember a whole kind of shall, we fail...
Or rule the distinct and austere, for another youth

Since we are so poor
And knowing the calm of serendipity first
So went, and wanting the half of form
Sheer excitement? or the terror we may, worst...

Providence in motion, and lending the turn of history
Into a wayward kiss, of justice and moments until free
Fairly, the common decision to expel the irony of worry
Saving but one, and the many shall come to this, penny...
David Hilburn Apr 24
Press for service
Animosity to venture forth, a liberation
Of calamity in vow, the unction to list
A rage in our dependency, to know another question

Scent of hindrance
Aspect none, and welcoming a day to day lore
Wishes we admit, are bared in light's of trances
Taken to gift's and around friends, to exact form

Teeth, in climbs and vertigo's of homage
Sense in a rue of sincerity, as if a worldly clash
Was the burden of a salute to every and any other, waiting
Upon a freedom to expound, the spirit we watch

Going back, for a seldom in due, views
Wasn't and history to fall in love...
Noting specific, altruism, the cares of whence and who
Have the curiosity we select, for droll enough...

Where has a silent benefactor been?
Spoils of gentry, and oil's of mention, where a sigh has fears
Today is the coming of yearn, to a table we seem...

Poem of a richer nightingale
To tell a tradition to look where no man has a swallow
True to vanity if a reach has ever for a light to fail
Patience is a virtue, until you have none for misery that hopes
Pout, or power, bill's to pay...
David Hilburn Apr 20
Hope on a carousel
Is my needy eye, the one to spy
Silly old me, a rue of conscience and wayward well
Coming for a sincerity in the voice of another, here and why

Spare, the sound of the music
Told to believe in, and around a might
Token adrenaline in our stay, the light intrinsic
Won't we ever become like angel's, when sorry see's the sight

Truer to the day, long come now...
The risks we adjourn, to a rhyming host
Patiently, the facts of us, in the hope allow
Have the sense to consider any hour of demand, depends upon our most

Sweet, the collapse into history, a shrewd contender?
Salt and home all in a row, to each was a savior's merry
Taking the time in the same, we are a whole amender
Of the silence we compare to a new angel, the shadow of kisses weary?

Sign's of the times, trying a new friend on for size
Savagery is such an expensive call, to courage and many in future strive
Simple lore to advance a decision, in a callous way wise
To know you, the sleepiness of cold shoulder's, that never were nigh
David Hilburn Apr 17
Spirit in the page of war
Come collect a new said
Time is an issue, we find to more
In league with a threshold souled to lead

Spirit in the relished house
Witness the candor we take, and the mar of justice
Till we favor the ask and dawdle of compliment, thou
Are a harrowing heed to infer another subtlety to vice

Spirit in the succumbing street
Save and prosper, today we see the truth
Of a new fearing, neighbor's with a lip in heat
Taken to concern, where we despair the youth

Spirit in the hands of children
Avid weariness, wanton to climbing and delusion entailed
Silently the avarice of comprehension
To tell the story of pain, and the pride of somber failures

Spirit in the name of composure
Sulking health to overwhelm the needs of conscience?
True to score and scare, the throng of a query
Dinge of sentience, is our fact a past or prescience?

Spirit in the sun
Smite and meager miracles of worry in worlds
To know a legend of veracity told, to sit and know imagination
Now and never in lore, we see nothing in your eyes, but ourselves early
David Hilburn Apr 16
A penny around about now
Subjugation and honesty in a blinding tow
Threshold was a such a similarity to callous
Poise, known to be our ourselves, when savior's hello...

Mighty courses, of a faring fate
Taken to live and lest, we forgive forget
The terror of waiting for ordeal's to sate
Promises of virtue and candid charisma, welcome it

Catching light in the finish, awakening at the noise
Of a lover in the mornings keep, a grooming harmony
Seldom to wish, and winning the taste of risen loyalty
Fascination takes it's toll, to the eaves of simplicity?

Such a waste, seen a face, seemed a trace?
Of utter contempt, for a nourished future...
Sincerity of the savagery of completion of ilk, treatise
Was a marvel of sulking consumption and the tale of curiosity

Such of a nightmare to explore the differences we make...
For a needy guarantee of common stock, and fulfilled lead
To watch it all go to ***, the rise and fall of a land to imagine sake?

A new handshake with the lore, we destine to flies...?
Traps of veracity and golden here say, to grab a new issue
In the all, and ask, "Is a word edge wise, the race of lies"
Making its way to profundity in our laps, soap is ours, to school...

Fish in the sea
A wishing waterfall and the silence of shell's in love wishing lent
To remember a unique torment in the avarice you showed, to me...
Overtly, a hadn't learning with a role of fame, to instill adage's covenant...
Hi, Thomas...
David Hilburn Apr 10
Gift's I won't...
Meaning and due another
Friendship in a marvelous boat
Sharing the legend of an open bother

Girl's I don't...
Long shadows in a short think
Without a reason to rue, the quietest moment's
Of decision I made, an angel I am yearning...

Gist's I future...
Stars to begin, a journey to privilege
So sweet to my need, as a person as if youths
Way, an imagination to question another's rage

Girth's I cope....
Senses me adore, with a risk of energy to view
Living if paradise is to be, a wisdom I hope
Reality sets in, are we a crass intuition with owed to do?

Gideon's I soul...
Strange airs we fathom, with a season of a smile
Taken to religion and secluded irony, took to warmth whole
An antiquity with a hiccup, curing itself with its own loyalty...
Adage, Minority, Multiplicity, Divine worth Equality?
Know no...
Angry ordeals, to weal with a brazen couth
Cold shines of onuses war, and the angst we owe?
Shoulder's to announce with privacy, youth...

Is a wiser moment than you think...
Tales of courage and common destiny, in the mar
More than yearning, and else in love with kindred's hijinks
Paces of peace are meant to be traded, like a thought for are...

Ably the coming times, with an issue for me?
Truer than ought, a whole decision I admit
Is an especial luck, a role of justice and contrary feeling's
Jealous though a cursing have may be, I know it...

Clothed in another reason, avarice or antipathy?
Anger in low roads and ethics in high clouds
The tale of an odyssey's strength, for a wish with speed
About this time, a candor of silent friends for moment's?

Known for futures with a sense of joy
Caring but for all, and asked, if privilege has a war
Worth is a liberty in the stare, of a needy justness, and loyalty...
Is a requited frame of reference for a lurid, but well meaning start

Where do we begin...
How does a shall and challenge in gray, make you...
Stirring the times with a right or rage avidness, will get you every there...
Is it me, or do we know not, without another truth of you?
Dolly is for daddy, Mighty is for mommy, hair
Witness we're, witness weird
The frank display of power...
Past the common rue, of suggestion in the norm
Simply the kind of thing that comes to these, for hour's?

Of justice in love with commit
See, the confusion a flower brings
To the table, a wish in hands of relent
That know you, the course of courage to welcome means

A display of withheld judgment...
For a climate of given example, to issue a plea
Is a worthier name in the meld, blind to us and sense?
Friend absolution, our name is done without the heat of...

Here is your gift:
Space for a reaching heed, that came to influence
A spare lip for good measure, the tale of irony and it
The truth in a nut shell, that some believe is innocence

Why do you arrive in the scare of prodigy, to look the part?
The taste of **** and fetid kind, is a realm to its heart...
That began with the world in a guided moment, and ended where it started
A shame in tows of insecurity, that never knew yourself for it's art
David Hilburn Mar 30
Politics for babies
Silent waters to journey to panic
Where the still otherwise and a being mother, have rages
That began and end, with method in a salt, we admit is...

A rather large rainbow
Today on your tongue, whet my instinct with able rationalism
Truer to finish the scope of destiny, of an ugly glow?
From the land, where once upon a time, I am risen...

From a rather large table
Told to serve a chair a reason in the sour
Will I take the time, or is it to chances, a golden fable
Martyr's with a real enough time, to travel to the end, dour...

Pain and scares, of commitment to a rarity
Eyes that conjure the living, of fame and family
The soreness of relationship's is but a calling for airing
A house with moments to serve me, a handful of seasons?

Of sunshine with a rallying spirit, the tools of charisma
And entity, the joy we will notice, is a cloud of sense with lends
Made in the cold, shoulders and careful hip, a forward dilemma
With psyche on its lips, the rue of completion to introduce amends?

Of what? a ghost could tell...
Of how is your house also a thief? because ilk is but a rolling behalf
Of risen now, when will you add the coming heart? when stones of wishes serve hell?
Of a raving lunatic, will you be banal, or give grief? like a shower of the sun's best, I am but a laugh...
Invite A Is A Friend, If B Is Anyhow, B To C...
David Hilburn Mar 30
Prove me a liar
And show the terror I dwell with
Secrets of imagination and it's opinion, higher
Come around the corner for a hour of bliss

Tick, tock
Old men and women to know, secure
A right to rigid honesty, a place never mocked
Except to drive home a point, of legend and worth

See the smile of common, done?
Here, is the overtness of going and coming...
With the rue of suddenness, that completes the sojourn
Of a handsome day with friends, to encourage a heart winning...?

Why? and a metaphor for benign need...
Simple arears and the climb of vantage, to know
Keeps the our of such and more, a willing half of means
See our issue, the folly of recompense, for a legend to grow

And the skill's of suggestion to fathom a new grasp
Of knowledges lucre, and the social demeanor of our fate
Still here, after all these year's, despite a discipline to ask...
David Hilburn Mar 30
Notion without it, as if a happy cost
Sense in a round eye, with a heart to blow
A bouquet of flowers sent from me, never lost

Patience at a wayward eye
To tell the difference, between then and none
Soul to soul, when a remembered why
The coming hour for us, the decision to love

Seemly, taken with roles and intimacy
Today is the rue of sincerity to quell a time
With no mans name, except the one we give it
Reason in fore, arrogance behind us, when worlds cry

Known for a speed of call, the truth we wage
Is a legend onto itself, the curiosity of honored days
To look beyond the boding lip of courage
Until heed is ours forever, for a love that says
David Hilburn Mar 26
Pairs of lend
Love in embraces lead
Admittance to understate the land
Yearning in a walk, with god for a league

Notions we understand, and do
Complete to a hand held, and might reproofed
Is our cast of voice, to a shimmering gift of who
In the real, and who is marveling at the could?

Jaundiced the concept, if life has a flaw...
Trueness, to a step forward, with the baring of integrity
Calm is our only defense, for what may be a law
Of committal taken to consciences eye's for liberty

Eye's we would remind...
Have the common route of consideration, like a beginning
Odd the cares we ensue, are a history for let and kind
But, with but a mention of a kiss, are we an end worth winning?

How, and heaven's above
The angel on my shoulder is my friend
Told to mind the better of you, recollection and discuss
Have avidly seen the justice of a courage to may, amen
David Hilburn Mar 26
Survived notions
Thirsty at the truth, I suppose...
Looking for water, as if an hour of portions
Sweet conversation ensues, when a dickory woes

Places we have been
Same tomorrow for a care today
But the liberty I seek, of a careful win
Is sure to advance, can I seem the better we may

Sharing the drink, finally
Welcome time to ask in a revered voice
Simply the work of privilege, which I mean
Is a callous friend up to the challenge I envoy?

Spare feelings for more, and the clash of response
Worth your bottom dollar, if not the deal of a lifetime
Wearing thin? achingly familiar? somewhere to haunt?
With one last sip for decision's sake, will a wish seem trying?

Wish granted, the long run and the marvel of owed
Charisma and meet, to situate with courage for amends
Truth and now, the vice we allow, the only way more
Taken with a moment in allied eyes, we keep mercy, aloof to silence's sins?
David Hilburn Mar 24
When we joke
About a rhyme in the rain
With teeth to teeter, and taught with hope
My needs are foremost, as if we all have it to say

Burden in fair
Token tragedy that comes to first's nigh
Lot's of liberty we find in the embarrassment of cares
That began with somber note, but ended, with the revolution of sigh's

A gift from a friend is delivered to a door
And a smile is left, in the heard bell or knock
Taken to decency and the door itself, where a lip has it to form
A callous eye, a given charity to ask, will decision's ever look?

The punch line:
Is that gift from a beauty or a life toward?
The tale of simplicity to inure, when spare kisses have the time
Pleasance is a new friend, with a sock to the chin, hard

Who was this? commonness
How do I return the favor? god bless
Can we play the youth for a fortune in gaiety? season's attest
Does we, the couth we name a frank tread, know how to excuse a life? for yes...
***** bird...
David Hilburn Mar 21
Meet the rare?
If the length of same, those
Complete the gift of where
With the smile of need, we would like to know...

Share a liberty in a clash to tow
And town's of vestige, kept to owe
Regardless of simplicity or a complex home
Taste for a callous wish, was found to be asking if love...?

Singing a song, about an awaited friend?
Looking here and there, to begin a pact
Of allure and seclusion, that compliment's our wend
All of us and ire's of them, came with a road to fact's...

Preoccupied with the common, the actual, and they's more
Peace came with a stone of fortune, worth well...
Met in the reasons and the pace, done to host a query forming
The very words of powers we find in a clash, with a uniqueness's bell

Security at the cost of most and host's innocence?
Fair, to see a face here with the senses of tear's...
Friend's halt, many will, nothing older but question's?
Curiosity steps forth, and sincerity takes back one, for years...

Fate's light's of providence we have never seen?
Mercy in a capable intention, with a ghost of a chance
Cordial and taken to strives, of and's coping means...
Love is a named choice, with children to see, happenstance

And weary time to live and let live
My needs are but heathen conscience as if consequence opted
For a savior of once and forever, time comes to those who give...
David Hilburn Mar 17
Speed and a demon
Went south for the winter, angel's be ******
Accuracy to foretell the coming of a new season
Method to lure a callous liberty to embrace fascination's lam?

Spires we knew, with a coltish goal, succinct...
Was a herald to prove, the embarrassment of couth?
Shaping the distinction of the future, we think...
For a question lingering in the wind, which has a bite to its youth

Lock's of hair, we never knew what to do with
Separation of a candid hand, from the being truth we dole
Sakes and ever lewd scares, to chances we found yearning for bliss
Safety of a cordial deliverance of funk, the toil we can see, is that old...

Shame for a witchy care, and the finicky play, of another angel's card?
Ticket and names fraud, the sanity we share and compare
Is a light to all who would lead, a soul of charisma with a ghost's pardon
Mr. Devil, is my name the same as yours, when fate looks beyond for justice in despair...

Days later, know water for a cancelled book...?
Threshold and sulfur, to acquire a new scent, an offering of olives
And bitter hickory, to seem the better of a friend with a look
Of hell, that exists for you and me, with a reach, is what gives...

War, and the flowers we *****...
And the history of redress to sing, in the signature of the world
Time to remember you, with a cold sugary kiss, and the **** of a lifetime to ignore...?
Sing us a river? up the creep with a pat? order me to the boat captain, early...
Just found king's, in the pie with you, pretty bird, the wind is in the willows...
David Hilburn Mar 11
Roses are simple
If red is a friend...
Towers of hope, and a harmony to fulfil
A wish we saw living in the wind

And the breath of example
To call once more, for a caring how
Born to discipline, and a disciple...

Thorns, of gratuity...?
Meant, in the proven need
So called a handsome but bared lividity
When we seek the shy, roses come to seed

And the breadth of existence
To charisma we adore, a delicate hue
Meaning a reality with mercy in its defense

Wood, to tell a story...
About a shared dream, that has a clue
Of wishes that included, a game of worry
We made in the moment, of a nefarious good

And a sound of angels in the air
Showing the rue and reality we lead to same
For a shrewd liberty to calm, cool and collected morrows

Roots, of a dismayed many?
Holds of moisture, greatly poorer for instinct to follow
A sincerity of waiting waters, in the irony of a plane
A day that has stepped forward, with a sunshine to hallow?
We in vice
We in due
We in sigh's
We in view

Oft planes of fruition...
Simple justice for friendship and sate
To compare the ideas we made, for intuition?

Weal to advise
Weal to do
Weal to silence
Weal to review...

A cause in the winds of portrayal and change
Through moments of exaction, and the skill's of psyche
We differ, we relent, we expect to be strange
We see you try, when the callous add and make right, might?

Where is voice
Where is don't
Where is sort's
Where is related

Pasts of common gift's, the trust of a future walk
Known by their coping heed for whimsy and wholeness
Turned to each other for a savior's need, never balk
A risen more, mercy and many to wish? is actual rage our bless?

Whole if vast
Whole if didn't
Whole if sense
Whole if reticent

Succinctness, versus the promise of goodly intent...
Truer to form the words, than to let misery have its day
Until the rightness of a compliment, taken to earn and love, has lent
With a raging hold of risks eye, that said we are, another prayer?

World of vice
World of due
World of sigh's
World of views
Call me crazy, but winning a race with...
Still the insight
Two of a kind, the moment we stayed
Before the rage of unity to find, a right
Might, the call of heeding a rued, silence still dismayed...

Rainbows with pretty names?
For everybody, coming with a senses...
Merit and joy, the talk of unction in aired fames
Tried and true, stone of clashing with irony and it's offenses

In a cloud, far away
Time is a reason before itself
Known to be this, and that to say
I am who has loved, the very boding of wishes health

Treasured smiles, seasons of encouragement
Kept like a fight with order, the opinion of many...
Cares in a solitude I have shown, a reasoned lend
And lament of futures in love, the chaste ordeal we imagine is and...
David Hilburn Feb 29
Shame is a novice artist
Pangs of redoubt, presence to know
Mires weal considers a host
To insist a revelation is ours to hold

Tact, was a fury of omni patience
Saving must in causes of tradition
Areared, and never feared? ages
Of consideration go by, without rational intuition...?

Baring the soul
Of conscience's decision
Meant nefarious, made now of old
Is hope our season, or is strength our intention?

Total's of simplicity...
And the mar of heed, to collect vanity's whim
Seldom life without it, lover's of liberty
Will do, avidly the succession of lend

Here is irony...
Here is a fruit of chance's and wisdom
To react to all of a time's moment, many
Laid to ends, some say is the promise of it's hunger...
David Hilburn Feb 26
Legend of a treasure
Safely, we hope, in the causes we dare
Have the tell tale advantage, to promise curiosity
Is a friend in the end, to which we hear:

Purpose under the roof
Room to tell the difference, to a past
That has the right at last, to linger with aloof
Simplicity, a have of decency and the callous way, we ask

A share of sense
A bared ends
A loved wish, with kin's
A freedom to tell life, we amend

Low and true...
The turn of chaste, into a happier could
Couth we will know, the example of when idea's are due
The times justice, and the cares of tenacity, yearning for who
David Hilburn Feb 22
Prince of darkness...?
Worth, if in the eye of redemption, so savored
Until limitation has served its first, and less
It be the last, haste will a sanity to favor...?

A grace for accepting, the total of candidness of an ideal world
And its privilege, to be and welcome a harrowing hope...
To the conscience of ostentatiousness fold, an open word
With decision's might, right's abounding in the part of cope...

Sweet adage, and the avarice of complexity served
The truth, in a clashing hour, we same with spry simplicity...
A conscience that has consideration for sometimes, sense and certainty
The talent of composure before conscience, and callousness before sensitivity?

Like the wares and common price of liberty?
These aging light's, these earnest carriages...
Of creation in a focused light, is arduous and avidness to seem...
Pasts and futures that lead to mores, forth season's, mission...

Family's of context, control and capable love...
Known a finished kiss of redoubt, that need has named lore...
That see's the charity you quell, and dwell with, a poises covenant
Of guesses at heed's honor, that comes to this, will we be shown multitudes or the poor?
David Hilburn Feb 11
Merciless fantasy
Acrid hours to demand we take to us
Speed and harrowing let, the ace and the intendancy
True to sulk, succor and since we are thus...

A light in the night, coming on
Sour happenstance and nerves of steel
Were the object of my desire, a rose to come all along
And history to make the check of altogether, and heal

Shadows I never know
Without works of implication and ourselves
In a new days grasp, the place and paces we owe
Like a butterfly in the breeze, worth asking delves...

Passion we tell, is our hand in tones
Of pressure and sincere tows, to resolve what yearns
Seclusion for the stoic, a time to understate our loans
Of conscience, have a season of similar bitterness, that earns...

Sorry, no man above the board
Without the merit we find, for a simple accusation
To know a friendlier world, the seed and the word
With cope for a certainty's might, the baring of intuition...
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